------Scene of Ellenor walking down a busy sidewalk, with her purse------

(She bumps into George Vogelman, and her purse falls. Her gun falls out onto the sidewalk)

Ellenor: George?

George: (whispering) Ellenor, what are you doing with a gun??

Ellenor: Never mind. What are you doing crashing into people on the sidewalk?

George: I wasn't crashing. You were walking with your head down

Ellenor: What are you doing here?

George: Well, I was coming by to say hi but I'm certainly rethinking that given the sound of your voice.

Ellenor: I'm sorry. I --

George: What the hell are you doing with a gun?

Ellenor: Our office is being terrorized by some wacko. We're all just a little jumpy.

George: But a gun? You?

Ellenor: Well, I just -

George: What you should be doing is moving. Getting out of that apartment. It's a bad neighborhood.

Ellenor: It's already taken care of. I'm moving in with Helen Gamble. It's Beacon Hill, it's very safe.....I still want a gun.

George: He's been terrorizing you how?

Ellenor: It's just - it's a long story and I'm late for a depo....

George: How about we catch dinner? You can tell me then.

Ellenor: Yeah, great. Okay. It would have to be an early one. (as she starts to walk away) Five-thirty, let's say, Angelina's?

George: Great. You'll be coming armed?

Ellenor: That's cute. I'll see ya.

-------Scene change to Mr. Barrington's high-rise office-----

Barrington: When Ronnie returned the car, I noticed he looked rattled.

Det. McKrew: How do you mean rattled?

Barrington: Nervous. Fidgety. So I decided to check the car out before I paid him.

McKrew: And that's when you saw the damage to your car?

Barrington: Yes. And it was at that time that he told me what he had done. I was upset with him at first, he started to cry, uh, he was very distraught about the whole situation.

Jennifer: Whose idea was it to call the police?

Barrington: It was mine. I told him that, either now or later, the police were gonna have to be told. I also made it very clear that if he voluntarily turned himself in, the D.A. might be more forgiving.

Jennifer: Did you go anywhere while Mr. Vega had your car?

Barrington: No, I stayed at home.

McKrew: Was anyone with you?

Barrington: My wife.

Rebecca: Why were you getting you car detailed at night?

Barrington: I typically have it done at night, because that's when I'm not using it. All of a sudden I get the feeling I'm the one being investigated.

Jennifer: Mr. Vega claims that you're paying him thirty thousand dollars for him to take the fall for you. That you hit Elizabeth Nicklen, not him.

Barrington: You're not taking him seriously. Then this interview's over.

-------Scene back to offices of DYD&F------

Bobby: Out of a van?

Lindsay: What difference does it make, where?

Bobby: (angrily) What difference does it make??

Lindsay: (also angry) Yes. It's a thirty day wait in Massachusetts....We got a guy dressing up as a nun sending us threats....we're supposed to wait a month??

Bobby: That's the law.

Lindsay: There's a law against stabbing people too.

Bobby: Oh please.

Lindsay: What, oh please?

Bobby: We're lawyers Lindsay! Members of the bar. That goes for you too. We don't commit crimes! And you buying that gun off of God knows who??

Lindsay: It was a client.

Bobby: It's against the law. You complain every day we're not doing enough to legitimize ourselves. What if you get caught carrying? You could get disbarred! Did you think about that? Did you??

Lindsay: Oh Bobby, shut up.

Jimmy: Alright, let's all ---

Bobby: The fact that we're engaged doesn't mean that I'm not still senior partner. You don't speak to me like that in here.

Lindsay: Then let's step outside.

Jimmy: Oh, c'mon.

Bobby: Quiet.

Lindsay: Stay out of it.

------Scene change to Rebecca in Jennifer's office-----

Jennifer: Hey.

Rebecca: Hey.

Jennifer: Sit.

Rebecca: I don't like the sound of that.

Jennifer: Barrington's wife backed him up. Said he was home the whole time.

Rebecca: Well, what'd ya expect? She's his wife.

Jennifer: Let's talk about what you expect, Rebecca. Rebecca: Jennifer, say what you have to say.

Jennifer: We're pressing forward against Vega.

Rebecca: I'm telling you ---

Jennifer: We have a signed confession!

Rebecca: He was paid to give that!

