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--- Sorry but the T.W.O. is no longer selling Merchandise ---
If we were, here's what you could have bought
- Dangerzone vs. ICON TV -

The best of both brands duke it out to decide which is the
premier brand in backyard wrestling (Dangerzone or ICON TV)
Who will retire the World Heavyweight, HaRdCoRe, Lightheavyweight, & Jobber Championships?
A Rain's Den Match, Ceiling Tile / Restraint Match, Intergender Lightheavyweight Match, 7 Man HaRdCoRe War, Best 2/3 Falls World Heavyweight Title Match and much more...

- approx. 90 min.
Payback 3
- Third Times A Charm -

In the third and final installment of "his" PPV, Scott Thunder calls the shots when he forces the T.W.O. Superstars to compete in strange matches including the first ever TP Match and the return of the "Dance of Death." Meanwhile, Thunder proves that the third time is a charm as he dethrones Stryknieghn for the World Heavyweight Championship.

- approx. 70 min.
Rage Party '03
- Return of the Cage -

Our main event features a Cage Match between Paramecium and Stryknieghn for the World Title. See them use ladders, chairs, plywood, makeshift tables and florescent lightbulbs... yes... florescent lightbulbs. The police and EMS were called during this match and their vehicles can be seen in the background. Video CD also contains other great matches.

- Approx. 50 min.
Redemption '03

Spaz challenges Stryknieghn for the World Title...
Paramecium & Scott Thunder defend the Tag Team Championships in a Belt-In-A-Tree Match...
Allen Vector defends the HaRdCoRe Championship
against his brother Arachnid...
The Lightheavyweight Champ defends against 3 challengers...
The debut of Zombie...
and much more...
- approx. 50 min.

It is our biggest PPV to date, featuring the debut of 4 new wrestlers and contains 6 Championship Matches.
Approx. 100 min. Contains 10 matches. Cost:  $10

2 HaRdCoRe Matches
Tag Title Tournament Finals
Triangle World Title Match
and much more...

The matches contained on the T.W.O.'s Best 10 countdown are top secret, but by visiting you can download compressed realplayer versions of the matches now.

The T.W.O.'s Best 10 is 1.5 hours long and is available on 2 Video CD disks. Cost:  $10

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