It is believed that in 1 953 the Western governments arranged the murder of Mossadegh and put the Shah of Iran in his place. As is usually the case with Western strategic planning, it was a very carefully orchestrated and complex operation. To ensure success, they even had to assassinate the Iranian chief of police first in a separate operation named Operation Boot. The Shah would remain in power as long as he served Western interests.

It is debatable whether the Shah's rule or if he was good guy or bad for Iran, but the Shah did make his country into a formidable power. The vast improvement in the status and education of women, clearly defined targets like setting up 3000 manufacturing units within set time frames, automotive and aerospace industries etc. made Iran materially and economically dynamic. And this was way back in the 1970s.

This was something the West truly feared. The Shah also was not in the best of health. Anyone could replace him, or worse overthrow him. How could the West allow such a Third World Muslim populace to achieve industrial and technological superiority? And that too in an oil rich cauldron like the Middle East where other Western lackey states were still herding camels under feudal tribals masquerading as kings and monarchs. Surely the situation had to be reversed. Hence enter the Ayatollah.

To explain the situation fully let us digress a little to Leonid Brezhnev the former Soviet leader. In the latter part of his life, Brezhnev's ill health was of much concern to the western intelligence services. Because it was a closely guarded secret, an opportunity arose to "diagnose" Brezhnev's health when he visited Italy.

Within 48 hours prior to his arrival, the Secret Service had altered the toilet plumbing in Brezhnev's room. Thus they were able to capture Brezhnev's toilet flushing for medical analysis. This shows the tenacity of Western intelligence when they set their minds to something.

We tend to forget that although the Ayatollah had already developed the "Great Satan" theory (perhaps correctly!) he was still allowed to prosper and plan his revolution from Paris, France - long before his eventual return to Iran. For six long years, the Ayatollah plotted the revolution from under the very noses of all the western intelligence agencies in their own back yard. Surely they would have done more than just alter the plumbing.

After six years of being closely watched, the Ayatollah made his "triumphant return" to Iran. Was it really a "triumphant return" or was it all planned? Is this why one western leader later quipped, "They wanted an Ayatollah, they got an Ayatollah. If they wanted a Mahdi, they would have got a Mahdi."

Knowing the capabilities of the Muslim ulema it was in the interests of the West to let the Ayatollah return safe and sound to Iran. And what is the result? Iran is back to the Stone Age again. No more aerospace or rocket industries. Women have had their lipstick forcefully wiped off by the "moral police".

The best way to keep the Muslim masses in a confused, docile and submissive condition is to allow the ulema to have power or influence over them. The ulema are a bone headed species who have led and will continue to lead the Muslims to doom and despair.

This is because the ulema have strayed far away from the true teachings of the Prophet Muhammad which is the Quran and nothing but the Quran. The ulema's version of Islam cannot be found anywhere in the Quran. There is nothing (including their prayers, fasting, and the hajj, governing the state) which the ulema do that follows the Quran. Absolutely nothing at all.

The Quran is a magnificent book that has no nonsense or foolishness in it. The ulema do not uphold the Quran in any way at all. That is why they are such easy targets for western conspiracies, Zionist conspiracies, non-Zionist conspiracies etc..

The same with the tabligh movement in India and Pakistan. It is believed that early in this century, it was the British who nurtured Maulana Ilyas Khandlavi's tabligh movement in those parts of Muslim north India that were against British rule. The tabligh philosophy made Muslims docile, fate oriented and to shun active involvement in real life things like politics or society. They avoided cars and trains and walked from village to village to preach their insanity. Again their teachings are totally alien to the true teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as written in the Quran.

It is interesting to note that tabligh adherents were required to report accurately in writing to Maulana Ilyas on the number and strength of Muslim households in each village and district. Useful information for the British.

Similarly in Malaysia the organisational structure of the Arqam movement is believed to have been inspired by a German "doctor of divinity". This was a weird group, which made many male members marry four wives. Members were also in the habit of swapping wives through divorce and remarriage. Again these go against the teachings of the Quran - the true teaching of the Prophet.

If there are any conspiracies that need to be successfully hatched in the Muslim world, then the Muslim ulema stand ready as useful tools to create mayhem and havoc. With their foolish appearances, their insane intellect and their fiery oratories they stand ready to set fire to their neighbours homes, all in the name of saving other peoples souls.

Muslims all over the world should wake up and realise that they have these walking time bombs in their midst. The sooner the Muslims learn to question and criticise the ulema, the better it will be for Islam.