Scene: Hostage house. Patrick is looking out the window again.

Seymour: I swear, I don't remember!

Patrick: You're lying. You remember!

Seymour: I don't!

(Patrick walks over to him)

Patrick: You were there, Seymour. (hits him on the chest as he walks by)

Seymour: In a car, driving by, who would remember?

Patrick: (sitting) I remember. We talked that night.

(Flashback again. Patrick is in the car, and Seymour drives up.)

Patrick (V.O.): Yeah. You and me. We spoke. You were looking for a parking space. I flagged you down, I told you I'd just be a minute, I was only waiting for my buddy. And then we talked about your red mustang. Then you saw another space open up, so you took that one instead.

Seymour: Look, who's going to remember a two minute conversation over a parking spot 12 years ago?

Patrick: It was all over the news. The very next day. A double homicide right where you were, and you're going to sit here and tell me you don't remember?

Seymour: I don't! (Patrick punches him in the face)

Bobby: Patrick!

Patrick: Don't lie to me. (he starts pulling on his tie and it starts choking him) Don't you lie to me.

Bobby: Patrick, you're gonna kill him! (a giant purple bump is developing on Seymour's head)

Patrick: Tell the truth. Tell the truth!

Bobby: Patrick!!

(he finally lets go)

Patrick: Tell him.

(a pause)

Seymour: I was there.

Bobby: You remember talking to him? (Seymour nods) The night of the murder? (nods again) Why didn't you come forward?

Seymour: Look, I'm a married man. I met a girl. If I'd come forward, things would have been-

Patrick: Hey, hey. I did 12 years. You let me do 12 years because you were cheating on your wife?

Seymour: Hey, for all I know, you could've killed those people after we talked!

(Bad answer. He gets a slap hard across the face, which makes him and his chair fall to the ground.)

Bobby: Patrick!

Patrick: (to Bobby) And you-- you should've found him.

Bobby: Even if we had found him, he doesn't get you off at all!

Patrick: Yes he does! (pulls him up off the floor)

Bobby: No! He just confirms that you were at the scene ready to drive the getaway car! (Patrick shoves him in Seymour's chair) That's all the jury needs!

Patrick: Only if I knew! (he's got the gun pointed at Bobby) I told you that I had no idea what the hell Mickey was gonna do.

Bobby: Even so..

Patrick: Intent, counsel. Intent. Look it up. I did. Mens Reus. If I didn't know what he was gonna do-

Bobby: But you helped him get away!

Patrick: He never got in the car!!

Bobby: But still, it was only your word!

Patrick: Why would I flag a guy down if I was there to commit a crime?! (Bobby is silent.) Never thought about that, did you, counsel? (Bobby's got a very confused look on his face) See that look on your face? (cuts to a metal thing that's getting a reflection. In it you can see Bobby and Patrick.) That's the look of a guilty man.

(Bobby just stares at his reflection)

Commercial. Take a deep breath. Halfway mark.


Scene: Bobby's office. Helen is walking around. Lindsay and Rebecca are on the couch, Jimmy and Ellenor are standing.

Helen: What about previous threats? Did Bobby have any recent run-ins with clients or witnesses that might have a vendetta?

Ellenor: We usually win.

Helen: No threats? No client you've screwed over?

(Ellenor looks at Jimmy)

Jimmy: What? I didn't screw anybody over.

(Mike walks in)

Mike: We may have got a break. Match on the prints from Bobby's car. Name's Rooney. Patrick Kevin Rooney. (Lindsay looks confused, Rebecca is searching her brain)

Rebecca: Patrick Rooney- I think we had a client with that name, but that was a long time ago.

Mike: Makes sense. He just finished 12 years at Cedar Junction.

Rebecca: A manslaughter deal. I remember it because I'd just started working here. (Takes the file from Helen) I think he's from Southie.

Mike: We're going over his full history now, but we'll need anything you still have. (Rebecca nods and she and Lindsay start reading the file)


Scene: Hostage house.

Bobby: Okay. Okay, maybe I should have found him.

Patrick: You screwed up. You screwed up!

Bobby: And if I did? It's too late to change the past. You want me to try and get the record expunged?

Patrick: (sits down) You know what's been expunged? The past 12 years of my life.

Bobby: Enough about the 12 years. I've heard about the 12 years. What about the 10 years before that? When you were out committing aggrevated assault and knocking off liquor stores, the 10 years before that. That's the reason why I didn't out you in the witness chair. The 10 years before that...

Patrick: Was the reason you assumed that I was guilty!

Bobby: Maybe it was and I'm to blame. But so are you. Who you were went into my thinking. What you were. You have to take some kind of responsibility for that!

Patrick: No! (there's a knock at the door. They all turn and look at it. Patrick gets up.) You sit tight. Don't try anything cute. (He looks out the curtain and opens the door enough to stick his head out.) (sweetly) Hey.

