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The Best Of Signs
Signature To be published       Price: 5.90
A collection of articles published in Signs magazine over the past three years, many of them often described as of "lasting and absorbing interest." This is one book you will want to keep as a reference for many years to come.

Talking To God
Signature Now available           Price: 5.90
Salat is more than the rituals of traditional belief. It is about establishing communication with your creator. This book covers the historical aspects of Salat from the Bible and the Miraj. It also gives an insight to the Salat prayer in a way that is not discussed often enough.

A Study of the Quran
M. A. Malek                             Price: 3.60
For a true understanding of the Quran it is necessary to outline a method of study which must include the knowledge of Arabic as a language, and also an understanding of the verses which have been mistranslated either due to tradition or lack of knowledge in established facts of science. In studying this book, therefore, it is crucial to have an open mind free of preconceived ideas. The contents of this book cover a wide range of topics to show that the Quran is indeed a universal book of guidance. This is a good introduction to the serious study of the Quran.

Conspiracies against the Quran
Dr. S.A. Wadud                         Price: 2.50
Limited numbers of copies available. This edition will not be re-printed. This book explains the vicious conspiracies of varied types and origin
hatched from time to time against the holy Quran. Such conspiracies not only transformed the vigorous activity generated by the Quranic teachings into passivity; it rather changed the entire outlook on the life of Muslims. The passive Islam prevalent in the Muslim world today is poles apart from the dynamic Islam presented by the Quran. Belief in One God has been replaced by believe in a number of gods. The concept of Sovereignty of God in human affairs has been changed to the concept of Sovereignty of the people or the Sovereignty of individual human beings. Instead of subservience to God, the 'muslims' of today are subservient to Imams, Pirs, Faqirs, Mullas and all sorts of political and intellectual exploiters.

The Hadith Exposed
Signature To be published              Price: 7.90
Hadith is one of the most controversial subjects amongst Muslims. This book gives the different views from both those who advocate hadith and those who question its validity from the Quranic perspective. Professor Abdul-Rauf, Islamic University Malaysia views are given with a response from Othman bin Ali, the translator of the Quran into Malay. Read it and you can draw your own conclusions.
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