Jennifer: Which we can't prove!

Rebecca: And that is what this is all about, isn't it? The only case you'll be able to prove is against Vega. Why even investigate Barrington? Because it's Ronnie's testimony---he represents automatic reasonable doubt.

Jennifer: Rebecca....

Rebecca: Give him a lie detector.

Jennifer: Not admissible and you know it.

Rebecca: But it's accurate.

Jennifer: Rebecca, we're going forward against Vega. It comes from above.

Rebecca: Because a woman is dead and somebody needs to be convicted. Is that it?

Jennifer: All the evidence we have points to Vega.

-------Scene change to Rebecca visiting Ronnie in jail----

Rebecca: Mr. Barrington's wife will provide an alibi. They're moving forward against you. Ronnie, I think we should just try it. You convinced me, you persuade one juror, we've got reasonable doubt. Now we can empanel first ---

Ronnie: I decided to stick with my confession Miss Washington.

Rebecca: I'm sorry?

Ronnie: It was me. I hit the woman. I decided to stick with my confession. Let that be that.

Rebecca: Wait a second....you're going back to saying you drove the car??

Ronnie: Yes.

Rebecca: You had any visitors here? Anybody here to see you?

Ronnie: Mr. Barrington's attorney. Came to ask why I was accusing somebody else of doin' what I did.

Rebecca: How much? How much are they offering you this time?

Ronnie: He appealed to my conscience.

Rebecca: You can't do this! This is a homicide! I don't care how much they're offering you, this will ruin your life. For God's sake, listen to me!!

Ronnie: My life'll be ruined? Do you know the first thing about my life, Miss Washington? My parents were dead when I was nine. I never finished high school. I make about eleven thousand dollars a year, IF I'm lucky. Going to prison may be the best way to prevent me from becoming a criminal.

Rebecca: You're a criminal right now, if you do what you're talking about.

Ronnie: I hit the woman! You have my confession!

-----Rebecca visits Judge Swackheim in chambers----

Judge: What do you expect me to do?

Rebecca: Well, I want to be let off. A lawyer can't knowingly defraud the court.

Judge: You don't know anything. You suspect.

Rebecca: Your honor, I know.

Judge: So what? I take you off the case, he just lies to his next lawyer. He marches in here with some ignoramus, and the court is no better protected against fraud. Most attorneys wouldn't give a damn anyway.

Rebecca: How did you get to be so cynical?

Judge: I'm not cynical counsel, I'm annoyed. My day was supposed to end twenty minutes ago.

Rebecca: Oh. Forgive me. I'm sure you have a nice bowel movement planned, and you want to get to it, give your day some meaning. Have you been listening to what I'm saying? A kid has been bought off to take a homicide rap, in your court. And that doesn't bother you? Then don't tell me you're not cynical. Or jaded. Or even putrid for that matter.

Judge: I will reject the kid's guilty plea.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Judge: He will have a trial whether he likes it or not. And you will be his lawyer.

Rebecca: Me? I can't.

Judge: Yes, you can.

Rebecca: I may have to be a witness because of what I heard.

Judge: I'll decide that as I go along. We empanel in the morning.

Rebecca: He'll just fire me.

Judge: I won't let him. In the interests of justice, and non-cynicism, you're the best lawyer for the job.

Rebecca: Your honor---

Judge: Nine o'clock counsel. You delay my bowel movement one more second, I'll hold you in contempt.

------Scene of Jimmy entering his apartment-----

Jimmy goes to put his key in the door. He looks up and notices that a piece of tape he placed on the door jam has been ripped. This means someone has entered his apartment since he's been gone. He gets on his cell phone without entering the apartment.

Jimmy: (whispering on his cell phone) Yes. It's an emergency. I think there's somebody in my apartment.

(Detective Mike McGuire arrives with a bunch of armed officers)

Jimmy: I put a little piece of tape on at lunchtime...it's broken

McGuire: And you don't have a maid or a super....

Jimmy: No, no. Nobody goes in there but me.

McGuire: And nobody's come out since you arrived.

Jimmy: No.

McGuire: Okay. Let's go in.

(The officers hold their weapons ready, and they search carefully through Jimmy's apartment. It's dark inside. They make their way to a back bedroom)

Officers: Police! Freeze!

