Final Solution

In Malaysia, in the Prime Minister's Department Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman has come up with a typical ulema suggestion to solve the problem of people who renounce Islam. He would like them to be killed. Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman is in charge of Islamic religious affairs for the whole of Malaysia and presides over the Islamic Centre - Malaysia's failed version of Vatican City. He plays the role of an "Administrative Pope".

Speaking on prime time television on 6th May 1996 which was broadcast to the whole nation, Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman said that many non-Muslims were converting to Islam for the purpose of marrying Muslim men and women. However, in many cases, when such marriages faced problems, these converts leave Islam and reverted back to their old religions.

He is also disappointed that the Civil Courts in Malaysia do not allow the ulema to kill people who renounce Islam. He said that "Islam" provides that such people must be killed. This, however, is an evil lie by the Minister against Islam because no where in the Qur'an is any kind of punishment suggested for people who renounce their Faith. "Those who believe then disbelieve, then believe, then disbelieve, then plunge deeper into disbelieve, God will not forgive them, nor will He guide them to any path." Surah 4:137.

The Prophet did not suggested such barbaric behaviour.

In this case however, Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman was speaking on a cue provided by on Dr. Abdul Monir Yaacob, a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Islamic Thought and Understanding (IKIM) - who has written an elaborate paper in the IKIM Journal which suggests the killing of people, including women who renounce Islam. To justify this "Final Solution", the IKIM Senior Fellow and the good Minister say that "renouncing the religion and being able to get away with it is an insult against Islam."

Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman is in the habit of frequently making colourful pronouncements -usually with his foot firmly in his mouth causing severe embarrassment for the Government of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The Islamic Centre which he heads is now the cause of serious disagreements among the ulema on silly and petty issues such as deciding if smoking is forbidden act (haram) or not.

In another failed attempt to be unusually cruel, Dr. Hamid had suggested that Malaysian Muslims who marry outside the country (to avoid passing compulsory religious examinations or avoid taking proposed HIV tests) will have their children and grandchildren penalised by not being able to inherit their property.

Dr. Abdul Hamid Othman presents the true picture of an ulema - anywhere in the world. Their role in the world is to be cruel - especially towards the Muslims. Every time they open their mouth to pronounce something it is to cause hardship for the people.

Indeed every time people have dealings with the ulema especially during marriages, deaths and divorces they are either inflicted with some hardship or they have to pay the ulema some money. May God save the Muslims from the ulema.