When I'm Calling U

sung by muppets Nelson and Jeanette to the tune of
"When I'm Calling You" you may be too young to remember!

J: Nelson!

N: Jeanette!

J: It's U!

N: Yes U!
Words that start with U-oooo,oooo

J: Under and untrue- oooo, ooooo

J & N: There is ukulele

J: And there's until

N: Upright, unpopular

J: And uphill

J & N: Have u and always will

J: Words that start with with u- ooo, oooo
Uncle and unglue- ooo, ooo

N: Union, uptown, undress and upside-down

J & N: I'm in love with u- ooo, oooo

J: Ugly starts with u- oooo, ooooo
Uniforms do too- ooo, ooo

N: Some will have the u sound as in unite.
Some have the uh sound as in uptight.

J & N: Don't worry, it's alright.

J: Useful starts with u- ooo, ooo

N: Underwater too, ooooo

J & N: Up, underwear, umbrella, unfair
I'm in love with u, ooooooo, ooooo ( high pitched)

The letter U standing on hillside turns around and says: Unbelievable!

Transcribed by the archive Webmistress Tiny Dancer