(we see a girl at the door, Suzie.)

Suzie: Okay, Patrick. You got five minutes.

Patrick: Why don't you come inside?

Suzie: I'm serious, Patrick. I told you on the phone I've got nothing else to say.

(He opens it more and she sees the gun in his hand)

Suzie: What the.. no, no, no! (starts to walk away, Patrick grabs her)

Patrick: Hey--

Suzie: Patrick!

(he shoves her inside and closes the door)

Patrick: Listen, I'm sorry. But I can't let you leave.

Suzie: Patrick...

Patrick: Come on, come on. (he leads her into the living room and she sees Bobby and Seymour.)

Suzie: Oh my God!

Patrick: Come on, Suzie.

Suzie: Patrick, no!

Patrick: Come on. Sit down.

Suzie: Patrick, please..

Patrick: Sit. Sit down. (she finally sits and he sits by her) Listen. Hey. Look, I don't want you to see me like this the first time, but I don't have any choice now.

Suzie: What are you talking about?

Patrick: I had to make you see. Because of them (points to Bobby and Seymour) I lost you. I lost everything.

Suzie: What?

Patrick: They'll tell you I'm innocent. (turns to Seymour with the gun pointed at him) You tell her what happened.

Seymour: He's- he's innocent.

Suzie: Patrick, why are you doing this?

Patrick: Suzie, please. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. Please. Stay right here, okay? Relax, okay? (he gets up and goes to the kitchen) Im gonna get you something to drink. I'll get you some tonic, all right? You want some chips?

Suzie: You've got two men at gunpoint and you're offering me chips?

Bobby: Come on, Patrick. Leave her out of this.

Patrick: (slams the fridge) Leave her out of it? Leave her out of this? She is the reason you're here right now, and she is the only reason you're still alive! You understand me?


Scene: The office. All are looking through boxes of files.

Rebecca: It has to be here.

Eugene: Nice filing system you had, Bec.

Ellenor: Y'know, I don't see any dates on these folders.

Lindsay: Keep looking.

Lucy: What exactly are we looking for again?

Lindsay: Court docs, work products, list of personal contacts, anyone or anything that might help us.

Lucy: We're going to be here all night.

Ellenor: I don't know why we're so shocked this happened. The people we have as clients...

Eugene: All right, Ellenor.

Ellenor: No, I'm serious, Eugene. (The camera is focusing on Lindsay, but we can see Ellenor in the background talking. Lindsay looks uncomfortable.) Clients always blame their lawyers, even in civil cases. OUr clients are murderers half the time going in. The bigger surprise is that it doesn't happen more often.

(Lindsay leaves to Bobby's office)

Jimmy: I don't think she needed to hear that.

(Helen hangs up the phone and follows Lindsay into Bobby's office. Lindsay sits in his chair.)

Helen: I am sure he is okay.

Lindsay: You can't be sure of that. I mean, who are we kidding? If this is a revenge thing, the likelihood is he's dead. We both know it.

Helen: We don't know anything. This doesn't fit the typical--

Lindsay: We haven't heard from him. I mean, this Rooney guy? I mean, why would he be taking him hostage? (Helen looks at her, concerned) We both know the statistics, Helen. And the longer he's missing...

Helen: (strokes her hair) We'll find him.

Lindsay: (takes a deep, shaky breath) I- I don't- I don't know if I can handle this, Helen. (she looks up at her with huge, fearful eyes.)

Helen: We'll find him.

Rebecca (off screen): Got it!

(They both get up and go into the main office)

Rebecca: Rooney had us send a copy of his appelment papers to his grandfather, Seamus Rooney. The address is right there. (hands the file to Lindsay and Helen)

Helen: All right, let's call Maguire. (dials phone)

(cut to Helen walking out of the office with Mike)

Mike: I have two backup cars there right now and a couple on the way.

Helen: No one makes a move until we get there, understood?

(Lindsay walks out, followed by Eugene, Ellenor, and Rebecca)

Lindsay: Helen! I'm going with you.

Eugene: We're all going.

Mike: Let's just go.


Scene: Hostage house. Patrick is pouring (tonic?) into a tall glass.

Patrick: You want a drink, Suzie? (she puts her hand over her glass, and we see a wedding band on her finger) (nods) I got it.

Suzie: I thought you knew.

(he puts down the tonic and sits)

Patrick: Who was I kidding, huh? 12 years, you don't come to see me once. I should've figured it out, huh?

Suzie: I loved you, Patrick. What kind of a future did I have with you? Especially after...


Patrick: You got kids?

Suzie: Two.

Patrick: Pictures?

Suzie: Yeah. (pulls out her wallet.) That's Jake. (shows a picture) He's 7. And that's Johnny. (shows a picture) He's 3.

