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Tribe Football is part of Tribe Athletics in Houston, TX. We are a non-profit, amateur athletic organization in Houston, TX. The current season has ended and we are currently playing baseball. We will begin another football season in September. Please see the links at the bottom of the page for information on Tribe Baseball.


Current Roster

Addison, Bill billaddison@pdq.net
Ayers, Kyle kylea@pdq.net
Biggs, John jtbiggs@pdq.net
Gray, Chris cgray@pdq.net
Harrison, Jody jodmerl@pdq.net
Lobrano, Randy Randy.Lobrano@ctrec.com
Love, Todd "NO" tlove1@pdq.net
Maddox, John jmaddo@coair.com
Williams, Alan aewilliams@derrickequipment.com

Wood, Clark


Current Events

Tuesday, February 23 - Playoffs, Round 1 at YMCA


Date Time Place Opponent Result
1/5/1999 6:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA Assault&Battery L 20 - 8
1/12/1999 9:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA Cendant W 14 - 13
1/19/1999 6:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA Xavier L 21 - 0
1/26/1999 7:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA Slow&Lazy L 20 - 12
2/2/1999 8:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA Runners W 18 - 6
2/9/1999 7:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA D-X L 34 - 18
2/16/1999 9:45 PM South Post Oak YMCA Grid Iron W 20 - 6
2/23/1999 7:45 PM Playoffs Round 1 Slow&Lazy L 12 - 0

Week 1 - The Tribe had an inauspicious debut in the YMCA league. After we learned that we had to bring our own flags (thanks to the league officials for such excellent communication) we proceeded to fall behind 14 - 2 in the first half before rebounding the "tie" the second half 6 - 6. We learned much, though, have have hired a bar-renowned flag football consultant to improve our offense. Remember, everyone with less than two forfeits makes the playoffs.

Week 2 - THE TRIBE BOUNCES BACK. The Tribe won it's first game of the season to even their record to 1 - 1. The team was sparked by Allen William's interception return for a touchdown in the first half. However, we did have bad news, as we lost starting free safety, Bill Addison, for the rest of the season. Girls, please call him and give him sympathy, 281-955-5221.

Week 3 - A tough week for Tribe Football. We lost our starting free safety, and our leading tackler in one week. The personnel loses proved too much as we lost 21 - 0. However, the game was really much worse than the score. I do not understand how they didn't score two more touchdowns. We will not give up, though. Remember, the regular season is only practice, everyone makes the playoffs. We will come back.

Week 4 - After showing promise on our first offensive possesion, the Tribe fell behind 20 - 0 in the first half, and the lead proved too large to overtake. Our offense continued to struggle, but showed signs of improvement. Jody Harrison lead the second half rally with a 70 yard touchdown reception and an interception that he returned 20 yards before pitching it to Allen Williams who went another 20 yards for a touchdown. We did "win" the second half 12 - 0.

Week 5 - Allen Williams put the finishing touches on a shakey Tribe Victory with a 99 yard TD reception late in the second half to put the Tribe up 18 - 6. The offense was dramatically improved (due mainly to the other team having only 7 players), and the defense had 3 interceptions in the Tribe's second victory of the year. The Tribe is gaining momentum to take into the playoffs. Also, we got our ball back.

Week 6 - The Tribe had a strong showing against the league's returning champion and undefeated, D-X. Our offense finally sparked as Jody Harrison, Clark Wood, and Allen Williams all scored touchdowns. We were down 22-18 in the second half, and actually driving to take the league when Biggs threw a pass that was bounced around and ultimately intercepted by D-X. D-X quickly scored another touchdown to put the game out of reach. Next week is the final week of the regular season and then the playoff's start. Our final game will determine whether we are seeded 5 or 6 for the playoffs.

Week 7 - The Tribe finished the season on a strong note with a victory over Grid Iron. Allen Williams sealed the victory with an inteception returned for a touchdown on the last play of the game. We made the playoffs and open against Slow and Lazy at 7:45 on Tuesday evening. These are the guys that stole our ball. No love.

Playoffs - The Tribe ended the season by losing 12 - 0 in the first round of the playoffs. The defense played an excellent game, but could not recover from four interceptions by Slow and Lazy.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining Tribe Football please contact one of the following:

John Biggs Jody Harrison
10801 Legacy Park Dr. #1316 2121 Mid Lane #B-11
Houston, TX 77064 Houston, TX 77057
281-894-3507 713-627-9417
jtbiggs@pdq.net jodmerl@pdq.net


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