‘F’ For Flea Circus

classic cartoon skit

Letter F

(Opening: We see a large red-orange lowercase letter ‘F’ on the yellow background.)

Announcer: ‘F’!

(The letter ‘F’ fades away. The yellow background changes into white as the letter ‘F’ appears again.)

Announcer: Listen now to the letter ‘F’…

Background Voices: ‘F’!

(The letter ‘F’ fades away again. It is then drawn on the screen.)

Announcer: Because in the next few fragments, the letter ‘F’ will be featured.

Background Voices: ‘F’!

(Scene switches to the ringmaster standing on the right next to a table covered by the blue tablecloth that has an ‘f’ on it. On top of the table, it has a green placemat that has a mini circus tent, a mini Ferris wheel, a mini flag, a mini tennis net, and a mini cannon.)

The Flea Circus

The Flea Circus

Ringmaster: This is my fantastic flea circus featuring the fabulous flea family - Freddie, Fats, Fannie, Filbert, and Floyd Flea.

Filbert: Floyd has the flu.

Ringmaster: Flu?

Filbert: Mm-hmm. So Fats will fill in for Floyd.

Ringmaster: Fine.

Filbert: But make it fast, ‘cause Fats has a five o’ clock flight to Finland.

Ringmaster: Let’s feature Fats first on the format, then.
(drum roll) (To Fats) Fire away, Fats!

Fats: First I fly the flag …

(pulls up the flag in quick speed)

... then a flute fanfare ...

(plays the flute in a couple of quick seconds)

... then I do a flying flip!

(does a flying flip and lands on a mini tennis net)

Oh, oh! Oh, oh! I fractured my foot.

Ringmaster: Now featuring Freddie and Fannie Flea firing the field cannon on Fort Founter!

Filbert: Freddie and Fannie are feuding and refused to perform.

Ringmaster: Find Filbert to fill in!

Filbert: I’m Filbert!

Ringmaster: Listen Filbert, you follow Fats and fire on the fort.

Filbert: Fine, fine.

(as he starts firing the mini cannon by putting fire to the fuse)

First I put the flame to the fuse, and …

(KABOOM!!! The placemat explodes like a bomb!)

The Flea Circus

Ringmaster: Filbert, you fool!!

Filbert: Oh, phooey!

Ringmaster: Anybody wanna buy a used ‘F’?

(Scene switches back to the red-orange letter ‘F’)

Memorized by Mikealan802@aol.com