I have listed all the records of Dow marriages I have come across so far, this list is not in alphabetical order (sorry) but it is all in nifty easy to read table form. I have listed the sources of the information at the end of each table. I'll add more as time and info become available.

For Dow's I have listed first names only if they are in the left column you can assume they are Dow.

Dow  who got married Name of person they married Date of marriage Location of marriage
Ann Eliza William Carrick May 13, 1860 Clinton Co, Ind
David P Emma L Kent Mar 16 1883 same
Edmond O Mary M Avery Jan 7 1883 same
Grace L Earl E Aughe Mar 14 1900 same
Huston Elleanor Stevans May 20 1863 same
Louisa Abraham Brandon Apil 29 1866 same
Lucinda John H Dunivan Feb 24 1874 same
Margaret E Lewis M Carter Oct 17 1862 same
Mary J Byron Kent Oct 17 1867 same
Peirce Eleanor Ticen Nov 28 1877 same
Ruthan Townsend McThompson Mar 5 1876 same
Geo Kendall A Madge Williams Dec 25 1896 Allen Co Ind
Samuel R Edith S Webber May 18 1882 same
Alexander R Sarah E Warthen Aug 7 1862 Morgan Co Ind
Anna C William H Crismore Nov 12 1882 same
Annie M Ulyses S Foster Sept 15 1887 same
Barbary A Thomas H McDowell Jan 8 1899 same
Charles C Alice M Goss Sept 29 1898 same
Clona Harvey Stevens Sept 4 1913 same
Daisy D Henry D Arthur Oct 21 1893 same
Elizabeth Henry C Haase Feb 15 1890 same
Faye Virgil Stierwalt Sept 11 1916 same
Hannah L Henry Shuler Mar 12 1882 same
Harry Clorral Randall June 9 1917 same
John A Alice Schuler Dec 18 1904 same
Lena M Lee L Lash Nov 13 1920 same
Mary E William Shuler Jan 6 1874 same
Maud Lionel J Card Sept 20 1916 same
Melvin Bertha Butler July 23 1914 same
Nancy M James I Young Mar 11 1886 same
Perry Ida Tipps July 29 1893 same
Sally A John A McDowell April 7 1895 same
Silas J Lorena Mannon Jan 26 1896 same
William P Lessie M Dinkins Nov 2 1889 same
William P Anna Jackson Aug 11 1903 same
William R Sarah C Secrest Sept 14 1887 same

Records above taken from the indexes to marriage records of Clinton County Indiana, Allen County Indiana and Morgan County Indiania. If you need the specific book and page number of anyone listed let me know and I'll gladly give it to you.

Dow who got married Name of person they married Date of Marriage County of Marriage
Falkerd Catharine Van Dyke Feb 12 1823 Somerset Co NJ
Folkert Margaret Nevius Oct 29 1803 same
Fulkert Harriet Moffet Feb 18 1830 same
Henry Terressa Danbury Aug 30 1854 same
Henry Elizabeth Teeple Dec 31 1874 same
Jacob E Elizabeth P. Smith Jan 3 1867 same
James Elizabeth Jones Feb 11 1860 same
John Keturah Ann Bush Feb 6 1856 same
John Elizabeth Crawford Oct 16 1873 same
John Hardenburgh Katy Wagner Aug 6 1814 same
Oscar Margaret Gaddis Nov 28 1852 same
Peter Margaret Todd Dec 8 1805 same
Peter Rebecca Perry May 10 1835 same
Peter V N Mary Jane Brokaw Jan 14 1865 same
William Catherine Brown Oct 8 1825 same
William K Hulday Stites Mar 27 1852 same

Taken from Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol III

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