UNIX like program's collection

This collection is out of date. All of these programs are for MSDOS 6.22 and they only know 8.3 file-names standard. I recommend you to use djgpp package instead.

awk.zip cat.zip cksum.zip cmp.zip comm.zip csplit.zip cut.zip
dd.zip diff.zip diff3.zip dos2unix.zip expand.zip fmt.zip fold.zip
gawk.zip grep.zip head.zip join.zip nl.zip od.zip paste.zip
pr.zip rm.zip sed.zip sh.zip sort.zip split.zip sum.zip
tac.zip tail.zip tar.zip tee.zip tr.zip uecho.zip unexpand.zip
uniq.zip unix2dos.zip uudecode.zip uuencode.zip vi.zip wc.zip wtouch.zip

Copyright © 1997-2001, Vitaly Filatov, Moscow, Russia