Helen: Which just means more business for lawyers like you. You should be thanking me, you scumsucking- (Bobby takes her by the arm and drags her away)

Bobby: Helen... (they are met by Detective Mike and a tall priest)

Mike: Helen... this is Father O'Brien from the archdieces.

Helen: Hello, did you come to rescue one of your nuns before I can throw her in prison?

Bobby: Helen! (he takes her arm again and they move on)

Helen: (in passing the archdiesis) You can go to hell.

Bobby: (as they're walking, we see Jimmy come in the door) Helen, that's the archdiesis!

Helen: I don't care. One of his nuns stabbed Lindsay. (Jimmy meets them)

Jimmy: Bobby! I need you a second... in private. (Bobby goes with Jimmy and Helen walks back to the detectives)


(Jimmy and Bobby enter a small, dimly lit office. Jimmy puts his briefcase down and begins pacing)

Jimmy: Remember the- (he stops, unsure of what to say) You told me you thought Judge Kittleson was a psycho. That's what you said, remember?

Bobby: Yeah. Why?

Jimmy: Do you really think she's crazy? I don't, but maybe I'm too close. It's hard to think straight when a woman's got your- (sighs)

Bobby: Jimmy, what's going on?

Jimmy: (he sighs, then comes closer to the desk) I'm sure this is nothing... (he leans down on the desk) But I found a picture in her office. It was of you and Lindsay... and Lindsay's face was all scratched out. (Bobby looks shocked and angry, and leans down on the desk, his voice excited and low)

Bobby: A picture... of me and Lindsay?

Jimmy: Taken on the street somewhere, like you were being stalked or something. I'm sure it's nothing, but... (Bobby's face hardens)


(Helen's office. Detective Mike is talking to them)

Mike: I can't get warrant on that!

Bobby: She's crazy! She's obsessed with me!

Mike: You don't know that...

Bobby: I do know it!

Helen: Go to the magistrate at Middlesex... he gives out warrants like gum.

Mike: You're the lawyers here! We haven't got cause!

Bobby: I heard her tell me... she planned to kill Lindsay.

Mike: What?

Bobby: In chambers, she said it, there's your cause, go get the warrant!

Mike: (nodding) Nice try, Bobby. (Bobby looks disgruntled)

Helen: We have the boyfriend, Jimmy Berlutti, coming forward and implicating her. That's cause.

Mike: He didn't really implicate her.

Helen: Yes, he did! Right, Bobby?

Bobby: (slowly) Right.

Helen: Go get the warrant. (Mike looks at them openmouthed, then leaves. Bobby looks at Helen, then picks up his beeper as it beeps. He looks at the number and looks frantic)


(Hospital. Bobby is walking quickly down the hallway towards the ICU. Eugene meets him halfway.)

Eugene: Bobby-

Bobby: What happened?

Eugene: Hold on a minute.

Bobby: (trying to get past) Let's go!

Eugene: Listen to me! She looks worse than she is. Something went wrong with her breathing, but- (he stops and looks frustrated as Bobby barges past him. Bobby enters the room to see Lindsay with a plastic face mask taped over her mouth and nose. She looks very pale, and there's a respirator hooked up to the mask. Ellenor is sitting there, as well as Rebecca and Patrick the priest.)

Bobby: Where's the doctor?

Ellenor: She's out in the hall somewhere, but I have the information-

Bobby: I want the doctor!

Rebecca: (getting up) Okay, okay. I'll get her. (she leaves with Eugene)

Ellenor: She went into respiratory distress. Basically her lungs crashed, but they're inflating now.

Bobby: Why isn't she waking up?

Ellenor: The doctor just said it was going to take some time...

Bobby: It's been twenty-four hours! Why isn't she waking up?

Ellenor: Why don't you just sit with her?

Bobby: I can't, I'm in court, and I gotta... uh, I- I'm in court!

Patrick: Ellenor, would you excuse us for a minute, I'd like to talk to him.

Bobby: Yeah, fill me in on the master plan behind this one.

Patrick: Ellenor... (Ellenor gets up and leaves. Bobby waits for her to exit, then turns to Patrick angrily.)

Bobby: Don't talk to me...

Patrick: I will talk to you. (pauses) You sat beside your mother and held her hand. It didn't work for her-

Bobby: I didn't ask you to come and help me through this.

Patrick: No, that's right, you go through everything alone!

Bobby: Why don't you go find someone who needs your help! (He sighs and looks away. Patrick looks down at Lindsay's still form, then back up at Bobby's tearful eyes.)

Patrick: You really love her, don't you. (Bobby looks at him, shaking his head.)

Bobby: Why would I ever tell you? (Patrick looks slightly offended) You'd just send it on up to God and he'd kill her. (Patrick looks intrigued)

Patrick: You believe God kills the people you love? That's your theory?

