The Almighty God Who created all things has given us the Quran for our guidance. Nothing else. The word "hadith" is mentioned by God Almighty twenty eight times in His Quran. "Hadith" simply means a tiding, discourse or story.

However it is a necessary condition for the other "hadith" writers like Bukhari and Abu Muslim (for the Sunnis) and Jaafar Al Tusi (for the Shias) and also others, to insist that the alleged sayings of the Prophet or the alleged "hadith" or "khabar" of the Prophet are a second source of guidance other than the Quran.

The Islamic "scholars" also say that without the alleged other "hadith" or "khabar" of the Prophet, the meaning of the Quran cannot be understood. Surprisingly, most people who like to think of themselves as Muslims seem to believe this as true.

God says in His Quran: "Easy have we made the Quran to understand; is there anyone who will pay heed?"

This verse is repeated exactly, word for word, four times in the Quran (Sura 54:17,22,32 and 40).

Why does God want to repeat Himself exactly, word for word, four times? Perhaps God wants to TESTlFY four times that the Quran is indeed easy to understand.

Perhaps God wants to repeat this message because He knows that there will be boneheads "scholars" who will want to insist otherwise.

Let us now see how God Almighty uses the word "hadith" in his Quran. "God has sent down the very best "hadith" in the form of a Book, consistent with itself, which makes all those who fear their Lord shudder. So their hearts and bodies become receptive to the remembrance of God. THIS IS TNE GUIDANCE OF God with which He guides whosoever He will, but whosoever God leaves to stray, HAS NONE TO SHOW HIM THE WAY': (Sura 39:23). See Arabic text below: The first sentence of verse 39.23.

Here God says clearly that the Quran is the very best "hadith". Being the very best "hadith", the Quran therefore becomes THE GUIDANCE OF God.
This immediately means that all other "hadith" are riot at all among the best
hadith. All other hadith simply cannot "SHOW HIM THE WAY".

God continues to tell us about "hadith". He says, "God, there is no other god, hut He. He will gather you together on the Day of Resurrection which is certain to come; AND WHOSE "HADITH" IS TRUER THAN GOD'S?": (Sura 4:87).

Having said that the Quran is indeed the "very best hadith" (39:23) God now asks whose "hadith" can' be truer than His? Who is foolish enough to answer God for this question? Bukhari, Abu Muslim, a Tirmizi, a Jaafar Al Tusi?

God also says, "Have they not contemplated the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything created by God, that perhaps their own term is drawing to a close? IN WHICH "HADITH" AFTER THIS WILL THEY THEN BELIEVE?": (Sura 7:185). "THESE ARE THE REVELATIONS OF God WHICH WE RECITE TO YOU CORRECTLY. IN WHAT OTHER "HADITH" THAN God AND HIS REVELATIONS WOULD THEY THEN BELIEVE?" (Sura 45:6).

"In what other "hadith" after this will they then believe?" (Sura 77:50).

Again, who is willing to be fool enough to step forward to answer God His question? Is it going to be a Bukhari, and Abu Muslim or a Tirmizi? But why would these people write their "hadith" and then claim that it is true, "sahih", "hassan" etc. God always provides an answer. God says in His Quran,

"But there are among men those who sell idle "hadith" to mislead people from the Path of God and to ridicule. For such men there will be a humiliating penalty". (Sura 31:6).

These are people who have never been authorized by God to write any "hadith" other than the "best hadith" which is the Quran. Since they have chosen to do something never sanctioned by God, their actions can only mislead people. For them God promises:

"On that day, those who reject faith and disobey the Messenger will wish that the earth were made level with them. But never will they hide a single "hadith" from God": (Sura 4:42).

"But never will they hide a single "hadith" from God"! Which "hadith" is God referring to here? It cannot be the Quran, because it is God Who has sent the Quran as the "best hadith". Can it then be Bukhari's "sahih", Abu Dawud's "sunan" or Jaafar Al Tusi's "khabar"etc? Think carefully!

"Then leave Me alone with those who reject this "hadith". By degrees shall We punish them, from directions they perceive not!" (Sura 68:44).

According to our Almighty God, the people who have written their own hadith will have much to answer. When they write their own unauthorized "hadith" they will be punished from directions which they will never perceive.

In the Quran, God has asked the disbelievers,

"Let them then produce a "hadith" like this (Quran), if indeed they speak the truth". (Sura 52:34).

Ironically it is not the disbelievers but rather Imam Bukhari and friends who have tried a hand at answering this "challenge" from God.

They have created the concept of "hadith Qudsi". According to the likes of Imam Bukhari and friends the "hadith Qudsi" are "actually" the unrevealed verses of the Quran!! Hence they have bravely risen to answer God's challenge in Sura 52:34 above.


A large portion of Bukhari "hadith" is derived from the `Father of Cats" or Abu Huraira. Despite the fact that Sunni scholars cannot provide any evidence for the existence of Abu Huraira (no one even knows the real name of the "Father of Cats"), the largest portion of Sunni theology is derived from "hadith" narrated by "Abu Hurairah the Unknown".

Among the hadith narrated by "Abu Hurairah the Unknown" we can find fables about what the Prophet did in the bathroom, in his bedroom etc. According to "Abu Hurairah the Unknown" he stuck very close to the Prophet and thus was able to observe the Prophet at close quarters.

But God told the Prophet to tell his "companions" not to annoy the Messenger of God in his home, "Oh you who believe, do not enter the houses of the Prophet until permission is given to you for a meal, not too early as to wait for its preparation, but when you are invited enter. And when you have taken your meal, disperse, WITHOUT WAITING AROUND FOR ANY "HADITH". Such behavior annoys the Prophet. He is ashamed to dismiss you, hut God is not ashamed to tell you the Truth". (Sura 33:53).

So if the believers were told not to enter the Prophet's house too freely and not even to hang around waiting for any "hadith", how then could "Abu Hurairah the Unknown" know about the Prophet's domestic habits?

Since "Abu Hurairah the Unknown" and many of his followers of today will insist that the "Father of Cats" did have free access to the Prophet's company, it simply means that "Abu Hurairah the Unknown", if he existed at all, did not accept the admonition in Sura 33:53 above. By doing so he chose to answer the following challenge by God, "Do you take this "hadith" (Quran) in vain?" (Sura 56:81).

It is clear that God will never accept any "hadith" other than the Quran, which is the "best hadith".

The "hadith" narrated by the likes of the "Father of Cats" and written by the likes of lmam Bukhari, Jaafar Al Tusi etc will never be recognized by God. For the likes of lmam Bukhari and "Abu Hurairah the Unknown".

God says in His Quran, "Do you then wonder at this "hadith"? And will you laugh and not weep, wasting your time in vanities. You shall fall down in prostration to God and adore him." - Sura 53: 59-62.

The 28 verses in Quran with the "Hadith" are:  

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