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The Survivor Challenge:  The Visitors
The Voting Booth has returned, as V: The Series Interactive Website jumps on the "Survivor" bandwagon about two months late!  What can I say -- I never watched the thing and... well... better late than never, right?

The premise and some rules:

The dastardly Visitors and their allies are stranded on an island.  It's up to YOU to decide who stays and who gets booted off.  Each poll will run one week, beginning and ending each Monday afternoon.  We're in the final week so the rules have changed.  Vote for the person you want to SURVIVE... the person with the most votes is the survivor.

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Week One Results:  Charles' notorious ways with the females couldn't save him: his 129 votes mean he has the dubious honour of being the first person booted off the island.   Daniel Bernstein gave him a run for his money; at
126 votes, Daniel holds immunity for the week.

Week Two Results:  Despite threats to release more red dust onto the island, Nathan Bates received 221 votes and was eliminated this week.  Mr. Chiang was in second place with 173 votes, and he gains immunity this week.

Week Three Results:  We knew Daniel Bernstein couldn't hold out too long.  He had the most votes (255) and has been eliminated this week.  Well, banishment isn't quite as good as being the main course at a Visitor banquet, but it'll have to do.   Conniving Brit-lizard Lydia had the number 2 spot with 124 votes, so she has immunity for the week.

Week Four Results:  Despite some extra time on this poll due to family problems, Brian kept his stranglehold on the lead and is eliminated with his 361 points.  Mr Chiang had the second highest count and gains immunity for the week.

Week Five Results:  Wow, that has to be the LONGEST WEEK on history.  :)  Despite smuggling many nasty Visitor weapons onto the island -- she hid them in her hair -- Diana was ousted with 642 votes.  Lt. James gets immunity.

Week Six Results:  Mr. Chiang kicked, karate-chopped and even attempted throwing those little star-things (nin-chuks? nim-chuks?)... Alas it was to no avail.  His 111 votes were enough to drop-kick him right off the island.  It's down to the final two... LYDIA and LT. JAMES.  Who will be the final survivor?

Who has the guts, skill, and tenacity to last seven weeks on the island?  It's up to YOU to decide!

Results of The Survivor Challenge:  The Resistance

Week One Results:  Well,  professional whiner Robin Maxwell ran away with the voting.  Her 20 votes get her the dubious honour of being the first freedom fighter booted from the island.  Her daughter, super-power recipient Elizabeth Maxwell, received the next highest vote count (5) and is granted immunity this week.

Week Two Results:  Apparently Elias Taylor reverted back to his old ways.  He stole one too many coconuts, and his 21 votes got him kicked off the island.   Kyle Bates got the next highest vote count (9), so he's got immunity this week.

Week Three Results:  Chris Faber kept blowing things up, so his 18 votes got him booted off the island.  Elizabeth Maxwell narrowly missed being the latest casualty with 17 votes; she has immunity this week.

Week Four Results:  Well, Kyle and Juliet were in a real tug-of-war this week... in the end Kyle Bates, with 62 votes, has to leave the island.  No doubt the other resistance members were jealous of the attention the female freedom fighters were paying to him!  Juliet, with 53 votes, gets immunity this week.

Week Five Results:  Mike Donovan was involved in a horrific accident this week, when the extremely tight-fit of his jeans caused him to lose all circulation in his legs.  Knowing he was unable to fend for himself, his 49 votes got him voted from the island.  Elizabeth Maxwell, in a very close second with 48 votes, gains immunity this week.

Week Six Results:  Wow, some people had a LOT of time on their hands this week.  In a stunning (to me, anyway!) upset... Ham Tyler, with a whopping 530 votes, has been kicked off  Resistance Island.  Shelby, I'm sending him straight to your place!  It's down to Juliet Parrish and Elizabeth Maxwell for the final vote... who will be THE SURVIVOR??

Week Seven Results:  It was a down and dirty battle, but the survivor is... JULIET PARRISH.  Juliet earned 639 votes (52.2% of the vote), to Elizabeth Maxwell's 584.   No word yet on whether Elizabeth has decided to be a good sport about her loss, or if she is currently off destroying something with telekinetic powers.

Thanks to everybody who played along!
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