Backround information for the Merchat Bombshelter (BS)

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In a galaxy far far away , long time ago (well ok, on the MerwolfPacklist, sometime last year <G>) there was a group of pups who started to play with the fire ... To be more precise with another pup called "Sarah, the chakram polisher".

She was pretty fast with that round killing thing and the pups had to use plenty of duct tape to get those heads back on their shoulders before MaryD saw them lying around <G>. So the pups quickly dug a fox hole in momīs (Gaia) backyard, which is now known as the abandonded Wolfhole, so they could hide from Sarah , aka Katy Kaboom.

You only could enter it with the codeword "pringles". But those pups not only played with the fire, no they also liked all assortements of candy and so the Fox/Wolfhole quickly was a huge mess. The fact that more and more pups wanted to join the "gang" didnīt help much either, so they decided to build a Bomshelter.

They also had to move to their own mailing list, because the traffic they generated was too much for some of the "I donīt like OT stuff on this list" pups.

So ... now that you know how our "home" was created, there are also some drawings, that little me did in my RL spare time <G>. The BS ones are NOT up to date, because we are constantly adding new rooms, floors and attractions to it . A fact that drives WarriorBard, who "builds" them, and me, who draws them crazy. <BG>

So without more further words :

Here are the pics of Momīs backyard and the Bombshelter itself.

Have fun §=)

just click on the little thumbnails to see the realsize pic.

And be sure to check out Candyīs Merpup album website.


Hereīs momīs backyard

And here is the bomshelter itself

the lower basement with bowling alley and the dance floor, as well as the upper floor with a new bedroom (new pups seem to pop in like crazy these days <G>), the gym and other ideas, are in work =)

(We allready have a few posts, in which WB explained what he added and where it is.)

Mail 1 - Mail 2 - Mail 3 - Mail 4 - Mail 5


Here is version one. Itīs a "hand made" drawing.

The latest version, made with CAD.



Have fun and feel free to email me

Zaphod , BS pup

Back to my "wannabe homepage"

Here are a few pics of "super artist pup"

For all those pups , whoms computer doesenīt like em.

Or just entered our family to late to recieve them.


Three "innocent" pups <G>


Pupchase ... don´t ask <G>


A "ducks ass"


The "halo" pup


The "Day after" after a "tour" §;o)


A typical BS couple at "work" <G>


TX - drunk <BG>


Ripleys butt <G>


Sherryl the legend


Artist pup tries to sing ... brrrr

Bad Ass AJ


Then we have Ripley, she also likes to draw.

Here are two examples.

DS9, need i say more ?

A city

We also once had a little Mascot. Isurus brought him home one day and we all loved him.

(although some pups decided to "have a little fun" with him)

He was named after a certain Aussie and therefore a tough little fellow.

Unfortunately little AJ also had no fear at all and one day had an accident.

We won´t forget him, may he rest in peace.


The infamous "ASS SHOT"


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