V: The Series Fan Fiction
"V: The Conclusion"
Chapters Four to Six
by Tamie Kwist
Chapter Four: In The Heat of Sorrow

Phillip met Lydia in her shuttlecraft, parked just outside of the fashion shop.   He was glad to be away from the
newcomer, Ham Tyler, for the moment.  From the distraught look in his adjutant's eyes, Phillip knew there was
something desperately wrong.

"What is it, Lydia?"

"She's organized a group of followers," she said softly.  "They went to find The Starchild."


"Well, of course, she intends to murder our Leader."

"I had a feeling you might say that."

"What should I do, commander?"

"What you should've done before you left the mothership.  Organize five squadrons to locate her and take her
back to the home planet under guard!"

Lydia was annoyed.  She knew better than to take action without first consulting with Phillip.  "How could you
expect me to do anything to Diana after all that she's gotten away with?  You said yourself that I'm to clear all
military action through you.  You're in command."

Phillip lowered his head in a kind of helplessness.  "You're right, Lydia.  I did say that.  Well, you have my
permission.  Diana needs to be brought to justice.  That's all there is to it."

"I promise, Phillip, I will do everything I can.  But when do you intend to return to the mothership?  They are waiting for you to return to our world."

He shook his head.  "Not yet.  I am waiting for Donovan's son to get out of surgery."

"How thoughtful," she sneered. "I'm sorry, Phillip.  I guess I can't help but think about when Donovan interrogated me.  I understood why Diana detests him so much."

"He was concerned for his own," Phillip said defensively.

"I guess it doesn't matter now.  Everything's changed."

There seemed to be a certain sadness in the female's eyes as Phillip wished her "Good luck."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Scalpel?" Julie asked, snipping away some damaged tissue from the scalenus muscle in Sean Donovan's damaged left shoulder.  The strain on the doctor's eyes was unbearable.  "I NEED MORE LIGHT!" she said to anyone who would listen.

It was three long hours into the surgery, and there seemed to be no end in sight.  Ann firmly held the respirator to
the boy's mouth, digging through an array of medical instruments with her other hand.  She gave Julie the device
while glancing down at his injury.  She had never aided in a surgical procedure as detailed as this one was.  And for
that matter, she wondered how many times Julie had done this procedure.  She guessed that the answer was zero.

"Temps up," Ann noted, looking at the monitor.  "B.P. is 115 over 70."

Julie nodded as Ham plugged in a spotlight and attached it to the chandelier overhead.

"Clamp," Julie mumbled, blinking and squinting... "Damn," she gasped, wedging her left thumb between the two muscles, trying to get a grip on a vein that was quickly releasing its contents into the tissue..."Suction!"

But Ann was already giving her the clamp.  Julie grabbed it hastily.

"Mr. Tyler," Ann said.  "Can you keep this tube in his mouth while I help Julie clean that out."

"That's what I need...an extra hand," Julie said, clamping the artery.  "Where's Donovan?"

"Bad idea," Ham said.

"And it speaks?" Ann mumbled.  "Actually, uh, Mr. Macho Man passed out.  He's still out, I guess."

"Three pints was too much for him," Julie said.  She wouldn't allow herself to worry about Donovan.  Her guess
was that he would have to come to eventually.  "Suction, Ann."

"The bigger they are," said Ann with a smile and inserted the straw.  The slurping sound was enough to make her feel queasy.  She closed her eyes at the sight of all the blood.

"The harder they fall," Julie murmured.  "Did you go through nursing school with your eyes shut?  Ann, I need you
to watch and stay out of my way!"


With a pair of medical tweezers, Julie tried to repair the damaged part of the phrenic nerve.  "He's not going to have much use of his arm," she said skeptically.

Ann looked up at the clock as a pain settled into the small of her back.  "Are you almost done yet?"


A few minutes later, she was attempting to fuse the torn artery back together.

"Did you give him the tetanus vaccine?" she asked.

"The kid didn't step on a nail," Ham said sarcastically.

Julie made a face.  She didn't want to deal with him on top of her current ordeal.  Angrily, she said, "Tetanus is
caused by microorganisms that live on the skin, Ham!  They can get into the blood stream with any kind of cut."

"Yes, Doctor." He saluted her with his free hand.

"STUPID JERK!" she hissed, busying her hands with the scalpel again.  "Ann, I need you to administer one and a
half hundredths of a gram of morphine."

"Isn't that a bit much?" she argued.  "He's not an adult."

