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This just in:fist.gif (292 bytes) 04/22/99 A formal complaint has been registered against me!

04/19/99 See what I wrote for Gemini at this week's The Stars Are Right.


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Coming soon!fist.gif (292 bytes)You know what?  All the stuff I had "coming soon" before was way too ambitious, and none of it seemed to be getting done.  Besides, no one, with the possible exception of these fine astrologers, can see the future.  So who knows what's coming soon?  Not you.   Not I.  Let's call the whole thing off.

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New: 04/21/99 I totally redid the Erik stuff!!!  You must see it!!!   I added another exciting new link to my Mexico page.  This one is about an upcoming cultural event on 04/24/99.  Expect more updates to the Mexico page soon, in light of el Cinco de Mayo.  I also changed the Coming Soon section of this page to narrow the divide between the fiction and reality of the way in which this site evolves.


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