Judge Kittleson: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

(She is naked and she covers herself with a blanket or article of clothing)

Jimmy: Roberta!?!?

Kittleson: Get out. Get out! All of you!

McGuire: Judge Kittleson??

Kittleson: OUT!!!!!! Get out!

McGuire: Let's go.

(Officers leave)

Jimmy: What?

Kittleson: I came to surprise you.

Jimmy: Oh. It worked.


(Scene back in the offices of DYD&F)

Eugene: Naked, naked?

Jimmy: Yes. Naked naked. She was standing there naked, nude, to surprise me, and they busted in with guns.

Bobby: What'd she say?

Jimmy: Not much. She gathered her stuff and left. Won't take my calls.

Ellenor (to Lindsay): We can wait till the end of the week if it's easier.

Lindsay: No, it's fine. (to Bobby) Ellenor's gonna move in with Helen today, so I'll need to sleep at your place tonight.

Lucy: Sounds romantic. (She gets looks)

Eugene: I gotta go to court. I'm second chairing for Becca.

(Lindsay pulls a legal pad out of her desk drawer)

Lindsay: He's been here again. He held this.

Bobby: He held it??

Lindsay: He... (voice wavering) ..He had a certain smell, a cologne. This is it. No, this is no copycat. It's him.

(Ellenor takes the pad)

Ellenor (in a sympathetic voice): I don't smell anything.

Lindsay (very shaken): It's him. (She takes deep breaths)

-------Court scene of Rebecca, Ronald Vega, etc.-------

Witness (police officer): When we got there he was crying.

Jennifer: The defendant.

Witness: Yes. He said he'd hit a woman who was crossing the street. Then he panicked and drove off.

Jennifer: Anybody with him when you arrived?

Witness: Yes, a Mr. Theodore Barrington, the owner of the car.

Jennifer: And were you able to establish Mr. Barrington's connection with all this?

Witness: Basically the defendant was detailing Mr. Barrington's car. And when driving it home, the defendant hit the woman. He told Mr. Barrington about it, and evidently Mr. Barrington convinced him to notify us.

Rebecca: Did you look into whether Mr. Barrington was driving the car himself?

Witness: I'm told he was questioned later.

Rebecca: My question is....did YOU look into this possibility?

Witness: No.

Rebecca: Why not?

Witness: Because the kid confessed to it.

Rebecca: Are you aware that the defendant claimed he was paid thirty thousand dollars by Mr. Barrington---

Jennifer: Objection!

Judge Swackheim: Overruled.

Ronnie: I made that up!!

Judge: Mr. Vega, take your seat.

Ronnie: Judge, I told ---

Judge: I said take your seat and close your mouth! Or I'll have it taped shut. And if you don't think I'll do it, ask your lawyer!

Ronnie: I don't want her to be my lawyer!

Judge: I'll give you one last warning-

Ronnie: Look, I just want to plead guilty!

(Ronnie's mouth is taped shut with duct tape)

Rebecca: Okay, Detective Simons I'll ask you again. Are you aware that my client claimed he was paid thirty-thousand dollars by Mr. Barrington to say he was driving the car?

Witness: I was not aware of that at the time. I was made aware of that this morning, but I was told that the defendant had since retracted the statement.

Rebecca: Are you aware his subsequent retraction came AFTER Mr. Vega was paid a visit to his cell by Mr. Barrington's attorney?

Witness: I was not aware of that, no.

Rebecca: Thank you Detective. That's all.

Jennifer: Your honor, the Commonwealth calls Ronald Vega.

Rebecca: Objection, Your honor! My client has a 5th Amendment right NOT to testify.

Jennifer: I think if you remove the tape from Mr. Vega's mouth you'll learn that he waves that right.

-----Scene of Jimmy visiting Kittleson in chambers-----

Jimmy: What were you thinking?

Kittleson: Is that why you came? To compound my humiliation? Because believe me, it's not possible.

Jimmy: Roberta. I didn't know you and I were speaking romantically, much less......

Kittleson: I find it difficult to tell a man I miss him. For whatever reason, it's just easier to show up in his apartment naked. My God, how could I ever make eye contact with people again?

Jimmy: Oh, you said that when you were on the internet. You got over it.

Kittleson: This is much worse. I was standing there naked! I can't even imagine what people must think!

