*no music corresponding to vocals


Song Size (K) Rating Comments
Aerosmith Sweet Emotion 48 8 Pretty good.
Aerosmith Walk this Way 39 7 Could use a better choice of instruments.
A-Ha Take On Me 40 7.5 Not bad if you like the song.
Alice In Chains I Stay Away 25 6 The music is good but....*
Alice In Chains Man In The Box 50 3 Great song but the midi isn't comprable. * (only version?)
Alice In Chains No Excuses (1) 48 5 Good but *
Alice In Chains No Excuses (2) 40 5 Similar to above and *
Alice In Chains Rooster 31 4 Drags and *




Song Size (K) Rating Comments
Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian 77 6.5 Just OK
Beatles Birthday 29 6 Music corresponding to vocals is awful
Beatles Come Together 28 6.5 Not as good as the next few.
Beatles Help 44 7 Not bad.
Beatles Hey Jude 28 7 SAA
Beatles In My Life 6 7 SAA
Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand 26 7 SAA
Beatles Let It Be (1) 32 7.5 Pretty good.   Vocals could be better.
Beatles Let It Be (2) 17 6.5 Not as good as above.
Beatles The Long & Winding Road 19 7.5 I like this song a little more.
Beatles Twist and Shout 29 5.5 Not as good as the other Beatles' files.
Beatles Yesterday 8 4.5 Yesterday is not supposed to be this slow.
Bette Midler The Rose 8 7 Simple but not bad.
Billy Joel Pianoman 13 7.5 * but it's not really necessary here.
Billy Joel She's Got A Way 8 7 Could be a bit faster...
Billy Joel The Longest Time 19 6.5 Notes are too "low" musically speaking.
Black Sabbath Ironman 19 5.5 Too low and too slow.
Blind Melon No Rain 35 7.5 Pretty Good
Bob Marley No Woman No Cry (1) 74 8 Good
Bob Marley No Woman No Cry (2) 50 5 * kills this since the song is so long.
Bob Marley One Love/People Get Ready 48 7 Instruments could be better.
Bon Jovi Livin' On A Prayer 55 7.5 Pretty good
Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA 48 4 Seems to repeat the same line....
Bryan Adams Heaven 37 7 Lyrics instrument could be better.