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You're sure to find something to suit your needs within these walls. Pages that amuse, ones that sing on demand and some that will end up in your hard drive. Let's get things started with an introduction.

I'm a 46 year-old single mother (recently engaged) with a 23 year-old autistic son, Riel. If you're not sure what that means or would like to learn more, here's an excellent start I'm thrilled to say he graduated from high school this year, something I never thought I'd see.

He's really quite amazing (aren't they all?) and has even been using the Paintbrush on our computer.

NOTE: The following pictures were drawn a few years back, he's more into real paper these days.

If you're interested, here are some of his works of art

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A family portrait
No, my nails aren't THAT long
Nor do either of us have tails!

Much nicer family portrait

Yup, that's me

And that's him
with a loud shirt

Self-explanatory, vivid colours!

Not quite right
but still a pretty groovy picture

Look good enough to eat, yum!

During his Red Period
Jedi Knight

The Empire Strikes Back
the Nintendo version
Riel's Bag

with his ever present sword
of course
Two Kids

Pretty darn happy about something

Nice looking room
but the wake-up time's WRONG!
Dinosaur and Duck

Just what it says, love the dino's color

Great pic of a dog, a cat and a fish
Dog and Cat

More pets

Riel's sad :-(

Couple of ssssnakes

And a blue elephant!

Alright, so he's no Picasso, but we're pretty darn proud ...

I was originally born in Australian flag Australia and we now live in Canadian flag Toronto


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