"I don't want him waking up in pain!"

When the surgery was over, Sean was propped on his right side.  Ham Tyler cut some boards to make a splint for
the left arm so that it would be immobilized.  From what  Julie understood, keeping Sean's arm in that position for
a minimum of three weeks was necessary to aid in proper healing.  Once the wound was properly dressed, it wasn't
hard for Ann to convince Julie that she should go get some rest while the boy was still unconscious.  Before venturing off to her own room, Julie went to go break the news to Donovan.

He said up on his bed appearing pale and glassy eyed.  Not looking at her, he rubbed his cheeks.  Julie guessed that he was trying to hide some tears.  She sat next to him.

"How are you?"

He shrugged.  "Is he...?"  He blinked a tear away.

"No."  Julie hugged him.  "I stopped the bleeding."

Lowering his head onto her shoulder, Donovan held her close.  She felt his tears through her blouse and stroked
his head with her numb right hand.  "The only thing we can do now is wait and see."

He moved back, pleading, "Don't give me that! Is he going to live?"

"You're worried about the extent of his injuries?"

He bowed his head.

"Well," she put her hand on his bare shoulder. "The laser tore from here..." she moved her hand down to just below the side of his neck.  Donovan cocked his head, feeling a chill run down his chest.  "To there," Julie concluded.  "I think in all probability it should've been a lot worse.  He could've lost his arm."

"He's going to live?"

"If he's as headstrong as you are, he'll be fine.  He's going to be out for a few more hours.  I gave him a pretty
potent dose of morphine.  Ann's going to sit with him.  I'll be in my room if you guys need anything."

"You're amazing."  He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her cheek.  "I don't know how to begin to thank you--"

"Mike, you know that you and Sean will always have a special place in my heart and there's nothing I wouldn't do
for either of you."

"Really?" he smirked.  "You could've fooled me last night."

"Well, you were being mean."

"No, I was just having fun.  I had to see if there was anything left. You know, since the war's over."  He took her
hand in his and kissed her wrist.

She gave him a look of astonishment.   "Wh-what do you think you're doing, Donovan?"

"Showing you my appreciation.  You know, Ham's going to need a place to stay tonight, with Sean out there."

"He can stay in here with you."

"Or," he paused.  "I have a better idea."  He leaned forward, catching her mouth in his own.

She darted away and stiffened, wiping her mouth and seemed horrified.    "Y-you know I can't make you any
promises now."

"Then let's just live for the moment like we used to." He offered her another kiss, and she accepted...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Around ten, Ham Tyler was in the kitchen preparing what was left of the Campbells Vegetable Beef Stew.  Phillip sat on a chair sipping water from a cup, still waiting for Donovan to wake up.

"Can somebody get Donovan up?" he asked.  "I can't wait all night."

"Goodbye," Ham said flippantly.

"I must speak to him.  It's urgent."

"Tell me, I'll pass it on."

Phillip evaluated the odds that this human could not be trusted.  But as it was, time was running out.  "My adjutant, Lydia, informed me that Diana has gone after Elizabeth."

'I knew it', Ham thought.  "And what are you doing about it?  I mean besides sitting here on your scaly hide.  How
come you didn't go after her?!"

"I sent my troops--"


"If you don't go get Donovan, I will," Phillip said, raising his voice in an unquestionable tone.

Ham snickered then grabbed Phillip by the throat, and held him against the wall saying, "Look, Godzilla, just because you're Donovan's friend--"


Hearing Donovan's command, Ham let Phillip go.  Phillip gasped for air, and slouched down to the floor.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Donovan asked, giving Ham a hostile shove back into the stove.

"Godzilla has some news for you," he explained, watching Donovan extend a helping hand to the injured.

"Sorry, Phillip," Donovan shrugged.  "I take it you've been properly acquainted with Ham here."

Phillip ignored the dig, looking dismayed.  "Diana went after The Starchild.  And she's going to try to overthrow
the Leader."

Digesting the news, Donovan poured his coffee and sat down at the table.  Ann scurried in, frantically, crying, "I
can't find Julie!"

"She's in my room," said Mike absently hearing his son call out for him.  He went to Sean who was crying.

"Dad, it hurts," he sobbed.

Donovan took the boys hand.  "Julie will give you something.  You'll be okay."

"Di..."  he started to say in between sobs.  "Sh-she..."

His father knelt beside him whispering in his ear, "It's okay, Sean.  Everything's going to be okay."

