RiRINOA: Okay, This part of the site is for people like me, who absolutely HATE Quistis Trepe. 

SELPHIE: Heh, I'm not in this...^^;;;

RINOA: And by the way, I don't want to have a lot of hate-mail come to me from all the Quistis fans. It's just my opinion. 




1. She's a flirt!!! 

2. She's wayYyYyY to perfect!

3.I'm sorry but Irvine dresses better then her.

4.She flirts with her students! That's illegal! 

5.She got fired for "Not having leadership qualities!?" HA she probably got fired for student-molesting!

6.Her hair! *shutter*

7. She joined the garden at age 10! A little over-ly perfect.

8.In the FIRST FMV she just looks so stuck up! I didn't like her from that point on.

9.She's mentally crazy. She thought Squall's dance was "Perfect".  For everyone who has the game knows that Squall sucks at danceing! so perfect doesn't even come near he's danceing.(BTW:I'm not trying to sound mean to Squall! I luv him!)

10. she's so stuck up! She thinks she's better then everyone around her!

11.LOL! Remeber on the train? when you first get Irvine? and he's all hittin on Selphie? Then he goes and starts hitting on Rinoa? LOL! Well he never even THOUGHT of hittin on Irvine...

12.Why couldn't she take another one of her sudents to the "secret area" No. she had to take my Squall cuase he's so hot.  Quistis will never get a guy


1.Her glasses, she has the same ones as me! ^_^

2.Her "Degenerator" attack. 


 ARG! i hate her!


 What kind of name is quistis?

 More pics to come...PLEASE don't send me hate-mail!