Lucy: None of my friends would've planted a camera.

Ellenor: (coming out of the conference room) New case. No money.

Helen: It's a favour. The Commonwealth thanks you. (Helen leaves, Ellenor takes her coat and follows her)

Lindsay: Oh, my god...

Lucy: Now what?

Lindsay: It isn't you, it's Jimmy.

Jimmy: What?

Everyone comes over to look

Lindsay: I just tapped into the Boston Buff web site to see if we were listed, but, damn, I lost it.

Eugene: What's Boston Buff?

Lindsay: The Boston Buff Society. Court buffs. They're basically retired people who follow trials, and they rank lawyers. Here it is. Seems like they're into gossip now.

The screen shows a picture of Judge Kittleson and a picture of Jimmy

Lindsay: (reading) Attorney James Berluti has been making a little chamber music with Judge Roberta Kittleson.

Jimmy: What? That's ridiculous!

Lindsay clicks on "hot gossip" and four pictures of Jimmy and Judge Kittleson kissing in an elevator appear. Bobby, Rebecca and Eugene look at Jimmy.

Jimmy: That's, that's trick photography!

Lindsay clicks on one of the pictures to enlarge it.

Bobby: (looking at Jimmy suspiciously) Jimmy, in my office.

Eugene and Rebecca look at each other.

Judge Watson's chambers.

Arnold: Her own witness is now backing my client's story, and Miss Gamble is the only one saying he's guilty.

Helen: He's changing his story out of some warped sense of loyalty to his father.

Arnold: Helen, he was your whole case, and now you've lost him.

Judge Watson: Do you have any additional witnesses?

Helen: I don't need any. Gary Armbrust's testimony is coming in just like it did at the prelim.

Arnold: W-wait, what am I missing here?

Helen: If he takes the stand and changes his story, I will charge him with perjury.

Arnold: That is extortion!

Helen: No, it's called leverage. To protect against witness manipulation.

Arnold: The only one manipulating here is you!

Judge Watson: Look. You can cross the kid however you want, but she can certainly call him.

A room somewhere, maybe at a prison.

Gary: What if I just plead the fifth?

Ellenor: Well, you can do that, but it really won't help your dad. If you plead the fifth amendment, it basically means your testimony is unavailable, which means the DA can then introduce your testimony from the prelim.

Gary: And you're saying that if I change my story, she can put me in jail.

Ellenor: It's a very real possibility, yes. (there's a pause)

Gary: What do you think I should do?

Ellenor: Well, I would normally advise you to tell the truth. But if the truth is something different from what said at the prelim, telling the truth would expose you to perjury charges.

Gary looks at her, and then away as he composes himself.

Gary: He's my dad. He just got angry, you know...

Ellenor: Gary, if he's a murderer, me? I'd ditch the sentiment and save myself.

Gary: (plaintively) Heís my dad.

Bobbyís office.

Bobby: (angrily) Youíre sleeping with her!

Jimmy: Itís my own private life!

Bobby: Not anymore, itís on the Internet. Jimmy, sheís a client.

Jimmy: Was a client. It started after her case ≠

Bobby: Sheís also a whacko. Did you know that?

Jimmy: Sheís not a whacko.

Bobby: Jimmy, she is.

Jimmy: Sheís a great judge. One affair with a clerk doesnít make her ≠

Bobby: She pulled me into chambers and told me she was having erotic dreams about me.

Jimmy: What?

Bobby: Yes. While I was in trial with her she calls me into chambers and tells me sheís having sexual fantasies about me. Then she hit on me. Jimmy, she has OCD. (Jimmy looks blank) Oral compulsive disorder?

Jimmy: (shrugging) Look. I donít know with you. But me and her, weíre consenting adults. WeíreÖ Consenting adults!!!! (he storms out of Bobbyís office and shuts the door)

The main office. Lindsay and Rebecca are still at the computer. Jimmy enters.

Rebecca: (amazed) More?

Lindsay: Sheís been through half the Massachusetts Bar!

Jimmy: Hey. (he marches up to the computer and flicks it off. Rebecca and Lindsay just look at him as he heads for the door)

Rebecca: Isnít she a little, whatís the word?

Lindsay: Old?

Rebecca: Yeah, old. Isnít she a little old for you?

Jimmy slams the door.

Rebecca: Did he even take his coat?

Lindsay looks at her while she turns the screen back on, and Rebecca shrugs. Then they both lean back in over the computer.

The courthouse.

Ellenor: If called, he will testify that it was an accident.

Helen: He understands Iím gonna have him arrested for perjury?

Ellenor: He understands. Timely recantation. Itís possible we can beat perjury.

Helen: (shocked, grabbing Ellenor by the arm and pushing her into a corner) Did you tell him that?!