Sean's eyes went to Phillip. Recognition was imminent.  "She...l-lied to me."

"She'll be punished," Phillip said reassuringly.

To Donovan's relief, Julie came in within a matter of minutes.

"What kind of pain is it?" she asked, feeling Sean's forehead for any sign of fever.

"Wh-what kind?!"  Sean wailed.  "Julie, give me something."

"I will.  Is it a dull pain or a sharp pain?"

"D-Dad!!  Make her give me something, n-now!"

Chapter Five: All Ham And No Baloney!

"Are you crazy, Tyler?!" Donovan questioned incredulously.  "Are you willing to risk your life and go up there?"

Ham Tyler grinned.  "Yours too, Gooder."

Phillip, Donovan and Ham had returned to the kitchen and were discussing the subject of Diana.  Phillip couldn't
believe what he was hearing. He looked to Ham for an explanation.

"How do you intend to get there?" he wondered.

"Gator express.  Look, Gooder, if we don't take care her before she gets to Elizabeth, you can kiss your hopes
for a normal life goodbye!"

Donovan gazed into Ham's steel, brown eyes, not wanting to give into the demand.  And it wasn't the first time that
they'd butted heads on something.

I can't leave Sean."

"Julie can take care of him."

Donovan snorted.  "No."

"C'mon!  Do you really want to keep up this military charade forever?  If Diana gets her hands on Elizabeth--"

"What?!" Donovan said, full of doubt.  "Just because you couldn't hack it doesn't mean she can't.  Besides, she
has something you don't."

"Screw that mystical stuff."

"It stopped you from taking me out.  But knowing you, you probably regret that."  Donovan got up and stretched,
peering into the main room, where Sean was sedated. He wondered if his son would ever be normal again... whatever normal was.  If he couldn't use his arm, then there would be no hopes for father/son baseball practice.  Donovan punched the door jam, and let out a scream.

"Something wrong, Gooder?" Ham snickered.

"Can it!"

Tired of the monotony, Phillip headed towards the entry saying, "I have to go, Mike."

Wiping his bleeding knuckles on a paper towel, Donovan protested.  "I'm going with you.  I'm going to find her and
make her pay!"

Phillip turned around, stunned by his outburst.  "This isn't a good idea, Mike.  I can't guarantee that either of you will survive the journey.  We don't have provisions for you."

"Done," said Ham.

"You don't understand.  I can't allow this!"

Ham stood up asking, "Wanna bet?"

"Sit down, Phillip!" Donovan ordered.  But the alien just stood there looking like a lost puppy.

"I don't understand, Mike?"

Donovan didn't answer him, calling for Julie instead.   "Hey, sweetheart!"

Ham laughed to himself again knowing that for Mike Donovan the tough part was about to begin.  "Think it'll work?"

Julie came in answering Donovan incredulously.  "Sweetheart?"  She saw his injury and looked at Ham's face for a bruise, coming up empty sighted.  But still, she had her doubts.  "Mike, I'm too tired for this."

"It'll only take a minute," he promised, pushing her inspecting hands away from his.

"That's what you said earlier," she teased.

Donovan ignored Ham's rude noise and smiled back at her, knowing that it would probably be the last time he'd see her smile in a long time.

"You remember when you said that there was nothing you wouldn't do for me?"

She waited for him to continue, not knowing what to expect.

"I need you to look after Sean for me while I go kill Diana."

"On the mothership?" she guessed.

"No.  On the home planet."

Julie giggled, sure that he was pulling her leg.

"I'm serious," he added.

She thought about it for a few seconds before giving her answer.  "No, Mike!  Don't be stupid!  Did Ham talk you into this?  Never mind.  Don't answer!  I don't--"

Ham interrupted her rambling with a harsh reminder.   "She'll find Elizabeth."

Even after a good ten minutes of arguing, Julie hadn't budged.  Neither had Donovan.  The more she protested, the
more determined he became.

"What if Sean doesn't make it 'til you come back?!" she shouted.  "Wouldn't you feel bad?"

"Julie, if Diana gets her hands on Elizabeth, we could all be dead by tomorrow.  I have to do what I can.  Please?"  He tried to reach for her but she shoved him back.


Donovan carefully plotted one more scheme.  "Well, you don't have a choice.  I'm going."

"Oh, please!" she said sarcastically.

"I'm not kidding, Julie!"

She shook her head.  "You can't make me take care of 'your' son!"

"You said you'd stick around for six weeks anyways, while he gets better."

