Sunni & Shia

  The latest scare thrown up by the sunni ulema is against the shia cult. Some ulema say the shias present a greater threat than the communists - forgetting that Malaysia has thwarted the communists more than 30 years ago by successfully neutralising their ideology.

It is also said by the hysterical ulema that the shia ideology is gaining inroads among sunni intellectuals and their elite. Considering the intellectual capacity of the sunni ulema it will not be too difficult even for Donald Duck to make intellectual inroads among them.

As in many other Muslim countries, the Iranian Embassy in Malaysia play's it's a role in disseminating information about the shia religion. However they are not aggressive proselytizing agents and are no more influential than the Saudi Arabian embassy, which also peddles sunni ideology.

Certain Islamic opposition parties in Malaysia often seek financial aid and education grants from the Iranians. Others also look to the Iranians for spiritual mentorship about the shia faith. It is believed that there is at least one "husseiniyah" or shia religious school in Kuala Lumpur, which is frequented by Malaysians as well as Iranians.

Although they both accuse each other of having gone astray, Islam recognises neither the shia fabrications nor the sunni inventions. The shias and sunnis have together strayed far away from the Quran - which is the Prophet's true teaching for anyone who would like to be a Muslim. God and the Prophet told us:
"Anyone who neglects the message of God Most Gracious, We appoint a devil to be his constant companion. Then the devils keep them away from the path and make them think that they are guided". Surah 43:36.

Indeed the sunni and shia sects have neglected the Quran. Consequently the devil is perched inside their heads and continues to whisper to them - making each of them feel content with what they have. The following verse makes it clearer:

"Do not be with those who divided their religion into sects, each party satisfied with what they have". Surah 30:32.

The ulema divided themselves into sunnis and shias, each satisfied with what they have. The sunni factions further divided into sub cults. The shias are no different with their 12 imams cult, 7 imams cult, jabariyyah and others. Each one thinking they are better than the other.

Because of this evil which they have committed the sunni and shia ulema have no part in the faith that was preached by our beloved Prophet.

Both being falsehoods the sunni and shia cults share many things in common. One striking similarity is that the ulema of both these inadvertently claim to be "jahil" or ignorant. The sunni ulema say they cannot understand the Quran. And they threaten violence (like cutting off your head or locking you up in special religious jails) to bulldoze their view that if you ONLY follow God's revealed message to mankind i.e. THE QURAN ALONE then you will stray from God's message to mankind! A clear-cut case of ulema gobbledygook.

To help them out of this "jahil" predicament their ulema have fabricated thousands of hadith. After acknowledging that their knowledge is incomplete (jahil) especially about the Quran, these same "jahil" ulema have gone ahead and fabricated things with their own hands to overcome their acknowledged state of "jahil". A clear-cut case of trying to pull yourself up off the floor by your own bootstraps. Their circle of ignorance has indeed come full circle - with the devil in the centre ring. .

And among the things their ulema have fabricated to help them understand God's message to mankind are the following:

i. A woman can allow any adult man to drink her milk and become her "muhrim" (Al Muwatta by Imam Malik ibn Anas, Chapt. 30, Hadith No 12).
ii. Muslims engaged with prostitutes for the price of a piece of cloth (Imam Bukhari, Vol. 6, Hadith No 139).
iii. The prophet asked some people to drink camel's urine and later the prophet had these people's eye gouged out. (Imam Bukhari Vol. 6 Hadith No. 590
iv. the Prophet asked his men to burn the houses of people who did not go to the mosque to pray (Imam Bukhari, Vol. 1, Hadith No 626).

Similar to the sunni cult, the shia cult also portrays themselves as "jahil". They say that they are waiting for the twelfth imam (a seven year old boy who supposedly disappeared about a thousand years ago) to reemerge and explain the Quran to them. Even though their eleven earlier imams failed to explain the Quran to them! Perhaps it does take an even dozen to screw in their light bulb. Now they are eagerly awaiting a seven-year-old child to reemerge from a hole in the ground and complete a task that has eluded 11 other imams - most of whom were adults.

And the Ayatollah Khomeini is also considered an imam - their thirteenth imam. However he too has failed to bring the shias out of their state of "jahil". Instead the shia ulema claim that Khomeini's task was only to lay the groundwork for the reemergence of the l2th imam - who will come and then fully explain the Quran to them. Such is the robustness of their argument.

The shia's are therefore in a continuous state of incompleteness - it has not been perfected yet. They are also in a constant state of apprehension - awaiting a seven-year-old boy to emerge from a hole in the ground to fully explain the Quran to them.

On the contrary, God and the Prophet told us that Islam is complete: "..Today I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favours upon you.." Surah 5:3.

Through their own admission then the shia cult is incomplete as opposed to Islam which is indeed complete and perfect (5:3 above).

Again God told the Prophet and the Believers: "We have made the Quran easy to remember, is there anyone who wishes to learn" Surah 54: 17, 22, 32 and 40 (repeated 4 times).

"The Word (Kalimah) or your Lord is complete, in truth and justice. Nothing shall abrogate His Words (Kalimah). He is the Hearer, the Knower" Surah 6: 115.
God and the Messenger have promised us that the Quran is complete and it is easy to understand. The shia and sunni cultists say otherwise. To the both of them, the Quran is incomplete. But despite their confessed ignorance of the Quran, both of them have manufactured tons of mass produced hadith.

The only sin that cannot be forgiven by God is shirk or associating partners with God (Surah 4:48). The Christians include Jesus in their prayers and openly worship Jesus. The sunnis and shias include Muhammad in their prayers and openly seek Muhammad's blessings
intercession etc.

The Christians say if you do not pray through Jesus you are not a Christian. The shias and sunnis say if you do not mention Muhammad in your prayers or the call to prayer then you are not a Muslim. The truth is, God and the Messenger told us:

"When God the One and Only, is mentioned the hearts of those who believe not in the hereafter are filled with disgust and horror. But when other than Him are mentioned, behold they are filled with joy" - Surah 39:45.

The christians will get upset if you tell them to mention God alone. They insist on including Jesus. Similarly the shia and sunni insist on including Muhammad in their worship.

The sunnis idolise people like lmam Malik and Bukhari. The shias idolise Ali, Hassan, Hussein and others. On Friday nights the shias turn off the lights and recite something called the "khomil". At a certain point in this ritual in the darkness someone will sing a song about how Hassan was murdered. On a certain cue everyone starts weeping and wailing - some quite violently. Then on another cue the weeping and wailing stops just as suddenly. The lights are turned back on and tea and biscuits are served.

For reasons best known to themselves and perhaps to Donald Duck, the sunni ulema in Malaysia insist that such behaviour by the shias is a threat to the sunni cult.

"Anyone who neglects the message of God Most Gracious, We appoint a devil to be his constant companion. Then the devils keep them away from the path and make them think that they are guided" Surah 43:36.