Ellenor: Helen, heís my client. Iím sorry.

Helen: Ellenor, you tell him heís afraid of the wrong person. Heís afraid of his father, he should be afraid of me, cause heíll do time.

Ellenor: Helen.

Helen: I wonít let him do this.

Ellenor: Take it easy.

Helen: Iím calling him, Ellenor. Iím putting him up there.

She begins to walk away but is intercepted by Arnold.

Arnold: Any new developments?

Helen pauses as she composes herself.

Helen: Iíll give you voluntary manslaughter.

Arnold: You should be dismissing.

Helen: Iíve got threats, fingerprints, residue, trace metal ≠

Arnold: Yeah, but if the boyís saying accidentÖ

Helen: How do you know what heíll say? You been tampering the witness, Arnold?

Arnold: Well, Iím assuming heís not going to say self-inflicted, Helen. What else does that leave?

Helen: Voluntary manslaughter. Take it or leave it.

Arnold: (as if to say Ďduhí) Leave it.

Helen leaves. Ellenor and Arnold just look at each other. Arnold shrugs.

Judge Kittlesonís chambers.

Judge Kittleson: (furiously) Donít you dare just barge in on me like this.

Jimmy: Just tell me. Yes or no.

Judge Kittleson: To which question? Did I have a dream about Bobby? Yes. So what?

Jimmy: What about the otherÖ (he trails off) How many lawyers have you been with?

Judge Kittleson: That is certainly none of your business. You wanna tell me how many women youíve been with?

Jimmy: You heard of the Boston Court Buffs?

Judge Kittleson: Of course Iíve heard of them. They fill half the room sometimes.

Jimmy: Well, they got a web site. With a program. It talks about you and me. Itís got a picture of you and me on the elevator. It also has head shots of all the other lawyers youíve been with, they say, sexually.

Judge Kittleson: What do you mean, itís got a picture?

Jimmy: (nervously pacing and shrugging a lot) There must be some security camera on the elevator. How they got access who knows, but ≠

Judge Kittleson: Thereís a picture of you and me?

Jimmy. Kissing. And thereís pictures of other lawyers. Just head shots, but it says youíve been with them.

Judge Kittleson: (sitting down, stunned) This is on the Internet?

Jimmy: Yeah.

Judge Kittleson: What else does it say?

Jimmy: I donít know. I didnít really want to look. I came right over here.

Judge Kittleson: Got a picture of you and me kissing?

Jimmy: From the elevator. (he sits)

Judge Kittleson: (turning to her computer) What has - How do I find thisÖ this web site?

Jimmy: I donít know. Lindsay found it.

Judge Kittleson: (turning to her phone) Whatís her number?

Jimmy: Sheís probably home by now.

Judge Kittleson: (sighing) Whatís her number?

Night time. Helen and Lindsayís apartment.

Lindsay: (on the phone) Iím not online here, Jimmy. Can I tell her tomorrow? (we can faintly hear Jimmyís voice) I donít know! I had to find it. Look, Iíll give it to her first thing, okay? (she hangs up, and walks to the couch, where she sits down next to Helen.) He told Judge Kittleson.

Helen: (absently) Big mistake.

She is interrupted by the newsreader, announcing a piece on Helenís murder trial. Helen and Lindsay both turn to look.

Newsreader: Meanwhile, in the Armbrust murder trial, rumours that the chief prosecutorial witness is changing his story. If true, the prosecution may be in trouble.

Helen: (under her breath) Great. Just great.

Newsreader: You recall Gary Armbrust was the one who identified his own father as the killer. Now it seems heís prepared to testify it was an accident.

The television screen shows a not-too-flattering artistís interpretation of Helen (in fact, it makes her look slightly like Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmations). She charges up from her seat.

Helen: Oh, my god!!! Look at what theyíve done!!! How could they do that to me??!!

Lindsay: All right, relax.

Helen: (incredulous) Relax??!! You relax!! Iím about to lose a murderer, now theyíve got me looking like Leona Helmsley (sp?) meets the Wicked Witch?? Iím not gonna lose this!!! Iím not losing this.

She stalks away. Lindsay leans back against the couch with a sigh.

-------------------- Commercial --------------------

Helen and Lindsayís apartment, itís morning. Helen is working at the table.

Lindsay: (coming in) Oh, no. Not again.

Helen: Iím screwed. If I call him, Iím dead, if I donít ≠

Lindsay: What are you gonna do? Do you know?

Helen doesnít answer.

The courtroom.

Judge Watson: Miss Gamble, call your next witness.

Helen doesnít answer.

Judge Watson: Miss Gamble?

Helen: (rising) The Commonwealth calls Gary Armbrust.

Gary and Ellenor rise from their seats in the gallery.