"Don't even--!" she started to say but could see that he wasn't about to back down.  "When you come back from
wherever, don't expect anything else from me, Mike!  Nothing!  Not a damned thing!"

He knew what it meant.  He would never have another chance with her again.  But the priority of getting Elizabeth
safely home had to come first.

"Okay," he said softly.

Even before Julie had the chance to turn away, her tears had began to fall.

Chapter Six: What's New In Your World?

Past the outer reaches of the tiny planet Pluto, Phillip and his crew made their journey into a vast nothingness.  Mike Donovan was fascinated, to say the least, at seeing the earth's solar system on an "up close and personal" level.  The sights beheld were far more beautiful than anything he'd ever seen in a book or through his father's telescope as a young boy!

In spite of the nauseating smell of human and Visitor waste that filled the craft, even Ham Tyler had enjoyed the
view of the earth's solar system.  He was most taken in by the planet Saturn, and it's bright rings.  Of course, getting too close to many of the planets would be dangerous.  For they had satellites orbiting them that could damage the shuttle craft.

"You'll need to put these masks on," said Phillip, presenting Ham and Donovan with their own lizard faces.  "The dumping station won't be far off now."

Ham looked at his mask and said, "Are you kidding?"

"If you don't, you may get mistaken for one of the Leader's slaves," Phillip explained.

"What slaves?" shouted Donovan above the noise of the screeching engine.  "What is that sound?"

"We're increasing our magnetic generators."

After a few seconds, the noise faded away.

"What slaves?" Donovan asked again, settling into his chair.

"The people we took from earth."

It all came back to Donovan suddenly.  Martin had once told him that some of the people who were abducted would be used as soldiers in battle with the Visitor's enemy.

"How many?"

"Maybe a thousand.  You see, Mike, many of the people we brought back were weakened from the food chambers.  Their bodies couldn't resist disease.  We had several hundred die within a few hours.  But we did develop a successful breeding program."

"Spare me!"  Donovan looked at Ham who was wearing the mask and started to giggle.  "Well, Tyler, I must say I like the new look better."

"COMMANDER?!" one of the pilots shouted impatiently.

Phillip rushed to his aid.  "What is it, Bartholomew?"

"The Skelieks.  They've spotted us."

"Check your energy sources.  Make sure they're up for an attack."

"But the magnetic field--" the young Visitor began to argue just as the shuttle was hit by something.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" demanded Donovan.

"Our enemy, the Skelieks," explained the other Visitor officer, taking a seat at the craft's rear laser control

The small craft pursued the Visitor shuttle for what seemed like an eternity.  They exchanged fire with one another until the lesser one was defeated and disintegrated into space.

"Their planet is less than a light year away," explained Phillip.

"They're pretty hostile?" Donovan asked.

"They're world is dying too.  We share the same sun and it is losing it's magnitude."

"Sirius?" Ham guessed.

"Well, it's what your people call, Sirius B.  The Skelieks want what we have left and vice versa."

"Are you at war with them now?" Donovan asked.

"No.  But we will be soon."

"And that's why you need Elizabeth?"

Phillip kept silent and avoided eye contact.  But Donovan had read him like a book.

"You lied to me?!"

"There wasn't any choice."

"Told ya so, Gooder," Ham said sarcastically.

Donovan sat there feeling duped.  But now he had no doubts about the need to get Elizabeth back.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Kyle Bates exited the shuttlecraft flanked by two Visitors.  His hands were still in cuffs.  He wasn't sure what would become of him, or Elizabeth.  The landing pad was perched on top of a tall and peculiar looking building.  It was a bright white color, like the Visitor shuttles.  And towered into the maroon sky, taller than The Empire State Building.

Elizabeth Maxwell wasn't far behind.  She felt sorry for Kyle and was faced with uncertainty too.

"Welcome to our world, Elizabeth," said a greeter who was short, and dressed in a different kind of clothes than
the normal Visitor garb.  She wore something more feminine, a black flowing gown.  The Leader embraced her.  Kyle guessed that they were lovers.

"We have prepared a feast in your honor," she said.

'I wonder what they'll feed us', mused Kyle who'd been less than thrilled with the grub worms aboard the shuttle.
He felt that he'd had more than his share of protein for a while.

"I have another kind of invitation for you, Elizabeth," the female added. "A Wedding invitation."

Elizabeth smiled.  "Is Willie here already?"


"Can I see him now?"

The Leader nodded in agreement.  "You can take your friend too."  His voice reverberated with a slight echo, like the females had.  Again, Kyle was escorted in handcuffs.

