Elmo's Opera Lullaby

sung by Metropolitan Opera singer Denyce Graves

Denyce: Good night, Elmo.

Elmo: Oh no no, wait, Denyce, Elmo's not tired yet. Couldn't Denyce read Elmo a bedtime story?

Denyce: Hmmm...hey, I've got an idea. How about I sing you something from the Opera?

Elmo: Opera?

Denyce: Yeah. That's a singing story. Like this one:

(sings) Stars are twinkling up in the sky
It's time for you to go beddy-bye
You're not sleepy, so I will try
To sing an Opera Lullaby

In the opera when we sing
You're bound to see almost anything
So I'll lullaby you to sleep
Along with opera singing sheep!

Sheep: Good night...
Sleep tight...
Turn off...
Your light!

Denyce: No, no, not yet. Let's sing some more
I have a very big surprise in store
Before this monster starts to snore
He's going to be a little Toreador!

Sheep: A Toreador!

Denyce: A Toreador, who's going to dance
Until he starts to snore

Sheep: 'Cause he will snore!

Denyce: But not before, no not before
We sing some more...
Bring on a horse, bring on a pig
Because in opera we like things big
Bring on a chicken, maybe two
Bring on a great big operatic zoo!

Sheep: A singing zoo!

Denyce: A singing zoo, that just so happens
To be dancing, too

Animals: To dance for you!

Denyce: But when we're through
It will be beddy-by-bye too,
To you!
Good night...
Sleep tight...
Turn off...
Your light...
Good night...
Sleep tight...
Turn off...
Your light.

Transcribed by Jen Finlayson