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    Hello! I am Sudeshna. I am an Indian. I am a student, pursuing MCA from IGNOU, India. I am very fond of nature and soft - soothing music.
My interests are networking and Internet technologies. I like programming. I want to be the best and work with the best.

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My family consists of myself, my father, my mother and my sweet little younger sister. My father is associated with a private firm now after retirement as executive engineer(civil) from CPWD, Govt. of India. My mother is totally devoted to her, family attending to the household choirs. My sister is Community and Resource Management and Extension, and is currently associated with an NGO called Action India as Programme Coordinator. She is highly ambitious and very hard working. I wish her all the best.
We enjoy the close bonds between us.


I am my best friend, and I confide in myself. Books and my music are always there whenever I need a company. Last, but not the least, my family, i.e., my father, mother, and my sister are my very very good freinds and I treasure their friendship. Though I am not unsocial and easily develop acquaintance with people I work around, yet I don't have many so called pals or friends as meant in their usual sense.

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I am not a connoisure of any art, but still, soft - soothing music mesemerizes me. I want to learn Indian classical music. Hope to make it some day.
I am a lover of nature. I feel uneasy when I hear of poaching, or hunting etc. Greenery is greater attraction to me as compared to cinema or theater.
I hate smoking or any other kind of addiction. Smoking, drinking, etc, are just not acceptable to me....
I am concerned about the rising level of pollution throughout the world and about the ever increasing population of India. May God give some understanding of the population problem to potential parents. I just don't understand that when the poor chaps are not even able to fend for themselves properly, how can they even think of bringing another life on earth, to suffer and languish like them or may be more than them! Does this really require education or common sense to understand this small thing. It is said that there is nothing like mother's love. Is all the love for the child only after his/her birth. If the love is really true, why doesn't she think of the drudgeries her coming child may have to face because of their own inabilities and how miserable would be the child's life then.....
I like to draw sketches. But I am poor at filling colours. Not that I lack colour sense, but the strokes would invariably spoil the picture I draw.
I like to read out prose and recite poetries. I enjoy reading, specially travellogues.
I am the worst player when it comes to actually playing games, but I very much enjoy watching outdoor games. I love to watch the spirit and the dedication with which a player runs towards the target, the happy and confident yet careless face with which a player shouts on a success. At that time I find them as innocent as a child.
And, and I love to do household works. Yes!, I just love it.