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The Twinsun Tribune: Issue One 1999

Welcome (July the 13)

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Twinsun Times. This virtual newspaper should evolve into something rather large, but I'll need your help.

Anyway, to commemorate the opening of this page I've collected as much information as humanly possible on the subject of Lba and Crammed it into a newspaper style page.........


The Silverfish( aka Thomas Morgan)

Lba 3.

You hear about it all the time. You get messages about it all the time. Everyone whose played either of the Lba titles (700,000 gamers) want to know about it. But just what is it.

Well, the real rumors about the holy grail of lba games first appeared just after the release of lba 2 in mid 97. While the rumors weren't based on fact, people gradually began to find out that the masterminds behind the Lba series, Adeline Software International, had been brought out by SEGA. And that meant that they had to work on the software for SEGA's new system, the Dreamcast. While the liquidation of Adeline was a blow to those who hoped for a new Lba by the end of the millennium, the new LBA wasn't entirely dead.

By mid 98, emails received from the former Adeline team showed three heartwarming facts: The story had already been written, the music was to be scored by Philip Vachy and Delphine International, the company who brought the name of adeline, was willing to put up some money to develop the game.

So the future looks bright for Lba 3, and we just might see it in the first year of the millennium. Whatever the case, if it's ever released we'll know that the programing, story, art and music will be top notch.

Some LBA 3 facts.

  • It's full title is The Stellar Entity Genesis, but owing to the non european names for the other lba titles the american version will probably be called Twinsens Journey.
  • You can control Twinsens son Arthur, though whether it will be as a separate character with it's own set of moves or just a composite character like Twinsen and Zoé will only be revealed when the game is released.
  • You can finally visit the well of the sendalls in 3-D.
  • The villain might not be Dr. FunFrock.
Story line
The story will most probably center around the stellar entity, the almighty being gestating inside Twinsun. Twinsun is in fact a giant womb which protects the stellar entity as it grows, and the sendalls which are revered on the planets surface are the creatures guardians. 
The stellar entity holds the key to a huge amount of magic, and if it is destroyed the magic will try and invest itself in a suitable host, as seen in lba2 where Dr.Funfock states that the power inside Twinsun will be his.
Anyhow, back to the story. Twinsen will have to journey to the well of the sendalls to sort the matter out but finds instead that Dr. FunFrock, or a new nemesis, has a diabolic plan to destroy the planet to gain the magic inside.
It's just a guess, but maybe FunFrock (or the new enemy) kidnaps Arthur as a vessel for the power of the stellar entity since magical abilities run in his family?

The New Holomap.

Well, thanks to an Idea from the Killer and a ton of offerings from people visiting my board the first version of the lba holomap has arrived.

As you can see only  some of the seas have been named. For the others I'll need your help, so if you think of a sea and it's location email it to me from here...

Contact: silverfish

Toy Commander.

Well, it's nearly out, Adeline's first game under their new name, Nocliche. But what type of game is it? 

It seems that the game centers around driving children's toys around a room, not exactly an exiting premise, huh. But if you've checked out the pictures on the NoCliche site you'll find out that the game goes a lot deeper, with a wide variety of cars, weapons and tracks. 

But are they tracks? The levels seem to resemble something more like a war game than a racing sim, and the addition of weapons like caps and rubber bands, while childish, puts a decent amount of strategy into the game play. 

Alongside driving it also seems that you can control a small squad of plastic army men, though this is just an educated guess.


LbaDecomp, or to give it it's full title, the Lba Decompiler is the brain child of Michiel Hendriks, or the KILLER. Most Lba aficionados already know this, but the real question on everybodies lips is : What can we do with it?
Well, when the Killer releases the third version of the Lba Decompiler round the 20th we should see what could be the first LBA level editor. Alonside hacking out the smacker videos, music, sound, text and static images the new version should also be able to retrieve the 3d images, the islands and edit all of them via a program called the LBA packer. .

With all this should be able to:

  • Create new levels: We're talking totally new levels , which opens up thousands of doors into LBA. Who wouldn't like to see all the outside scenes in Lba1 redone in 3D?
  • Change the Text: See twinsen swear in the explicit version of Lba!!
  • Change the 3D characters, or at least re-model them...
  • Change the sound effects and speech...

LbaDecomp is copyright for the killer: This may be slightly out of context by the time the new version is released. Visit the KILLERS site for the latest updates.

Twinsen's Oddities

What started off as a quest for all the Lba 2 eggs has now become much, much more...
Nuh, just kidding. In fact, it remains much the same, but every issue another step or major egg will be presented.
This week I'll be talking about the Desert/Ferry effect and how it can benifit your laughter level. 
This is what you have to do, follow it to the end and see your reward.

  • Start a new game......
  • Run past you wife and out of the house towards the docks. 
  • Enter the second door to your right (the sailors house), and ransack the pots until you have 10 kashes.
  • Go back to the ticket office, look at the poster on the wall and then buy a ticket to desert island.
  • Walk to the ferry, and even isn't there stand at the end of the pier and use the ticket .
  • Press Esc.

