D e s i g n a t e d   R i n g   o f    G a m e    D e v e l o p e r s
-and related programming-
Owned by Jim Smith of GCS 2.000

This is a large ring dedicated to join a community of programmers and game developers alike. Even if your site has nothing to do with programming games, but it does have to have something to do with programming, it may still be eligible to join. Only sites that are worthy are allowed in the Designated Ring of Game Developers. In the past it was easier to get into the ring, but as it is growing very rapidly, the standards to join have risen. Your site needs to be easy to navigate and look relatively decsent, but what you really need above all is content. All sites will be reviewed so don't even think you can submit a spamming or adult site to the ring because you are waisting your time!


Its easy to join! Just following these steps (some knowledge of html is required) to submit your site for review. In time your site will be viewed and it will either be included in the web ring or removed from the queue. If 2 weeks go by with out getting out of the queue (you can check the queue at the bottom of this page) about the status of your site email me and I'll try to bump yours up the list.

Step 1:

Fill out this form.
Page URL where the Web Ring will be located:
Site Title:

Step 2:

You will recieve in your email a customized copy of the HTML fragment that you'll need to put into your page. This code MUST BE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR SITE OR THE PAGE THAT YOU LINKED TO IN YOUR REGISTRATION. If it does not then your site will automatically be deleted from the ring because the computer will assume your site is no longer up when it can't find the web ring. For example, if your site is www.mygamedevsite.com the fragment must be on the first page of that link. If it was on www.mygamedevsite.com/stuff/morestuff/stuff.html the computer will not be able to verify your site is in the webring. But, if the link to your site you registered was www.mygamedevsite.com/stuff/morestuff/stuff.html then the web ring fragment can be on that page instead.

If you want to get a head start and put it up now...

Save this page to disk then view it from there- it will not work to view from this page. You can go to View|Source on your browser and copy where it says. Add the HTML to your page. You will have to edit it a bit to put in your site ID where it says ID=. Your ID goes after the "id=". Do the same for the email and name fields. You will also need to save the image to your site to in order for that to show up. You can't just link to the image at this site because our server's bandwith protection will not let the image load on any site but this one.


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Step 3:
Join the forum. The GCS 2.000 forum has a place just for members of the Designated Ring of Game Developers. Ask questions and get answers. Like the ring the service is free so just follow the link below. Registering for the forum is required.

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If you're a member of the Dr. GD and you need to change your URL or take your name off the ring than enter your site's ID# and Password below.

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