The Complete Yorkshire Terrier
by Joan Gordon

Matriarch of this breed with well over 200 Champion Homebred Yorkshires to the credit of the twins Janet Bennett and Joan Gordon..  This book is available at all Amazon and Barnes and Noble outlets.  History of the breed, how the breed was developed, and was and is today is where this book is coming from. Published by Howell Book House. 

Recommended by Terri Shumsky

Form, Function & Fancy
by Sandy Lemire

This book compiles many of Sandy Lemire's articles that she has written over the years that have been published in the AKC Gazette and The Yorkshire Terrier Maganize, among others.  Any person desiring to breed Yorkshire Terriers or other toy breeds can gain much insite into the difficulties of whelping and raising toy dogs. The 'pet owner'  will also learn some basics of raising and training a yorkshire, or toy dog, other health issues, concerns, and guidelines with advice from a reeder of over 20 years.
"Form, Function & Fancy" is written in a 'reader friendly' manner for easy reading and understanding. 

Recommended by Anita Kitchens

The Book of the 
Yorkshire Terrier
by Joan McDonald Brearley

Contains an Early History of the Breed, The Breed in England, The Yorkshire Terrier comes to America, Yorkshire Terriers Around the World, as well as The Dog Show World, Showing & Judging the YT, Grooming your YT, YTs in
Obedience, and Breeding your YT.  Final Chapters cover things like Buying your YT puppy, Feeding & Nutrition, The blight of Parasites, and Your Dog,
Your Veterinarian & You.  The best part are the hundreds of pictures of
Yorkies through the years.  Also includes a Perpetual Whelping chart, as well as a Human Age to Yorkie Age chart.  An indispensible  cornucopia of Yorkie facts.

Recommended by Valarie Kiesel


Home Prepared Dog 
& Cat Diets, the
Healthful Alternative
by Donald 

*Over 200 computer-balanced recipes to provide complete nutrition for 
healthy or diseased animals
 * Nutrient content data for each recipe, including proteins, fats, and 
 * Nutritional guidance and descritptions of special diets
 *Recipe categories for management of obesity and diseases that affect the 
gastrointestinal system, skin, kidneys, heart, liver, and pancreas.
 * Invaluable food quality and safety info 

Recommended by:Beverly Patronas


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The Irrepressible Toy Dog 
by Darlene Arden

An excellent book for day to day care from puppyhood to geriatric and information on the toy breeds. For those of you who breed or own a toy  dog, I highly recommend this book as part of your library and as 
a recommended read for every puppy you sell and for every new 
dog owner or small variety dog owner to buy. 

It takes you "thoroughly" through each breed in an easy to 
understand fashion with all the little 
breed "intricasies" and the many pitfalls that one might have with toy dogs that an owner may not think of until it is too late and tragedy strikes.  It's obvious that Darlene has done a lot of research to put together this book concentrating on the toy breeds. 

Recommended by Terri Shumsky

"Published in July 2001"

How to Buy and Raise a Good Healthy Dog
by Terri Shumsky

A thorough Breeding, Whelping and General Health Care written by an experienced 30 year breeder with the help of 4 veterinarians,containing all the information for toys but now revised to coverall breeds.

You can buy this book at a reduced price from the Country Store and the proceeds go to help rescued yorkies! Or to order call 800-633-5385 or go to

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The Nature of Animal Healing
by Martin Goldstein, DVM

One of the most successful and best known holistic veterinarians in the country.
Deals With:

 *Why your pet gets sick and the steps you can take to prevent illness.

 *Veterinary care and treatment, so you will know exactly what questions to  ask your own vet.

 *How to identify and understand your pet's diseases.

 * How to help you pet heal the natural way.

 * How to make sure your pet eats the right foods and avoids the wrong ones.

 * The link between pet diet and disease, and how the right diet can not only prevent disease but reverse it.