Jimmy: Why do you care what they think? You're always saying, when you put that robe on....you're a judge. It's so important that everybody think of you as a great judge with integrity.

Kittleson: Part of being a good judge is the appearance of dignity.

Jimmy: So they walked in on your personal life. That doesn't make you any less dignified professionally. You weren't doing anything illegal. It was a big mistake. And know what they're all talking about Roberta? Your body. How great it is.

Kittleson: Really?

Jimmy: I wasn't calling you over and over last night just cuz I felt bad for you. You got me....a little worked up. I'm not happy I walked in there with the police seeing you like that. I'll be honest. I was shocked. But I was glad to see you. I've missed you too.


------Scene back at the offices of DYD&F------

Bobby (on the phone): Okay. Thanks. (He hangs up) That was McGuire. No leads yet, but the fact that he's become bolder like this, they consider him dangerous.

Lindsay: Gee.

Lucy: Look, I think we should get a guard.

Bobby (to Lindsay): Can I talk to you?

Lindsay: Go ahead.

Bobby: In my office.

(They go in his office)

Bobby: What have I done to deserve this?

Lindsay: You've done absolutely nothing Bobby.

Bobby: I'm getting this because I don't like you buying illegal guns?? It doesn't make any sense.

Lindsay: (angry) You're getting this for always judging me.

Bobby: I'm not judging you!

Lindsay: Judging me, when you have absolutely no idea..... (they argue and yell at the same time. Hard to make out what they're saying)

Lindsay: (still very angry) What do you think Ellenor or I should do Bobby? Expect the police to protect us?? Go to court, get a restraining order? All murderers stay away, one mile radius? Expect YOU to protect me??

Bobby: Okay, that was personal....you're attacking me...

Lindsay: No, you're the one who started the attack on me!...don't...

Bobby: What the hell is going on??

Lindsay: I've got scars Bobby. (She points to her abdomen where she was stabbed) You wanna see them? And they still hurt.

Bobby: (whispering) Here we go.

Lindsay: Here we go??

Bobby: Look, Lindsay...I know what you went through. I understand.

Lindsay: You know what I went through??

Bobby: If you want....

Lindsay: (very angry and upset now) I got stabbed THREE times. Somebody took a knife and stuck it into me THREE times. It went through muscles and ligaments and arteries....I was on that floor dying, and you think you know?? You...you give me an engagement ring you think it'll make it all go away? Will you marry me, that's supposed to just heal everything? I almost died and you can't bring yourself to talk about it!! I need to talk about it! (her voice wavers and cracks as she yells and she starts to cry) A week later, you're wondering how many people we should invite! We can't pretend it never happened now, okay, he's out there, he's back. And he's come into this office, and I can smell him..... (she starts to sob) and I can smell him......I can smell him.....

(Bobby takes her into his arms and whispers "It's okay." She keeps sobbing "I can smell him" as he hugs her tightly and she just cries and cries.)

------Scene of George Vogelman helping Ellenor move into Helen's apartment------

George: (carrying a box) Living room or bedroom?

Ellenor: Uh, you can leave it right there.

George: Uggh. Two more.

Ellenor: George, take a break!

George: Two more, then I'll collapse. (He leaves to get more boxes)

Helen: What's the dish Ellenor? No guy carries that many boxes without expecting to get a little something in return.

Ellenor: Sorry to disappoint you, just friends.

Helen: Oh come on, roommates are supposed to share their little sexual secrets. I sleep with this football player, he comes over with his poodle. Dog likes to lick my toes during.

(Ellenor has a stunned look on her face)

Helen: Just kidding.

Ellenor: For a second I felt safer on the street.

Helen: Seriously Ellenor, no guy is interested in being just friends. Not even a loser like George.

Ellenor: Shhhh!!! Look, the truth is, under these circumstances, it's not the worst thing in the world to have a male friend close by.

Helen: Oh! Especially one who can cut off heads!

Ellenor: Would you shut up??

Helen: Look, I'm sorry. He's weird. Okay? I'm not as convinced as you are that he's innocent.

Ellenor: Would you just unpack?

Helen: Already bossing me around.....

(Their voices fade and the camera cuts to George just on the other side of the wall, who apparently heard their entire conversation)