You're in desert island in your normal clothes and it's raining!!!!!
Next issue: The fun stuff on desert island...

Twinsen's Odyssey: Lba 2

Twinsens odyssey, THE most engrossing game I have ever played . Sure, it doesn't give go a huge wave of adrenaline, and sorry to all those quake fans out there, but there's no gore. No dismemberment, no violence, no heavy apocalyptic music.
But sometimes you have to lighten up, and for over the three days in which I finished Twinsens odyssey I was just doing that.
The worlds are beautiful , with full  3-D graphics. And no , you don't need a super fast graphics card or a Pentium 400. It worked just fine on my friends 486 , though it didn't work on his version of windows.

You play a Twinsunian named Twinsen, the hero from Relentless: Twinsens adventure.
The game starts with a storm, and Twinsen and his wife, zoe , head back to the house. Unfortunately your friend dino fly is hurt while landing , and Twinsen must heal his sick buddy. An amazing journey ensures ,with twinsen freeing Raph the lighthouse keeper from the Tralu , helping the weather wizard calm the storm , and traveling to dessert island is search of the healer that lives there.
Of course, after finding a cure , and having become a wiza... (opps, I said to much) strange aliens begin spiriting away the wizards and children of Twinsun.

Once again , its up to Twinsen to save his planet , destroy the aliens leader, dark monk , and generally tidy up a police planet that is up to its head in corruption and deceit.

The game oozes character , the children do childish stuff , one young boy was continually shooting me with his slingshot, and characters are generally helpful.

Both the sound and the look of characters is very good and all their animation is seamless . There are very few character bugs , and apart from the odd arm in wall glitch , which , believe me happens allot in Tombraider , the game is flawless.

Rating 97% Age group : all ages . Well , okay , ages 8 and up.

System requirements

System requirements for MS-DOS:

PENTIUM processor
Microsoft MS-DOS 5.00 or higher
8 Mb RAM
4x speed CD-ROM
SVGA video card (VESA compatible)
SoundCard: SoundBlaster(SB), SB Pro, SB16, SB32, SB Awe 32,
Ensoniq Soundscape, Microsoft Windows Sound System,
ProAudio Spectrum/Plus/16, Roland RAP-10, Gravis UltraSound,
WaveJammer, ESS technology ESS688/ESS1688/ESS1788/ESS1888.

System requirements for Windows 95 & Windows NT 4:

16 Mb RAM
4X speed CD-ROM
SVGA video card (DirectX compatible)
Natively supported SoundCard.

Relentless: Twinsen's adventure.

Relentless sees you start in a prison , from where you are escaping . It's not often a game thrusts you into the action this quickly , but after a few minutes of sneaking past grobo-clones and belting the senses out of hapless Quetch nurses , I was feeling very happy . Relentless does that to you . You find yourself feeling totally stumped by its tortuous puzzles , smiling at some of the more innocent characters , and immersing yourself in a world so real that you really believe you're there. 

The game has a good blend of humor and realism , and the violence , though a tad cartoony , is real enough to affect you . 

The story is rather complicated  , and has the hero  ,Twinsen , trapped in a mental hospital after having prophetic dreams . You escape , and flee back to your home , where you meet with your girl friend , Zoe . But life is hard ...... A band of grobo clones break in and arrest Zoe , and so begins a quest that will span the globe. 

Along the way you develop your latent magical powers , discover a fiendish plot to destroy the planet and raid a pirates treasure. 

After three days of solid game play I finally reached the end of the game , rescuing zoe and destroying the evil Dr FunFrock in the process. Though it's graphics aren't to par with today's games, they're still amazingly realistic , and the FMV is better than some current games.
Little big adventure was , and still is,  the best adeline game ever..... 

Rating 99%  ages 12+


Required : 486-25mhz or higher . 4-megs Ram . 256-color SVGA. Hard drive (11 mb free space. Ms-Dos 5.0 or higher . Single speed cd rom drive . VESA copmpatible Video card . SOUNDBLASTER or compatible Sound Card. 

Recommended : 

486-66Mhz  8-Megs Ram . 256 color SVGA . Hard drive (40Mb free space) MS-DOS 6.2 . Double speed CD-ROM Drive.

Lba 3: A few words

LBA 3. The god of games, if it is ever made. What must be understood by the Lba community is that everything ends somewhere, and unfortunatly Lba 2 might have been the last appearance of twinsen. But If we keep our spirits high, and pray like mad that it dosn't get the scrap during production, because if it does all our ideas and aspirations about the sequel will be cruelly smashed.

Contact Email :

Lba and and Twinsen are registered trademarks of NoCliche and SEGA. Adeline is a registered trademark of Delphine International Software. Images on this site are from Lba 1 and 2, or drawn by hand. Website pictures a taken with permission.