Judge Watson: Members of the jury, the witness will be accompanied by his own attorney for the purposes of this testimony. You are to consider what the witness offers as evidence and you are to draw no conclusions whatsoever by the fact that he has a lawyer with him.

Bailiff (I think): Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Gary: I do.

Bailiff: Be seated.

Helen: Could you please state your name for the record?

Gary: Gary Armbrust.

Helen: Gary, the oath you just took, you understand the meaning of it, do you not?

Gary: I do.

Helen: You understand that you testify today under the pains and penalties of perjury, do you ≠

Arnold: Objection. Sheís trying to intimidate this witness.

Helen: Iím merely making sure the witness understands his obligation to tell the truth.

Judge Watson: Given that the witness has a lawyer sitting with him, I think weíre safe, Miss Gamble.

Thereís a pause.

Helen: Your own father is the defendant. Is that correct?

Gary: Yes.

Helen: And it was your mother who was shot and killed. Also correct?

Gary: Yes.

Helen: Were you present when your mother was shot?

Gary: Yes, I was.

Helen: And you observed your father shoot your mother as you stood in the doorway of the living room.

Gary: Thatís not how it happened.

Helen: Ask permission to treat the witness as hostile.

Arnold and Ellenor: Objection.

Judge Watson: Overruled.

Helen: Gary, do you recall testifying at the preliminary hearing for this case?

Gary: Yes, I do.

Helen: And you swore to tell the truth.

Gary: Yes.

Helen: And at that time, do you recall being asked the following question and giving the following answer. (she retrieves the court transcript) Page four. Question. What did you observe? Answer. I heard my father screaming at my mother. I went to the living room door, and thatís when I saw him shoot her in the chest.

Gary: Thatís what I said, but ≠

Helen: Youíve answered the question, thank you.

Gary: But it wasnít true!

Helen: Move to strike. Non-responsive. (the judge nods)

Arnold: If it wasnít true, what really happened?

Gary: I was angry. My father pulled the gun on me, then I basically attacked him.

Arnold: You attacked him?

Gary: We didnít have the greatest relationship. I just kindaÖ It was during the struggle with me that the gun went off.

Arnold: Well, why did you testify at the preliminary hearing that your father killed your mother?

Gary: Part of it was I was just covering my own ass by provoking my father to get the gun in the first placeÖ

Arnold: But it was really an accident. Why didnít you just tell the truth?

Gary: I was just so furious. I wasnít thinking clearly. Look, Iím sorry about all of this. I really am. And if you wanna put me in jail, I canít stop you. But it really was an accident. You have to believe me.

The camera zooms in on a couple of jury members, then onto Helen.

The office.

Eugene: The only one with a master key is the super. A guy by the name of Larry Connelly. You know him?

Lucy: Oh, my god.

Bobby: What?

Lucy: Well, he always kind of looks at me funny. And a few weeks agoÖ

Bobby: A few weeks ago what?

Lucy: He said that there was a leak in the downstairs apartment and he needed to check my bathroom. Itís gotta be him.

Bobby: Lindsay, call the police, get a warrant and see if we can search this guyís≠

Lindsay: (rising) Woah, woah, woah. A warrant for what?

Bobby: To search this guyís place.

Lindsay: Bobby, itís not so easy. He hasnít necessarily committed a crime.

Lucy: What do you mean he hasnít committed a crime?

Lindsay: (tactfully) There was no sound on the video.

Bobby: So?

Lindsay: The law prohibits intercepting audio communication, but silent video tapingÖ isnít a crime.

Rebecca: Well, you gotta be kidding.

Bobby: What?

Lucy: This guy planted a camera in my bathroom. Thatís not a crime?

Lindsay: No.

Bobby: All right. What about trespass?

Lindsay: The super with a master key? And you said he asked permission to go into your bathroom.

Lucy: This guy planted a camera in my home.

Lindsay: Iím just saying it isnít as easy as it looks.

Rebecca: Thereís got to be some way to nail him.

They all look at each other. J

udge Kittlesonís chambers. She is working on her computer. The screen first shows her and Jimmy in the elevator, then a tree diagram labelled ďKittlesonís BenchmarksĒ, showing her linked to six or so other men.

Judge Kittleson: (sadly) So this is what people think of me.

Jimmy: Itís just a stupid website.

Judge Kittleson: This goes into peopleís homes. Lawyers who appear before me, theyíve probably all seen this.

Jimmy: Iím sure some have, not all. Look, no one believes this stuff.

Judge Kittleson: You believed it! Thatís why you came running down here so angrily. You believed it.

Jimmy: Well. Is it all true?

Judge Kittleson: Some of it is. I have been with some of these men. How could - This is my private life!

Jimmy: Welcome to the information age, judge.

Judge Kittleson: This is evil. Itís evil.