Telly's Lunch

sung by Celina (Annette Calud)
to the tune of the theme from "The Brady Bunch"

The scene begins inside a refrigerator with groovy looking muppet versions of food.

Here's the story
Of a sliced baloney
A loaf of bread
A lettuce and some cheese
That were stored
In the refrigerator

Food: Where all we did was freeze!

'Till one morning
Came this guy named Telly
He saw them
And then had more than a hunch
He went and put them all together

Telly: They make a healthy lunch

Food: A healthy lunch
A healthy lunch
Yes, together we make a healthy lunch

So then Telly took some sliced baloney
A wedge of cheese
Some lettuce and some bread and said

Telly: I will make myself a sandwich

Uh huh, that's what he said

(screen now shows each item popping into a corner, Brady-style, as their names are sung, with Telly's face appearing in the center at the end)

And that's the story
Of the sliced baloney
The loaf of bread
The lettuce and the cheese
Telly's hunch
Brought all of them together
And they became his lunch

Food: We're Telly's lunch
We're Telly's lunch
And that's the way we became Telly's lunch

Transcribed by the archive's webmistress Tiny Dancer

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