Salleh Ali
Hadith Sillih Special


Justice and adultery

I found this Hadith very rude. It is almost impossible for me to imagine such a punishment as written in this Hadith.

"Hadith by Sahih Muslim. Book 16, Number 4205: Narrated Buraydah: Ma'iz ibn Malik came to Allah's Apostle and said to him: Messenger of Allah, purify me. Thereupon he said: Woe to you, go back, ask forgiveness of Allah and turn to Him in repentance.

He (the narrator) said that he went off a little way, then came back and said: Messenger of Allah purify me. The Messenger of Allah said: Woe be upon you, go back and ask forgiveness of Allah and turn to Him in repentance.

He (the narrator) said that he went off a little way, then he came back and said: Allah's Messenger, purify me. Allah's Apostle said as he had said before. When it was the fourth time, Allah's Messenger said: From what am I to purify you? He said: From adultery. Allah's Messenger asked if he was mad. He was informed that he was not mad. He said: Has he drunk wine? Someone stood up and smelt his breath but noticed no smell of wine.

Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Have you committed adultery? He said: Yes. He made a pronouncement about him and he was stoned to death. The people had been (divided) into two groups about him (Ma'iz). One of them said: He has been undone for his sins have encompassed him, whereas another said: There is no repentance more excellent than the repentance of Ma'iz , for he came to Allah's Apostle and placing his hand in his (in the Holy Prophet's) hand said: Kill me with stones. (This controversy about Ma'is) remained for two or three days.

Then came Allah's Messenger to them (his companions) as they were sitting. He greeted them with a salutation and then sat down and said: Ask forgiveness for Ma'iz ibn Malik. They said: May Allah forgive Ma'iz ibn Malik. Thereupon Allah's Messenger said: He (Ma'iz) has made such a repentance that if that were to be divided among a people, it would have been enough for all of them.

He (the narrator) said: Then a woman of Ghamid, a branch of Azd, came to him and said: Messenger ofAllah, purify me. Thereupon he said: Woe to you; go back and beg forgiveness from Allah and turn to Him in repentance.

She said: I find that you intend to send me back as you sent back Ma'iz ibn Malik. He (the Holy Prophet) said: What has happened to you? She said that she had become pregnant as a result of fornication.

He (the Holy Prophet) said: Is it you (who has done that)? She said: Yes. He (the Holy Prophet) said to her: (You will not be punished) until you give birth to that which is there in your womb. One of the Ansar became responsible for her until she was delivered (of the child). He (that Ansar) came to Allah's Apostle and said: The woman of Ghamid has given birth to a child. He (the Holy Prophet) said: In that case we shall not stone her and so leave her infant with none to breastfeed him. One of the Ansar got up and said: Allah's Apostle, let the responsibility of his nursing be upon me. She was then stoned to death."

I experience this Hadith as very rude. The woman is stoned after she has given birth.

It certainly looks as though this punishment is a compromise. A compromise between the stoning of her right away and just lashing her and set her free... But some ANSAR insists on stoning her..

What a stress that is for the pregnant woman! Knowing that she has to die after giving birth! That stress is also not good for the baby.

It is almost impossible for me to imagine such a punishment as written in this Hadith. OK, the woman did wrong by committing adultery but to let her sit in the waiting-room... I still cannot believe it fully that this acting is done on this planet. I hope no-one follows this Hadith in practice BUT follow the law decreed by GOD.

(24:1) This is a sura that we send down, and decree as law. We send down in it verses that are perfectly clear, that you may take heed.

(24:2) The adulteress and adulterer, you shall whip each of them one hundred lashes, and do not be swayed by pity from carrying out Gods law, if you truly believe in God and the last day. And let a group of believers witness their punishment.

The fabricated hadith is a blasphemy against God and Muhammad as proven in the above verses from Sura Al-Nisaa'.

WHO are the champions of this hadith? Abdul Latif, You are welcome to put forward your belief and support of this hadith.