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This page is dedicated to all the little piggies who gave thier lives to make your SPAM !

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    A Few Things To Be Heard About Spam! What Homer Simpson has to say about Spam!
    SPAM! (.wav 8K)
    I don't like SPAM! (.wav 21K)
    Spams first jingle from 1937!
    SPAM? Mmmmmm, yummy! (.wav 52K)
    You mean SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, ... (.wav 77K)
    Hush Dear, don't you fuss. ... (.wav 110K)
    We're the knights of the Round Table... (.wav 128K)
    Lovely SPAM, Wonderful SPAM, .. (.wav 500K)

    Spam is a registered trademark for a greasy ass pork product from Hormel Food Corp.

    Hormel does not endorse this sight!

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