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Faye Grant
Faye Grant as Juliet Parrish
Biographical Information

Faye was born Faye Elizabeth Yoe in 1957 in St.Clair Shores, Michigan.  She became an actress against the wishes of her father, who wanted her to study law.  Faye has been married since 1985 to actor/author Stephen Collins.  Stephen is the author of two books: "Eye Contact" published in 1995, and "Double Exposure" published in 1998.  Faye and Stephen have one child, a daughter.  Faye has worked with her husband several times in his TV series, "Tales of the Gold Monkey" and "7th Heaven".  Thanks to Elisabeth for the information on Faye's daughter.

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Theatrical Releases

Movie: "Foxfire Light"  (1982)
Character: Joanna Morgan
Costars: Leslie Nielsen, Barry Van Dyke, Tippi Hedren
Critics:  GMR:  1 out of 4.  VMG:  Turkey.
Comments: None so far
Purchasing Info: Not Available on Video.
Movie: "Crossing Delancey"  (1988) 
Character: Candice
Costars: Amy Irving, Peter Riegert, David Hyde Pierce
Critics:  GMR:  3 out of 4.  VMG:  4 1/2 out of 5.
From the Webmaster:  Slow moving but entertaining.  While watching, I couldn't help wonder why Peter Riegert's down to earth Sam would ever be interested in Irving's pretentious Izzy.  Riegert is the best thing about the film.  Faye has a small role as one of Izzy's friends from her former Lower East Side neighbourhood.
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Movie: "January Man"  (1990)
Character:  Allison Hawkins
Costars:  Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel 
Critics: GMR:  2 out of 4.  VMG:  2 out of 5.
From David:  The January Man is a very interesting and entertaining film about an ex-cop (Kevin Kline) who is brought back to the force to investigate a serial killer who uses the months of the year to plan his murders.  What makes the film so entertaining is the offbeat script and funny characters;  Alan Rickman as Kevin Kline's artist friend is extremely good.  The cast is also very strong and includes Harvey Keitel, Susan Sarandon and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.  Faye Grant is wasted in the role as Mary Elizabeth’s friend who is the first to be murdered in the film.  She does a good job at pretending to die but considering she is only in the film for all of 5 minutes she doesn’t really get the chance to leave a lasting impression.
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Movie: "Internal Affairs"  (1990) 
Character: Penny
Costars: Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, Nancy Travis 
Critics: GMR:  2 1/2 out of 4.  VMG:  3 out of 5. 
Comments:  None so far
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Movie: "Traces of Red"  (1992)
Character: Beth
Costars: James Belushi, Lorraine Bracco
Critics: GMR:  2 out of 4.  VMG:  2 out of 5.
Comments: None so far
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Movie: "The Gun in Betty-Lou's Handbag"  (1992) 
Character:  Charlene 
Costars: Penelope Ann Miller, Eric Thal, Alfre Woodard 
Critics: GMR:  2 out of 4.  VMG:  2 1/2 out of 5. 
Comments:  None so far
Purchasing Info: Unsure as to Video Availability
Movie: "Vibrations"  (1995)
Character: Zena
Costars:  James Marshall, Christina Applegate, Paige Turco
Critics: GMR:  2 1/2 out of 4.  VMG:  Turkey.
From Kris:  I don't think the film was as bad as the ratings. The main character (a handless ex-musician) becomes a cyber rock star, with the help of Faye Grant and Christina Applegate's characters.  That part is pretty cheesy.  But the love story is kinda sweet.  And it's not the typical high-school romance thing either.  I wouldn't have paid $7 to see it in a theatre, but it's O.K. as a rental.
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 Made For Television Movies
Movie: "Senior Trip"  (1981)
Character: Unknown
Costars: Scott Baio, Mickey Rooney, Vincent Spano
Critics: GMR:  1 out of 4.  VMG:  Not Listed.
By the Webmaster: Being a new teenager and a Scott Baio fan at the time, I have a vague recollection of  watching and enjoying this movie, even though I was well past my 'Chachi' stage.   What can I say?!  "Senior Trip" was directed by Kenneth Johnson, who went on to create "V". 
Purchasing Info: Video is Out of Print.

