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Judson Scott
Judson Scott
Biographical Information

Judson Earney Scott was born July 15 in Azusa, California.  He attended Carl Sandberg Junior High and Glendale Secondary School before earning a scholarship to Julliard, where he studied piano.  He has appeared on Broadway and also toured for two years with The Acting Company.  Judson's hobbies include surfing, tennis, weightlifting, sculpture, horseback riding, and painting.
Theatrical Releases

Movie: "I, The Jury" 
Character: Charles Hendricks 
Costars: Armand Assante, Barbara Carrera, Alan King 
GMR Rating: 2 out of 4. 
VMG Rating and Review: Turkey.  "Armand Assante is a passable Mike Hammer in this sleazy hybrid of James Bond and Death Wish II." 
My Comments: Haven't seen it. 
Your Comments: None so far. 
Movie: "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" 
Character: Joachim 
Costars: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Ricardo Montalban 
GMR Rating: 3 out of 4. 
VMG Rating and Review:  4 out of 5.  "James T. Kirk (William Shatner), Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Doc 'Bones' McCoy (DeForest Kelly) and the entire crew of the Starship Enterprise once more 'boldly go where no man has gone before.'  It's no Gone With The Wind - or even Raiders of the Lost Ark.  But it is fun to watch, and Trekkies are sure to love it.  As Khan, Ricardo Montalban reprises his supervillain role from the 1967 'Space Seed' episode." 
My Comments: I am a big fan of Classic Trek, and I'd rate this movie as the best in the 'serious' Trek films.   "The Voyage Home" ranks as best in 'good-fun' Trek.  Montalban delightfully chews the scenery, and there  are a few scenes that came as unexpected when viewing for the first time.  Pretend that "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" never happened, and start your Trek collection with this one! 
Your Comments: David says:  The second original movie with Kirk etc.  The title really sums it up: Khan, the genetically engineered superman, captures a ship, goes after Kirk and after a number of battles is defeated.  Of course, as everyone knows, Spock dies in this one but sci-fi being sci-fi is brought back for the next 4 pictures.  Judson plays Joachim one of Khan’s crew (and if I remember correctly heavily implied as being Khan’s son in a lot of the books). He plays the role very well considering his screen time and is COMPLETELY different to his character in V, Lt. James.  He comes across as being very inexperienced and unsure about his role in Khan’s plans.  His death scene is quite poignant and shows what esteem he had for Khan.  Shame he wasn’t in the film more although I think more scenes with him were filmed but eventually ended up on the cutting room floor.  Judson later appeared in an episode of STNG called Symbiosis (co-starring alongside another STII star, Merritt Butrick).
Movie: "Escape" 
Character: Gabriel LaFontaine 
Costars:  Kim Richards, Elizabeth Jeager, Kin Shriner 
GMR Rating: 1 1/2 out of 4. 
VMG Rating and Review: Not Listed. 
My Comments: Haven't seen it. 
Your Comments: None so far. 
Movie: "True Identity"
Character: Iago 
Costars:  Lenny Henry, J.T. Walsh, Michael McKean 
GMR Rating: 2 out of 4. 
VMG Rating and Review: 3 out of 5.  "British comedian Lenny Henry makes his film debut in this generally enjoyable entry about an aspiring black actor who must masquerade as a white hit man.  It's the little insights provided by director Charles Lane and the occasional big laughs from Henry's clowning that make this movie worth watching." 
My Comments: Haven't seen it.
Your Comments: None so far. 
Movie: "Blade"
Character: Pallantine 
Costars:  Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff
GMR/VMG Rating and Review: Not Listed 
My Comments: You won't easily forget the opening nightclub scene, and Stephen Dorff makes one damn sexy vampire!  A great cast and a very enjoyable film. 
Your Comments: None so far.

Made for Television Movies

Movie: "Velvet" 
Character: Mats Edholm 
Costars:  Leigh McCloskey, David Faustino 
GMR/VMG Rating and Review: Not Listed 
Comments: None so far.
Movie: "Full Exposure" 
Alternate Title: "Full Exposure: The Sex Tape Scandal"
Character: John Grace
Costars: Lisa Hartman, Vanessa Williams 
GMR Rating: 1 1/2 out of 4
VMG Rating and Review: 2 out of 5.  "Seedy, made-for-TV crime-drama features Anthony Denison as a police detective on a case involving a murdered call girl and her missing video diary of clients.  He's teamed with rookie Lisa Hartman, and things really heat up when she goes undercover as a call girl and finds herself attracted to the lifestyle." 
Comments: None so far.
Movie: "K-9000" 
Character: Anton Zeiss 
Costars: Chris Mulkey, Catherine Oxenberg 
GMR Rating: 2 out of 4. 
VMG Rating and Review: Not Listed 
Comments: None so far.
Movie: "Fugitive Mind"
Character: Karns
Costars: Heather Langenkamp, Michael Dudikoff
Comments: None so far.

