The Tick vs Dinosaur Neil
The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil

This episodes villian:

The Tick is standing outside as Arthur is waking up and making coffee. The Tick comes inside and tells Arthur that they are going to Dinosaur Neil's Dinosaur Grotto. After a bus ride there they boys, in which Arthur tells Tick that his sister Dot is coming for dinner, talk with Neil. Neil tells them that he is planning on cloning a dinosaur and then he accidentally eats some dinosaur tissue. They then go home to make dinner as Dot arrives. The 3 of them sit down for a quiet evening when Dinosaur Neil attacks. The Tick is practically going crazy as the feind runs amok through The City, and there is nothing he can do about it. Fed up with Dot, The Tick and Arthur go off to fight Neil. After trying a few basic manuvers against him, Arthur remembers that Neil told them that the dinosaur tissue can be kept in acetasalasylic acid, asprin, to prevent it from growing. Our heros then race to the drug store to buy a LARGE asprin. The Tick jumps into Neil's mouth and throws the asprin down his throat as Arthur tells the national guard not to fire. The Tick wrestles with Dinosaur Neil's Tounge and throws the asprin down his throat. Neil begins to shrink just as Tick escapes. Neil, and Dot dance as Arthur, and The Tick do dishes.

The End
Recurring Characters in this Episode
Tick,Arthur,Dot, Dinosaur Neil

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