Bobby: That's my history. (Patrick looks mad)

Patrick: Fine. But she doesn't need a fat old priest holding her hand right now. She needs you! (He leaves, and Bobby looks at Lindsay sadly. Camera fades to-)


(- a line of cars driving down a residential street at night. The stop in the driveway of a large house and Helen gets out of one, slamming the door and walking quickly to the front door of the house, flanked by Mike and a police officer. They walk up to the porch and ring the doorbell. The grid metal peephole is opened, and a pair of eyes peek out before the door opens to reveal Judge Kittleson. She looks shocked)

Mike: Your Honor, we have a warrant to search your house.

Kittleson: What?

Helen: Check every closet, under every bed... (a few officers make their way into the house)

Kittleson: What in God's name is this!

Helen: Step aside, your honor.

Kittleson: What are you looking for?!

Mike: Evidence in conection with the attempted murder of Lindsay Dole.

Kittleson: What! On what basis do you get such a warrant?

Mike: Your honor, if you'll just cooperate, we'll do this quickly.

Kittleson: This is preposterous!

Helen: You honor-

Kittleson: I know she is your roommate, Miss Gamble, but that does not give you the right-

Officer: (from background) Detective... (he holds up a nun outfit. Kittleson rolls her eyes)

Kittleson: Oh, please! (Helen looks at her in a mixture of shock and disgust)

Helen: Read her her rights. (she walks out of the house)

Kittleson: You are making a big mistake! (she looks enfuriated as handcuffs are placed on her and she is lead away)




(Morning. We see a jail cell with Judge Kittleson sitting down in it, her head in her hands. Judge Hiller walks up.)

Hiller: Roberta.

Kittleson: (raises herself up to look at Hiller) I am innocent. (Hiller looks horrified.)

Hiller: I didn't ask! (she looks at Kittleson, who is relieved that her friend believes in her) What was with the nun suit?

Kittleson: It was a costume! I was going to wear it to some Halloween party, diguised as a prude... (she looks tearful) I- (she shakes her head. Hiller looks sad.)


(Helen and Mike are walking through the courthouse)

Helen: Nothing?

Mike: Nothing too relevant. A manuscript for a novel she started had some pretty kinky murders in it-

Helen: Stabbings?

Mike: Yeah, but... Helen, there was no physical evidence.

Helen: What about the nun outfit?

Mike: She says it was for a costume party.

Helen: She ever wear it to any party?

Mike: Not that we could confirm...

Helen: (stops and faces him) I think this woman's really crazy, Mike.

Mike: Maybe so, but I wouldn't go to an arraignment with what we have!

Helen: Keep looking. I'll push the arraignment to tomorrow.


(Morning at the hospital. Bobby is asleep in a chair next to Lindsay's bed. Eugene comes in and wakes him up.)

Eugene: Bobby... (he wakes up) You're due in court in a half hour. I think I'll take it.

Bobby: I can do it. Eugene, I said I can do it. (he stands up groggily and picks up his coat. The doctor comes in and he turns on her.) Why isn't she waking up?

Doctor: Mr. Donnell...

Bobby: You said twenty-four hours! It's been way more than twenty-four hours, why isn't she waking up!

Doctor: Mr. Donnell! Sometimes... guests of this hospital need to be reminded that they're guests. (he glares at her and she glares right back. He's about to put on his tie when)

Lindsay: (so quietly you can hardly hear her) Bobby? (Everyone stops and looks down at her. She moves her mouth a little bit and swallows, and Bobby looks at Eugene, then sits next to her)

Bobby: Lindsay. Lindsay!

Lindsay: (pained, very quietly and weakly) Mmm... I hurt...

Bobby: Yeah, you... you had an accident, but you're going to be fine, you just had a accident, that's all... (Lindsay touches the tube in her nose)

Lindsay: I- I'm in the hospital... (the doctor moves her hand away from her face)

Bobby: Yeah. I'm right here... and Eugene's here too.

Lindsay: Oh... (she swallows and breathes hard, like it's hard for her to speak) I was stabbed, some... guy stabbed me...

Bobby: Yeah, but- (he looks down, then back up, his face confused) Guy? (he pauses) You- you said nun!

Lindsay: (swallows, then whispers) It was... a guy in a nun... suit. (she opens her eyes for the first time and looks at Bobby)

Bobby: (looks at Eugene incredulously) Did you- did you see his face? (Lindsay shakes her head slightly)

Lindsay: No, but... I saw his hands... and he was so strong... he couldn't have been a woman...

Bobby: (strokes her hair) Sweetheart, are you sure? (Lindsay nods, then screws up her face in pain)

Lindsay: Yes... (she turns her head to one side and gasps) Ow...

Doctor: Don't try to move, just rest, okay? (she nods and turns back to Bobby, her eyes closed)

Bobby: That's right, you- you just rest. (she sighs and opens her eyes again. He touches her face, beside himself with happiness) I love you.

Lindsay: I love you too... (she closes her eyes again and gasps) Kingston...

Bobby: What?

Lindsay: (very breathily) The nun... killer... he said, he said I was virginal, and that, that, uh... after the case, he said see you soon... (Bobby begins to look angry) I think it was him... (she struggles for breath again and he holds her)