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I ran a BMW R850R in 1995, on an M plate in the UK. The R850R is a naked flat boxer twin. It's fuel injected and uses BMW's Telelever front suspension and Paralever rear set ups, which can feel a bit odd. They suit this bike well then...
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Here's me on the BMWR850R. Dig those boots, check that jacket. Darren Barton wore that lid in a 125GP race!
Nice build quality, shame about the performance
Like most BMWs, the R850R is beautifully put together. It has the quirky suspension they love, which can make the front feel vague. The shaft drive is handy if you're going long distances, but you do get a big torque reaction that even the Paralever rear set up can't defeat.
And, of course, being a flat twin, with the pistons firing across the frame, when you rev it the bike feels as if it wants to pull to one side. It's so pronounced that when I first rode one I had to stop. It felt like it had front wheel drive! You also get BMW's rinky dink indicator system, which switches like no other brands. Once you get used to it , it seems to make perfect sense.
But it ain't half reliable. I used to leave it out in the snow for weeks on end, walk out, uncover it and hit the starter and it would turn over every time even if I forgot to pull out the "choke".
And the R850R does have a certain charm.

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