Movie: "Homeroom" (1981)
Character: Tina
Costars: Ally Sheedy, Antony Alda
Critics:  Not Listed
Comments: None so far
Purchasing Info: Not Available on Video
Movie: "Private Eye"  (1987)
Character: Lana Williams
Costars: Josh Brolin, Jay O. Sanders, Lisa Jane Persky
Critics: Not Listed
Comments: None so far
Purchasing Info: Not Available on Video
Movie: "Omen IV - The Awakening"  (1991)
Character: Karen York 
Costars: Michael Lerner, Michael Woods
Critics: GMR:  2 out of 4.  VMG:  Turkey.
From the WebmasterDefinitely not scary, but a cut above the theatrical third instalment.  The film-makers came up with an interesting continuation - the York's adopted daughter is implanted with the demonic child, to be placed within Karen York at a later date - and the film had some good tense scenes and a great ending. 
From Diana: The movie really is quite a stinker.  It's worth renting if you want a good giggle.  The plot is all over the place, there's no continuity, but Faye Grant really holds the thing together and definitely illustrates her talent as an actress.  It may not be a good film but if you're a fan of Faye Grant it may be worth your time.  She really rises above it and gives a performance that's worth watching.
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Movie: "On Seventh Avenue"  (1995) 
Character: Unknown 
Costars: Stephen Collins, Anthony Zerbe 
Critics: Not Listed 
Comments:  None so far
Purchasing Info: Not Available on Video
Movie: "Unwed Father"  (1997) 
Character:  Unknown 
Costars: Brian Austin Green, Isabella Hoffman, Ari Meyers
Critics: Not Listed 
Comments: None so far
Purchasing Info: Not Available on Video

TV Series - Regular Roles

1981-1982 TV Show: "The Greatest American Hero"
Character: Rhonda Blake
Costars: William Katt, Connie Sellecca, Robert Culp
# of Episodes: 
Unknown.  Faye appears in these episodes (first and second season) and there may be more that she appears in as well.  So far, she appears listed in the credits of the 1st season episodes only. The list so far is as follows: 
"Reseda Rose" -- aired April 15, 1981 
"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys" -- aired April 29, 1981 
"Fire Man" -- aired May 06, 1981 
"Don't Mess Around With Jim" -- aired November 18, 1981 
"The Lost Diablo" -- aired December 16, 1981
From what I have been able to piece together, with much help from Last Survivor, Faye appears to have been a semi-regular for the 1st and 2nd seasons of this show.  She has not appeared in any of the 3rd season episodes that Last Survivor has seen. 

TV Series - Guest Appearances
TV Show: "Voyagers!"
Character: Mary Murphy
Episode Name: "Voyagers!"
Stars of Show: Jon-Erik Hexum, Meeno Peluce
From Miss Josh Emmett:  In this pilot episode to introduce the characters, they land in World War I.  Faye play an actress, in France to entertain the troops.  She's helping Eddie Rickenbacker to 'run' from the enemy.  So, the problem is that airplanes haven't been invented.  So the Voyagers are off to Kitty Hawk, to help the Wright Brothers in their first solo flight.  When they return to France, the plane has been downed as Rickenbacker tries to get Mary out of harm's way.  He has been shot and the Voyagers fight the Red Baron!  As for Faye:  she is in the show for a very short time, so she really doesn't have to do much acting.  It is hard to review people with such little airtime, but she does a good job when she's on.  I always recommend the Voyagers! if you can find it!

TV Show: "Tales of the Gold Monkey"
Character: Genevieve Labatier
Episode Name: "Last Chance Louie"
Stars of Show: Stephen Collins
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "Tales From The Crypt"
Character: Janet
Episode Name: "Spoiled"
Stars of Show: None; this was an anthology series
From the Webmaster:  Faye plays a scientist's wife who is having an affair.  The scientist gets his revenge in the end.
TV Show: "Seventh Heaven"
Character: Wife Abuse Victim
Episode Name: "What Will People Say"
Stars of Show: Stephen Collins
Comments: None so far

Feel free to send me your comments, reviews, and corrections!  Thanks to Last Survivor for some of the "Greatest American Hero" information.
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