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Abu Huraira
- Enjoy reading the man himself -including my comments!!

Abu Huraira - he had free time at his disposal. Unlike many of the Muhajirin he did not busy himself in the market places, with buying and selling. Unlike many of the Ansar, he had no land to cultivate nor crops to tend. He stayed with the Prophet in Madinah and went with him on journeys and expeditions.

Many companions were amazed at the number of Hadith he had memorized and often questioned him on when he had heard a certain hadith and under what circumstances.

I wonder how Ahu Huraira earned a living... Did he memorise Hadith. I wonder how much per Hadith lectures those days ?? Who are the people who have plenty of free time nowadays?? Those who work 5 times a day at 20 minutes session ? You know who...they have the same first name as mine ...ustaz...night and dawn classes overtime..

Once Marwan ibn al-Flakam wanted to test Abu Huraira's power of memorvˇ. He sat with him in one room and behind a curtain he placed a scribe, unknown to Abu Huraira, and ordered him to write down whatever Abu Huraira said. A year later, Marwan called Abu Huraira again and asked him to recall the same ahadith which the scribe had recorded. It was found that he had forgotten not a single word.

Wonder if Abu Huraira can memorize the Quran verses ??? Never mentioned in his biography...why?

Abu Hurayrah was concerned to teach and transmit the ahadith he had memorized, and knowledge of Islam in general.

Ahadith only, why not teach and transmit the Quran, message of God?? Muhammad preached the Quran...Abu Huraira teaches ahadith?? The opposite of the Messenger??

Abu Huraira underwent much hardship and many difficulties as a result of his dedicated search for knowledge. He was often hungry and destitute. He said about himself: "When I was afflicted with severe hunger, I would go to a companion of the Prophet and asked him about an Ayah of the Quran and (stay with him) learning it so that he would take me with him to his house and give food."

My comment: look at the reason Abu Fluraira learn the Quran?? For food to fill up his belly.. My provisions come from GOD. GOD provides for whomever he will without limits.

"One day, my hunger became so severe that I placed a stone on my stomach. I then sat down in the path of the companions. Abu Bakr passed by and I asked him about an Ayah of the Book of God. I only asked him so that he would invite me but he didn't.

"'Then Umar ibn al-Khattab passed lay me and I asked him about an ayah but he also did not invite me. Then the Messenger of God, peace be on him, passed by and realized that I was hungry and said:'Abu Fluraira!' "At your command,' I replied and followed him until we entered his house. He found a bowl of milk and asked his family: 'From where did you get this?'

"'Someone sent it to you' theyˇ replied.

"He then said to me: 'O Abu Hurayrah, go to the Ahl as-Suffah and invite them."'

Abu Hurayrah did as he was told and they all drank from the milk.

Sounds very pathetic, asking people about Quran just to show his pitiful face in the hope that people will invite him for a meal??? Nowadays, the ustaz "Ahli Sunnah" always gets VIP treatment...too bad Abu Huraira. Now they don't follow your sunnah. Who knows by God's will, soon, the ustaz "Ahli Sunnah" will follow your sunnah when the rest of Muslim read the messages in the Quran and disregard your blasphemous hadith...

(39:23) - Quran the best HADITH, most beautiful message

(45:6) - God asks : ...what HADITH, will they believe after rejecting God and His Signs...?"

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