SuperBowl XXXVI

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MVC-013S.JPG (47208 bytes)
The New Orleans SuperDome wearing it's colors!

MVC-019S.JPG (41803 bytes)
Monday afternoon and the week of madness begins.

MVC-039F.JPG (84090 bytes)
This display is on the wall of the Arena.

MVC-045F.JPG (89480 bytes)
Soldiers guarding the entrances. Welcome to the new USA

MVC-033F.JPG (75707 bytes)
A news crew working the wee hours.

MVC-017F.JPG (85649 bytes)
The mask of patriotism!

MVC-036F.JPG (88922 bytes)
Working on the night shift.

MVC-049F.JPG (86645 bytes)
The Arena

MVC-048F.JPG (60711 bytes)
The Mall side entrance.

MVC-011S.JPG (50709 bytes)
The view from the Mall.

MVC-021S.JPG (49828 bytes)
Find the Sure Shot antenna.

MVC-012F.JPG (94789 bytes)
Night view from the upper councourse.

MVC-006S.JPG (49935 bytes)
Projected wall artworks.

MVC-007F.JPG (72808 bytes)
Working on the night shift.

MVC-024S.JPG (45240 bytes)
Projected wall artworks.

MVC-025S.JPG (49102 bytes)
Projected wall artworks.

MVC-027F.JPG (84971 bytes)
Projected wall artworks.

MVC-009F.JPG (101590 bytes)
SuperBowl production crew event - cable coil tossing

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