Recommended by:Beverly Patronas


The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog
by Ann Seranne

 Written by a leading authority on Yorkshire Terriers, this book covers what anyone should know before breeding dogs, the mechanics of heredity, pedigrees & breeding systems (including inbreeding, linebreeding, outbreeding, outcrossing, etc.), evaluating the brood bitch, testing for canine brucellosis, the stud dog, responsibilities of the owner, infections, pregnancy & whelping, care of the dam after whelping, the neonatal period (including bottlefeeding, intubation, formula chart, foster mothers, etc.), puppy rearing & socialization, as well as evaluating puppies and young
adults.  I've given this to anyone who has ever said, "Oh, we want to breed her."  This book has weaned out the weak of heart, and educated more than a few Yorkie parents.
Recommended by Valarie Kiesel

In 1981 Terri Shumsky and Dr Kenneth Davis handed over
100 pages of manuscript to Ann Seranne to be included in the
"The Joy of Breeding your Own Show Dog" as Ann had never
delivered a litter of pups and passed away in the mid 80s.  Ann did give an acknowledgement in the foreward for this.  Much more
whelping information will be in Terri Shumsky's book coming Y2K... HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY DOG AND FEEL GOOD IN THE
PROCESS..... which will contain much more thorough whelping
information and lots of good health care.
also Recommended by Terri Shumsky

by George G. Alston

Talks about the perfect handler, the making of a show dog, the basics,
obedience and confirmation, training for the show ring, the psychology
of the show ring, preparation for the ring, grooming for the ring, when
you are in the ring, etiquette and sportsmanship, planning a campaign
and even a helpful hint section.  A very informative book on showing
your yorkie.

Recommended by: Belinda Harris

Living with Small and Toy Dogs

by Terry Jester

Ms. Jester is an animal behavorist and talks about the following: Understanding Small Dogs, Basic Dog Psychology, Training equipment, Training, Manners, 
Formal Obedience Commands, Small Dog--Large World, Bad Dog Blues, Housebreaking, Handling Begging and Carsickness, Abnormal Behaviors, and Small Dog Tales.  I found this book to be invaluable and gives the small dog owner(no matter what breed) an understanding of what they do and why they do 
it.  I would reccommend adding this to anyone's library of books for Yorkies or any small or toy breed dog.

Recommended by: Diane Barnet

Yorkshire Terrier Annual

The beautiful Yorkshire Terrier Annual hardback coffee table book is in the works right now and if you haven't seen it or are interested in back issues or advertising, now is the time to get in touch with the publishers of this Great book which circulates throughout the world every year.

Myself and many other helpful breeders have been writing for this publication since it's inception in 1985.....a great Collectors book for who's who and what's available and going on in the Yorkie world.

Recommended by:
Terri Shumsky

Yorkies Heads to Tail 
by Sandy Lemire 

Sandy Lemire has spent countless hours indexing and building a lifetime of experience with the Yorkshire Terrier.  This is a 25 year collection of her experiences with this beloved little dog. 
The love of the breed shines through the pages and shares all the little nuances that these little ones have to give. A must for all yorkie lovers and owners!! 

Recommended by Terri Shumsky

Yorkie Doodle Dandy
by William A. Wynne

Smokey, the Yorkie Doodle Dandy was found in the south pacific by William Wynne and served in WWII bringing cables through the pipes for communication and entertaining the troops. A charming story of survival and the spirit of the Yorkshire.

Recommended by Terri Shumsky






by Morris E. Howard

It covers everything from the way the breed originated, personality,
grooming, nutrition, maintaining the dogs health, housing your dog, the
history of the breed, lines and kennels in the United States, YTCA, Yorkshire Terrier in Obedience, supplemental Feeding of Yorkie puppies, Bench Shows, Obedience Competition, Genetics and Breeding and Whelping.
This book was copyrighted by in 1972 but I think there are still some in circulation.  It has alot of Wildweir, Wenscoe's,Trivar, and Windamere dogs pictured and talks about their kennels.

Recommended by:
Belinda Harris

5 Minute  Veterinary Consult

by: Larry Patrick Tilley
Francis W. Smith

*Includes: Clinical Signs, Diagnostic tests, Symptons, Advice and Prognosis, Follow-up Care. *Important Medication Information, and charts, tables,& algorithms.

Recommended by: 
Beverly Patronas







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