In her parent's dwelling, Felma smiled down at her new wedding skins which were spread out on the chairs before
her.  "Avitso pel kly,"  she said in her own language which means 'they are lovely.'

Her husband to-be, Willie, stood near by, admiring her. But his heart was saddened with confusion.  Like the
human language barrier he'd suffered from before, now he'd forgotten many of the common words used in his own language.

"Kieva pah-" he tried to sound out his 'I love you'.

"Willie?!" Felma snapped in English.  "We mustn't until we are properly wed.  You can't let my father hear such

A baffled expression came over his face, and his eyes lowered to the floor.  "I- I love you, Felma."

She came over, offering a warm embrace asking, "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," he sighed.  His eyes lit up with joy at the sight of the Starchild and her company.  "Elizabeth!"

Willie and Elizabeth exchanged embraces leaving Felma feeling a little jealous, seeing the bond that her betrothed
shared with this person.

Willie glanced at Kyle.  "I am gracious to see you."

Felma gave him a blank look.  "Do you mean grateful?"

"Yes, that.  I want you to be a good man."

"Huh?" said Kyle holding up his hands to reveal the cuffs.

"A best man?"  Willie corrected himself.  "I want you to be my best man?"

Felma interrupted, "What is a best man?"

And so it was that Kyle explained to Felma about human marriage traditions and seeing how much it would mean to
Willie, she promised to talk to her father about persuading the Leader to allow Kyle to participate in the ceremony.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Sean Donovan sat up on the couch in Ann and Julie's apartment.  Eighteen days had passed since his father had
went away.  And the teen was being overcome by boredom.  He also resented the fact that he couldn't bathe properly.  And what sponge baths he'd had were given to him by Julie. But he tried to contain his patience.  He knew it wasn't her fault.

With the remote control in his free hand, Sean flipped through the channels quickly and found MTV.  He'd become
fascinated with one of the musical groups Motley Crue and their ballad "Home Sweet Home."  He thought of his father out there in space, either dead or wishing that he was home.

The sweat that gathered under Sean's cast made him itch something fierce.  And he found himself feeling frustrated
that he couldn't get to it and mad at Julie because she couldn't give him anything for it.  The ringing of the telephone snapped Sean out of his boredom.

Julie rushed inside to get it muttering, "You're watching that again?"  She picked up the phone and snapped an
impatient "Hello?"


"Mom?" she found herself smiling into the receiver.  "Oh my gosh...  I've been meaning to call you.  How is

Constance Parrish offered some bleak news, that in the time that had transpired since Julie's last call, her father
passed away.

"I'm so sorry," Julie said. "I had no idea Dad was ill.  How are you taking it?"

"As well as any mother who's children don't give a damn! You haven't phoned since last July.  I had to call up your
friends at the research facility and have them hunt you down like some dog.  I wasn't even sure if you were alive!"

"I'm sorry, Mom," was all she could say.

"Well, you should be!  You don't even know that your Grandma's sick, do you?"

"She is?"

"She has cancer.  They've only given her a few weeks.  Maybe you want to come and apologize and say something nice to her?"

Julie thought it over for a few seconds, not sure if she had enough money left for two plane tickets.  And to think
of going away since she'd just started a new job.

"I don't have the money, Mom," she said, sounding ashamed.

"I'll buy the ticket.  The important thing is that you come home and bid her a proper goodbye."

"I'm taking care of Mike Donovan's son.  He's gone away."

"Well it looks like he'll have to come with you then.  Won't he?"

"I guess."  A few moments later, Julie was off the phone and feeling sick to her stomach.

Ann came in with a sack full of groceries as Julie ventured off to the bathroom.

"I've got your Tums," she announced.  But the only reply was silence.  Ann shook her head, feeling sorry for her

"She's so worried about Dad," Sean explained.  "Did you buy any chips?"  He got up from the couch and joined her in the kitchen for a grocery inspection.

"Sure thing," smiled Ann.  "How are you holding up, Sport?"

"I was just watching MTV.  They're in Rio and they've got these chicks in bikinis..." he trailed off, blushing a bit.

Ann laughed thinking of how Donovan might react when he came back and found out that his son was going through
puberty at full speed.

After ten minutes, Julie came out of the restroom looking famished.  Ann handed her the medication, only to see
her slam them on the counter.

"No.  I don't want anything.  Thank you."

"Do you think you have an ulcer?"

Julie shrugged.

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