History of Perry

by: Don Vredenburg

Perry was liked by so many people, pilots & skydivers both, that it's taking along time to get this done. Every body has been calling every one, praying that its not true.

Because Perry did'nt talk or brag about himself ever, its tough to piece together all details of his very busy life. His Mom, Sister & Brother all lived in Canada. He has a brother in Alaska. Perry had a long love affair with motorcycles and racing where he raced a Triumph mostly on a flat track in Canada & here in the USA.

Perry started in our our sport in about 1973 or 74 and approched it like he did everything, with a real vengence until he became the best there was. In essence, after that he settled in on RW & CRW fun only. Even when he took part in competition it was for the fun of it only. Perry loved to travel and would go to many boogies throughout the USA & after would head up to Canada to visit his mom, always in his super reconditioned & beautiful 55 Ford panel truck that every one admired so much.

Perry made his 1000th jump on a demo in Auburn Ca. in about 1983.

Perry was a diesil transmission mechanic licensed for at least 20+ years. Even though he was a acomplihsed proffesional and could make a decent living doing that, he always aspired for more and better things. All on his own he decided to become a private pilot, I think he started it in 1988 & like so much of his endevers, it was max dedication. So he added to his extensive resume a pilots license, aircraft mechanic FAA licensed A&P/IA, flight instructor, CFI,CFII & finally an ATP. Which rose him above everyone else and made him more than ready & quallified to start his own flight school, aircraft dealer etc. Let's hope that Armstrong Air can go on with his name as he needs to be remembered forever! I'll not appoligize for this length, because it's easy to go on & on with his many acomlishments & the great character that he was. GOD BLESS & KEEP PERRY ARMSTRONG!!! Blue Skys Buddy......

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