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Motorcycling, like anything we do, gets better the better we are at it.
When I started riding sports bikes I got myself some training and learned to ride the "police system", as taught to their pursuit riders. It makes your smoother, faster and safer. I did my initial training with Shire Training Services, which you will find a link for from this page. If you want professional lessons with accomodation, click to them for more details.
If you want a few tips on the road with me, contact me via "the author" link. But I'm only available at weekends. If I can't help you I'll refer you to someone who can.
I took the RoSPA advanced test, and passed it to gold (the highest) standard and went on to do RoSPA's diploma cause which qualifies me to teach advanced riding.
I'll use my experience to give you a few quick tips to sharpen your riding today, and I'll direct you to sites and further reading which will take you even higher.
My colleague Andy Ibbott runs the California Superbike School in the UK, which is more appropriate if you want training for the track. A link to his webpage will be added when it is up and running. In the meantime you can contact Ibbott by calling (UK) 01536-411111.
I will be adding some quick tips you can use today on a new page which will be linked from this site, very soon...


Motor Cycle News published a guide to avoiding target fixation, and making the best use of your view in the June 2, 1999 issue.
On June 9 we covered why you should move around the bike to corner better and how to do it right.
And in the June 16 issue the secrets of throttle control are revealed.

You could also try contacting MCN Direct to order two documents.
One is the Ride Like A God series which was written by the UK's California Superbike School director Andy Ibbott and checked over before publication by RoSPA approved instructor David Cushman (that's me that is!). You can also get a guide to Advanced Riding, including a list of contacts for lessons through MCN Direct. For details call (in the UK) 0870-333-4900. The documents costs around 3.25 each and can be sent to you by email, fax, or post.
Andy Ibbott's quick tips are also included week-by-week in MCN, and I check each one before each is published.

IF you want a more enduring document, look out for the book Motorcycle Roadcraft. It is published by HMSO and details in a dry, but well illustrated way, how to ride the police system that is the way you should be riding to pass advanced tests and get yourself an insurance discount!

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