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Welcome to my Science Fiction gallery! At the moment I have included four images but more will follow as they are created and I have the chance to put them on. To conserve download time the images have been reduced from their original film quality resolution. Click on the thumbnail images to download a larger version.


At the moment the planet Mars is a barren, desolate place. Imagine though in a few hundred years when the technology is available to transform this red desert into an abode for life. Imagine also the largest valley system in the solar system,many times bigger than the Grand Canyon, full of water and a popular tourist resort.


This is an image from my SF story. In the future, populations may concentrate into megacities whose skyscrapers tower majestically into the heavens.


If space travel is ever done on a large scale then many families may spend their whole lives journeying to an unknown destination without ever seeing their homeworld again. Here a spacefaring family take one last glimpse of their home galaxy before they and dozens of other escort ships depart for new and exotic places.


Perhaps the best way to make space travellers feel at home whilst abroard would be to construct artificial environments that emulated their earthly environment while still allowing them to travel freely through space.