This website is dedicated to those unfortunate few of us who are actually insane enough to love this job!

Jimmy Buffet sums it up pretty well when he sings the following lines.
If you ever wonder why we ride the carrousel?
We do it for the stories we can tell!"

This website is dedicated to the mobile uplinkers.
They are the ones who bring you the live sports and news you crave.
  You rarely see them and they aren't listed in the credits, but the uplinkers,
along with the television production crews,  brave the elements, the inebriated fans,
our airline industry, and the idiots on our highways.
They do this in order to insure that you can sit in the comfort of your living room or belly up to the bar
at your local watering hole to enjoy yourselves in front of the big screen television. 
These crews rarely, if ever, receive the credit, recognition or pay they deserve.
So to all of the road warriors of live television,
let me take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you.
You are the wonderful men and women out there who make it happen.

I especially want to the thank the mobile uplinkers who are almost always working solo.
Unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who are assigned to a specific event circuit or client,
you end up with a different crew in a different city every week.
The uplinkers are usually ridden hard and put to bed soaking wet.
That is if there is any time to sleep at all.  There's always that next gig you really needed to get to yesterday.
However, your boss, who is home in bed sleeping, just couldn't say no to that extra job.
You were, after all was said and done, only 600 miles from the next mornings job.
That's only this -----------------------far------------------------- on the map!

I've done the twelve hour show in Richmond, VA and then driven all night in the rain
to make a game by nine in the morning in Nashville, TN.  Looked at an atlas lately?
All of this so that I could set the truck up in a raging thunderstorm, TWICE,
for a game that was eventually cancelled due to rain!
A compatriot of mine was pulling an overnight hell run in his Ku-band truck through the same storm system.
We kept calling each other whenever we had cellphone signal to make sure we were still alive and awake!

We all have stories that would shock the hell out of people with "normal" lives. 
Next time you watch your favorite sporting event or a news special on live television,
try to remember those who freeze, bake and damn near drown.
Why?  Because the show has to go on  in order to bring these events to your television sets.
If you've ever tried to roll up frozen cables in the middle of a blizzard,
driven a truck into the teeth of a hurricane,
or strung copper cables during a raging thunderstorm,
then you will understand the true dedication
and a little of the insanity it takes to do this type of job.

You think you know what deadlines are?
  Pardon me as I laugh all the way to the asylum.
Try asking the networks to hold the air time for anything short of a death. 
Then it  better have been your own demise.
"Their coming to take me away, hee hee, ho, ho, ha, ha, to the funny farm,
where life is beautiful all the time!"
There is absolutely no way they can pay you enough for doing this job!  You just have to love it!

I doff my headgear and applaud you all!
Thank you!