TV Series - Regular Roles

1981-1982 TV Show: "The Phoenix"
Character: Bennu
Costars: Richard Lynch, E.G. Marshall
# of Episodes: 5 (Pilot aired in 1981; Series Aired Mar 26, 1982 to April 16, 1982)
Comments: From my vague recollections, this was about an alien visitor (Scott) who channeled magical powers through a huge medallion he wore around his neck. 
Your Comments: Josh sent this great review:  Bennu was sent from a dying planet 
1,500 years earlier and entombed in the Andes Mts.  Much like 'The Fugitive, he was searching for someone (Mira, his partner) and took odd jobs along the way.  He appeared barechested most of the time, renewing his powers from the sun.  It was meant to be an environmental show.  He wanted to save Earth from dying like his planet did, and now it was on the same path as his home.  Of course, our government likes to dissect aliens, so he was chased by Preminger (Richard Lynch).  Tasha adds:  In The Phoenix, the amulet did not give him power.  His power came from the sun.  The amulet did, however, either amplify the power, or changed the sun's energy into a form of energy that Bennu could utilize.
1985-1986 TV Show: "General Hospital"
Character: Peter Harrell
Costars: Anthony Geary (?)
# of Episodes: Unknown
Comments: Thanks to Marty for the information on Judson's appearance.  According to Tasha, Judson joined the cast just after the appearance of 'Felicia', who played an Aztec princess.
1986-1987 TV Show: "The Colbys"
Character: Sacha Malenkov
Costars: Stephanie Beacham, Katherine Ross, Maxwell Caulfield
# of Episodes: Aired for two Seasons; Scott appeared only in Season Two
Comments: None so far

TV Series - Guest Appearances

TV Show: "Strike Force"
Character: Johnny Lee Bradick
Episode Name: Unknown
Stars of Show: Robert Stack, Richard Romanus
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "The Powers of Matthew Star"
Character: Float
Episode Name: Jackyl
Stars of Show: Peter Barton, Louis Gossett Jr.
Comments: Again relying on vague memories... I know that Peter Barton was being hyped as a 'teen idol' based on this show, which as I recall was about a teenager who was really an alien prince.
Your Comments: Judson played a baddie, who was sent to kill the prince, and prevent him from coming back as a man to reclaim the government.  In a power struggle at the end, Float was killed in an auto junkyard by a stack of old cars that Matthew 'willed' down on him.  Thanks to Josh for the review!
TV Show: "Matt Houston"
Character: Andre
Episode Name: Unknown
Stars of Show: Lee Horsley, Pamela Hensley
Comments: Thanks to Marty for letting me know that Judson played an assassin in this episode.
TV Show: "Voyagers"
Character: Lawrence of Arabia
Episode Name: World's Apart
Stars of Show: Jon-Erik Hexum, Meeno Peluce
Comments: Josh says:  Judson was quite dashing on his white horse, and was the hero of the prisoners.  Our heroes helped set him free.
TV Show: "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Character: Parker
Episode Name: "Witness:  Jesse Duke"
Stars of Show: Tom Wopat, John Schneider
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "The Dukes of Hazzard"
Character: Benson
Episode Name: "Sittin' Dukes"
Stars of Show: Tom Wopat, John Schneider
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "The Greatest American Hero"
Character: Dack Hampton
Episode Name: "It's Only Rock and Roll"
Stars of Show: William Katt, Faye Grant
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "T.J. Hooker"
Character: Bobby Curtis
Episode Name: "Exercise in Murder"
Stars of Show: William Shatner, James Darren
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "The A-Team"
Character: Unknown
Episode Name: "Incident at Crystal Lake"
Stars of Show: Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz, George Peppard
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Character: Sobi
Episode Name: "Symbiosis"
Stars of Show: Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "Mission: Impossible"
Character: Ernst Graff
Episode Name: "The Legacy"
Stars of Show: Terry Markwell, Thaao Penghlis, Anthony Hamilton, Peter Graves
Comments: Tracy says:  Judson played one of a group of young men who were due to split an inheritance of a huge amount of nazi gold hoarded by thier grandfathers during WWII.  They meet in a city with the intent of finding the fortune, but the IMF plan to find it first...
TV Show: "Raven"
Character: Vulcan
Episode Name: "The Unseen Enemy"
Stars of Show: Jeffrey Meek, Lee Majors
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."
Character: Gil Swill
Episode Name: "No Man's Land"
Stars of Show: Bruce Campbell, Billy Drago
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "Babylon 5"
Character: Knight One
Episode Name: "And The Sky Full of Stars"
Stars of Show: Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian
Comments: None so far
TV Show: "Star Trek: Voyager"
Character: Comdr.. Rekar
Episode Name: "Message in a Bottle"
Stars of Show: Kate Mulgrew
Comments: None so far

Feel free to send me your comments, reviews, or corrections!  I'm also looking for confirmation and further information on Judson Scott's possible guest appearances in Jake and the Fatman, One Life to Live, The Loner,  and Search for Tomorrow.

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