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Jennifer Cooke
Jennifer Cooke as Elizabeth Maxwell
Biographical Information

Jennifer was born in September 1964 in Sataukey, Long Island.  She is 5'6" tall.  As well as acting, Jennifer has also done some swimsuit modelling.  She is currently married to "Celestial Seasonings" founder Mo Siegel.  With her husband, she co-wrote the 1996 cookbook, "Cooking with Tea: A Celestial Seasonings Cookbook".  Jennifer has retired from show business, and with Mo is active in the Urantia Brotherhood/Fellowship.  Many thanks to Rosie for the additional information!

Theatrical Releases  ~  Made For Television Movies  ~
TV Series  ~  Guest Appearances

Theatrical Releases
Movie: "Gimme an F"  (1984)  AKA "T & A Academy 2"
Character: Pam
Costars: Paul Justman, Daphne Ashbrook
Critics: GMR:  Woof!  VMG:  Turkey.
Comments: From Rosie: Jennifer plays an overzealous counsellor at the camp; she's very mean!
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Movie: "Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason Lives" (1986)
Character: Megan 
Costars: Thom Matthews, David Kagan
Critics: GMR:  Woof!  VMG:  3 out of 5.
Comments: From Rosie:  It was a "3D" movie. Jennifer played the sheriff's daughter; actually she was the town's wild-child. She and the male costar ended up "killing" Jason at the end of it.
From Albert:  The story centers on Tommy, who was victimized in some way by serial killer Jason in the previous film. Tommy has escaped from a mental hospital so that he can dig up Jason's grave and make sure the guy's really dead. Unfortunately for Tommy, Jason comes back to life when a lightning bolt hits his corpse (don't you hate when that happens?). Tommy runs to tell the sherriff what happened, and is promptly tossed in a jail cell. The movie should have ended there, but unfortunately, it doesn't. The sherriff's rebellious daughter (played by Jennifer Cooke) immediately becomes smitten with 
Tommy in spite of the fact (or perhaps because of the fact) that he's an  
escaped mental patient who goes around digging up corpses. Anyway, in typical bad 80's teen slasher flick style, it's only after Jason has chopped up about 20 people that the town sherriff decides he should do something. So he goes off, foolishly thinking he can stop Jason with just a high-powered rifle and a sawed-off shotgun, while in the meantime, Megan frees Tommy, who somehow knows exactly how to kill Jason (though the exact mechanism by which you can kill someone who's already dead is never quite explained). Anyway, Tommy and Megan soon end Jason's murderous rampage forever (unless you count the next 3 sequels) and live happily ever after.
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Made for Television Movies

Movie: "Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This"  (1978)
Character:  Unknown
Costars: Talia Shire, Burt Young, Melanie Griffith
Critics: Not Listed
Comments: None so far
Movie: "A Year in the Life"  (1986)
Character: Debbie Nesbit
Costars: Adam Arkin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dirk Blocker 
Critics:  Not Listed 
From Rosie:  Jennifer Cooke's character in "A Year In The Life" was engaged to the youngest son in the series the family was based on. She and the youngest son were very much alike, went to the same college and even were majoring in the same field (business).  They were engaged to be married when the youngest son met a free spirited girl played be Sarah Jessica Parker.  The youngest son had an affair with Sarah Jessica Parker's character and was going to break it off the Jennifer Cooke's character.  Sadly his mother died and Jennifer Cooke's character was there for him and he couldn't betray that devotion.... at first. The youngest son tried to do right by Jennifer's character but eventually dumped her and married Sarah Jessica Parker's character. Jennifer Cooke was only in the first three parts of the mini series. She did an excellent job portraying first a woman oblivious to anything being wrong, then a woman trying to convince herself nothing was wrong, and finally a woman completely deceived and betrayed. 

TV Series - Regular Roles

TV Show: "Guiding Light" (1981 - 1983)
Character: Morgan
Costars: John Wesley Shipp, Robert Newman
Vicki gave me the character information, but had no further information as to when Jennifer Cooke played this role.  Rosie adds some more details about the character:  Morgan was very much in love with Kelly Nelson. But she also wanted to become a model. Morgan and Kelly married but Joshua Lewis was in love with Morgan and arranged for her to get a high profile modelling job. The strain of her job caused a break up between Morgan and Kelly. Joshua did everything to keep them apart but eventually Kelly and Morgan found their way back to each other and  left town. Shortly after this Jennifer Cooke was cast in the role of  Elizabeth Maxwell in "V".  Marcello corrects a story point above:  Morgan and Kelly never came back together. Morgan left Springfield and went to New York (she was a model), while Kelly stayed in Springfield for another year.  For more on Guiding Light, check out Marcello's Guiding Light Website.

TV Series - Guest Appearances

TV Show: "The Hitchhiker" (1986)
Character: Eleanor
Episode Name: "Man's Best Friend"
Costars: Unknown
Thanks to Lee for the information on this appearance.  Patti also saw this appearance and says:  Jennifer Cooke's boyfriend had a dog, which was trained to kill anyone that is the boyfriend's enemy.  I thought she acted well, though she had a small part.

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