AVR Web Ring

The AVR  Web ring homepage

Welcome to AVR WebRing   

This is an effort to link all the AVR related Web sites in a "chain" for the benefit of all those who develop or are interested in the AVR mcu.
The only requirement to join this ring is that your web site has something related to the AVR.
This could be from a links page or a single project to full blown development systems.

How to join

To join you have to follow 4 easy steps.

1. Apply to join the ring
2. Download AVRring.gif which is the ring's logo
3. After joining the ring you will be mailed a html code snippet which you will have to insert to bottom part of your home page together with the ring logo.
4. Send an E-mail to me, that you have done all the following. I will notify you when your web site is added to the ring

How to change your registration information

          After you joined the ring you can always change your registration information

        Contacting the WebRing master

For any additional info or if you encounter any problems you can send me an E-mail also you can page me through ICQ

         ICQ #7220868  

          Visit a random site in the ring or look at the complete list.