Ukrainian - American Sports Club "LVIV" Cleveland, Ohio USA


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Hosted the 4th Annual Ukrainian Soccer Tournament

for the "Great Lakes Cup"

May 29-30,1999 Memorial Day Weekend

On the St. Pokrova Parish Soccer Field 6812 Broadview Rd. Parma, Ohio

Men's Open Winner: Philadelphia Tryzub

Men's O>30 Winner: Chicago Kryla

 Participating Ukrainian Clubs in the United States and Canada:

Cleveland-YCK_Lviv,Detroit-Chernyk,Toronto-Ukraina,Chicago-Kryla & YCK,Newark Sitch,Philadelphia-Tryzub,  

YCK-Lviv thanks everyone for a successful tournament!

1950 YCK-"Orlyk" Soccer Team(Ohio Cup Champs 1951)

1955 YCK-Lviv Soccer Team (1955 Ohio Champs & USCAK Champs-Chicago)

1997 YCK-Lviv Soccer Tournament Team

Thanks for visiting this YCK-Lviv Web site. This site will not be updated or modified. It was created to remember our clubs 50th YEAR and the tournament that was held on the dates listed above. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

God Bless America

Slava Ukraina, regaining Independence in 1991