"The Satellite Truck Gallery"

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The first picture is one of me standing on Sure Shot truck #10.
It was taken at Mosaic Park, located in Kobe, Japan.
In the background is the Port of Kobe Tower.
It was taken during the 2002 FIFA World Cup competitions.

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BSI Ku-band trucks

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SureShot C and Ku trucks.  I operated them all at one time or another.

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The first two pictures of Sure Shot's new C-Band Truck taken in Columbus on 1/9/99
Andy, who operates one of Mobile Uplinks Ku-Band trucks, took them with his digital camera.
This was the first job for the new truck.  Can you tell we were a little cold?

Truck #9 in Madison, WI

The trucks below are some of the C-band units I've driven and operated
Photos by Clark McFadden.

Kenworth.jpg (26874 bytes)
"Gracie's first tractor"
BSIGraci.jpg (33094 bytes)
Myrtle as Volvo.jpg (26685 bytes)
"Myrtle as a Volvo!
BSIMyrtl.jpg (26212 bytes)
"Myrtle as a Freightliner"


Here is a picture Clark McFadden sent to me.
This is one of three old friends from the American Uplinks era.

3trucks.jpg (68923 bytes)
"Fond memories in Idaho Springs, CO."

The truck on the left in the picture below is the truck on the right in the photo above.  The pictures were taken sixteen years apart.
The truck on the right in the lower picture is my latest vehicle.
MVC-079F.JPG (62282 bytes)


Telecom Churchill Truck.jpg (21451 bytes)

"Arriving for work at Churchill Downs, 1990."
Thanks to Clark McFadden for the photo!


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