I've been trying to find records to help those Dow researchers that are not in North America. I will post everything I find here. They are not in alphabetical order so please scroll down the entire page

Name of Dow Event Date of Event Place of Event Other info pertaining to event
Male christening June 29, 1695 Dunbarney,Perth, Scotland Fa: Andrew Dow
Male birth Mar 29 1856 Auchterarden, Perth, Scotland Fa: James Dow  Mo: Catherine Ferguson
Male birth Jun 22 1841 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Fa: Alexander Dow
Male birth Sept 14 1847 Dundee, Angus, Scotland Fa: John Dow
Male birth 1847 Leslie, Fife, Scotland Fa: Henry Dow Mo: Elisabeth Archibald
Abigail birth Dec 3 1776 Dunkeld, Perth, Scotland Fa: James Dow Mo: Grizel Gow
Abraham birth July 2 1730 Essex, England Fa: James Dow Mo: Elizabeth Johnson
Ada Elizabeth christened Feb 22 1874 St. John th Evangelist Drury Lane , Westminster Fa: William Dow Mo: Elizabeth Ann
Adame birth Nov 1638 Alyth, Perth, Scotland Fa: Patrik Dow  Mo: Janet Nucoll
Adam christened Mar 12 1746 Marnoch, Banff, Scotland Fa: John Dow Mo: Janet Moorson
Adam christened Dec 23 1781 Clackmannan, Scotland Fa: John Dow Mo: Mary Bennet
Adam christened Feb 26 1804 Lundie & Fowlis, Angus, Scotland Fa: David Dow Mo: Janet Taylor
Adam birth Nov 18 1861 Cadder, Lanark, Scotland Fa:John Dow Mo: Elizabeth Hamilton
Adam Rice birth Mar 15 1865 Larbert, Stirling, Scotland Mo: Isabella Dow
Adelaide christened June 18 1837 St. Michaels, Bishops Stortford, Hertford, Eng Fa: James Dow  Mo: Elizabeth
Andrina Scott birth Feb 22 1871 Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland Fa: John Dow  Mo: Alison Scott
Agnes christened April 21 1644 Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland Fa: Johne Dow
Agnes christened Dec 17 1657 Perth, Scotland Fa: Androw Dow Mo: Christane Foord
Johanna birth Sept 28 1874 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Fa: Alexander Dow Mo: Johanna Ross
Jhonn christened Apr 10 1580 Perth, Scotland Fa: Jhonn Dow
John Dowe christened Sept 24 1582 Attleborough, Norfolk, Eng Fa: Richard Dowe
John birth 1585 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland  
John christened May 11 1591 Totes, Devon,, Eng Fa: Lauerance Dow
John christened July 23 1599 Raithby Cum Maltby, Lincoln, Eng Fa: Ralfe Dow
Jon christened Sep 21 1606 Inverness, Scotland Fa: Jon Dow Mo: Catherein Chapman
John Dowe christened Nov 11 1606 Gosbeck, Suffolk, Eng Fa: Richard Dowe  Mo: Mary
John christened Sept 3 1610 Attleborough, Norfolk, Eng Fa: Sym. Dow
John birth Feb 24 1611 Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland Fa: John Dow  Mo: Elspet Beveridge
Jon christened Sept 5 1613 Iverness, Scotland Fa: Thomas Dow
Johne christened Oct 7 1621 Perth, Scotland Fa: Anthon Dow
John Rueben Birth Jun 1831 Cambridge, Eng  
John birth April 22 1833 Culross, Perth, Scotland Fa: Alexander Dow  Mo: Anne Mill
John christened Oct 1 1832 Dunblane, Perth, Scotland Fa: Robert Dow  Mo: Elizabeth McNiel
Andrew christened Feb 1 1677 Leuchars, Fife, Scotland Fa: Andrew Dow  Mo: Eupham Henderson
Andrew christened Feb 23 1703 Alloa, Clackmannon, Scotland Fa: John Dow  Mo: Jannet Cumine
Andreu christened July 1 1716 Fossoway & Tulliebole, Kinross, Scotland Fa: John Dow
Andrew birth Feb 29 1780 Minikie, Angus, Scotland Fa: Andrew Dow  Mo: Jannet Fife
Andrew birth Feb 3 1770 Alloa, Clackmannan, Scotland Fa: John Dow   Mo: Janet Wright
Andrew christened July 24 1768 Monimail, Fife, Scotland Fa: John Dow  Mo: Isabel Gillespie
Barbara christened May 1 1636 Tyremouth, Northumberland, England Fa: Thomas Dow
Barbara christened Nov 19 1731 Barry, Angus, Scotland Fa: Alexander Dow Mo: Isobell Johnston
Begerney birth Feb 21 1818 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Fa: John Dow  Mo: Ann Narren
Benjamin birth Nov 18 1778 Staffs Co  England Fa: Zeroh Dow  Mo: Emily Halverson
Benjamin birth Dec 31 1844 West Flegg, Martham, Norfolk, England Fa: William Dow Mo: Judith Holt
Andrew christened May 5 1720 Kincardine Parish, Perth, Scotland Fa: Hary Dow  Mo: Janet Graham
Andrew christened Dec 16 1722 Fossoway & Tulliebole, Kinross, Scotland Fa: William Dow
Andrew christened Dec 30 1722 Fowlis Wester, Perth, Scotland Fa: James Dow
Andrew birth May 1 1774 Blairgowrie, Perth, Scotland Fa: William Dow  Mo: Mary Duncan
Andrew christened Mar 26 1778 Monikie, Angus, Scotland Fa: William Dow  Mo: Ann Petrie
Barbara christened Aug 2 1741 Saint Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London, Eng Fa: William Dow  Mo: Barbara
Barbara christened Oct 31 1765 Same as above Fa: Alexander Dow  Mo: Elizabeth
Basil Sussex christened July 27 1860 South Bersted, Sussex, England Fa: Edward Augustus Dow  Mo: Isabel
Benjamin christened April 16 1668 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eng Fa: John Dow  Mo: Elizabeth