AVR Mod chips for the Playstation


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What is a MOD chip ?

A device that lets you bypass:
The Territorial lockout checks built into your PlayStation allowing you to play Jap and US
import games.
This is a much more reliable (and safer) method of loading  these sort of games than the old 100x series swap-trick


Mod Chip FAQ

How does it work ?

For a complete technical explenation of what a Mod chip is doing check this

Doess it effect my Playstation in any way ?

Assuming its properly fitted it does NOT :
Affect your ability to play your existing European PSX games
Make your PSX less reliable
Make your PSX any faster or more responsive

What about my Playstations warranty ?

Yes you will lose remainder of the warranty on the PSX.

Bear in mind a well-used or older PSX (especially those that have had a hard life) with poor laser
alignment is likely to find it difficult to read some CDR backups of games.

How much does it cost ?

I decided to release the source code so its free.

Do you provide updates/support ? How can i make it work with my PCX ?
Unfortunately the answer is NO. I have no time to work on this anymore but if you do a search on the internet (and you know a few things about writting programs on the AVR) you will be able to do make it work in no time...
Please do not e-mail me with requests on this project as they will not be answered
One last word of caution this was my first programming effort on the AVR so there are a number of things that could have been done easily or smarter but...
Also if some of the comments looks like Greek to you its because they are in Greek ;-)



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