Here are some links I find rather entertaining!

Cartoon Wavs Huge collection of cartoon sounds to brighten your day.
Dumb Laws The webs largest collection of dumb and useless laws.
Exploratorium The musuem of science, art and human perception.
Geography and Maps Library of Congress Geography and Map reading room.
How Stuff Works Ever wonder why things do what they do? The answers to a lot of those questions are here. The how-to page.
Mad Scientist Network The MAD Scientist network based at Washington University Medical School - St. Louis
National Geographic Home of the most fascinating magazine of my youth and on into the present.  Open the world!
Nye Labs online Bill Nye the Science Guy - a zany look at what makes the world a wonderful place!
Pubcrawler Looking for a good brewskie?  Find a micro-brewery near you.
The Amazing Spam Page The prince of canned meat pages.
The Damnedest Thing I've Ever Seen Strange and unusual misfirings of intelligence and confusion in the gene pool.
The Official Sandwich Homepage Need a new idea to fit between those slices of  bread?
"The Onion" Decide for yourself at this spoofing internet rag.
This to that Because people have a need to glue things together.
Tour the Cosmos Find out more about the macrocosm via the Hubble Space Telescope
Wacky Uses Discover alternate uses for and weird facts about well-known products.
World's Largest Roadside Attractions Planning a trip?  Some LARGISH things you might find along the way.
Worldwide Holiday and Festival Page Need to find something to celebrate?

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