Patrick: They're beautiful. (smiles) I wish you could've stuck by me. Helped me through the trial. We've known each other what, since seventh grade? You don't even come to see me at the trail?

Bobby: She was a character witness, Patrick. Her testimony wasn't important.

Patrick: Hey, it was important to me! She knew me. (turns back to Suzie) I thought if I could make anyone understand it would have been you. (she turns away) Now look at her. We were gonna get married. Now she's afraid to even sit down and have a conversation with me. (Bobby looks thoughtful. Maybe he's thinking about Lindsay.)

Patrick: This could have been my life.

Mike: (outside, through his little radio thing): Patrick Rooney!! This is the Boston PD!!

(Patrick looks at them all. He stands up and grabs his giant gun. He shoots the window twice.)

(cut outside, Mike and everyone else are amongst police cars and hiding behind the doors)

Mike: No one will get hurt if you do as we say!

(He shows his face out the window)

Patrick: Hey, I got people in here! (he leaves the window)

Mike: That's him. Rooney. (on radio) Let's talk this out, Patrick. Tell me what's going on.

(Patrick puts Bobby at the window. Lindsay sees him and a horrified look spreads across her face.)

Lindsay: Oh my God! (she runs to Helen's side)

Mike: (holding up his hands) Are you okay?

Bobby: (nods, Patrick has the gun to his neck) We're all right.

Mike: How many are you?

Bobby: Three!

Patrick: Hold it right there. I said get back!

Mike: I'm not armed, Patrick. (he takes out his empty gun holder and sets it on a car) See?

Patrick: You heard me. Get back! (he pushes the gun against Bobby's throat)

(We see Lindsay and Helen standing close next to each other, looking very worried)

Mike: Come on, Patrick. I want to help you. Tell me what you want, we'll work it out.

Bobby: Talk to him.

Patrick: You shut up.

Mike: It's not too late to end this all peacefully.

Bobby: Come on, Patrick. You can get out of all this. Tell him you want an offer.

Patrick: What are you talking about? No!

Bobby: (yells, to Mike) Talk deal and we'll consider!

Mike: Bobby....

Bobby: A deal! Give us something to work with!

Mike: You speaking for Rooney?

Bobby: (simultanious with Patrick) Yes!

Patrick: No! No! (he takes Bobby back inside the house)

Mike: (on radio, to other policeman) Let's get the snipers in place.

Commercial. Perfect timing as usual.


Scene: The street. Nighttime.

News Reporter: It's still unclear as to when the hostages were abducted. Our sources say it began in the morning. We do know that the suspect's name is Patrick Kevin Rooney, released just three days ago from Cedar Junction, after serving 12 years for a double homicide. (this is now on the TV inside the hostage house) One of the hostages is Robert Donnell, the attorney of record who handled Mr. Rooney's murder trail 12 years ago.

Patrick: Yeah, mishandled is more like it.

Bobby: Patrick, you gotta decide what you wanna do here.

Patrick: What do you want me to do?! You want me to make a deal, huh, Bobby? You want me to make a deal so you can go on with your life? Not this time. No deals!

Suzie: Can't you see the man's trying to help you, Patrick? Or what, you wanna die here in your grandfather's house? Real nice for his memory.

(Patrick walks to the window and looks out)

(Outside, Lindsay runs up to Mike.)

Lindsay: You had a clear shot there, why didn't you take it?

Mike: We try to negotiate first before shooting him.

Lindsay: Yeah, but how long do you plan--

Mike: Helen, please? (he hands her off to Helen)

(cut to Eugene, Rebecca, and Ellenor)

Eugene: This isn't good. The guy isn't even making any demands.

Rebecca: Which means?

Eugene: Which means he probably hasn't got a plan, which means he's probably out of control.

Ellenor: They should just take him out.

(cut inside)

Patrick: This wasn't supposed to happen. Not like this.

Mike: (outside) Patrick, are you listening to me? (Patrick looks out) Come out now and we'll work something out. I promise.

Seymour: He promised!

Patrick: Shut up, you!

Bobby: Patrick, your mission here, as I understand it, was to show me and Suzie that you didn't do the crime. To convince me that I screwed up by not believing you and finding this witness. You've done all this!

Patrick: (shakes his head) That was only half of my mission. The other half was to kill you.

Bobby: (yelling) Then do it! And get it over with!

Seymour: Don't antagonize him, for God's sake!

Patrick: Fine! (Bobby gets the gun to his neck)

Bobby: In which case the police will be charging in to shoot you!

Suzie: (runs and grabs Patrick's arm) Stop it!

Bobby: There is a way out. Let me talk to them. If I can get you out of this, Patrick, let me try. Let me try.

Patrick: No. No!

Suzie: You don't want to die in here, Patrick. You can't want to die. Patrick.

(long pause)

Patrick: All right. Let's go. (pulls him up) You stay where I can see you. (brings him to door, Bobby walks onto the doorstep.)