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RELIGION(danny style)

These are chats where we mess w/ people

XXFlirt O RamaXX = Victor Mark

Hermanator05 = Danny "spermanator" Herman

UGAbulldogs45: wat do u look like
XXFlirt O RamaXX: im hot
XXFlirt O RamaXX: i'm blond
UGAbulldogs45: describe......
XXFlirt O RamaXX: bit boobs
GAbulldogs45: wat else
XXFlirt O RamaXX: ummm i ahve a penis but im getting surgery to fix that
UGAbulldogs45: gross
XXFlirt O RamaXX: it's ok im a female in 36 states
XXFlirt O RamaXX: in 3 months ill be 90% female

HeRMaNaToR 05: i want a puppy for X-mas
HeRMaNaToR 05: i'll name him rob
SUEperGIRL22: aaaaaaawwwwww
SUEperGIRL22: thats sooo cuteee
HeRMaNaToR 05: he would be a little pug
HeRMaNaToR 05: me and rob would play in the park
SUEperGIRL22: thats so cute i want oen too!!!!
HeRMaNaToR 05: and then i would kill him with a hammer
HeRMaNaToR 05: when no one is looking

CaliBabe1811: do you know quinten kate?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea she's really cool
CaliBabe1811: its a guy...
CaliBabe1811: lol
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea but sometimes he ascts like a girl
CaliBabe1811: lol..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: i dont really like him
CaliBabe1811: nethier did I he transferd from coast union to your school.. to play football or somthing..
CaliBabe1811: hes a jerk..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea he slapped my ass once and i was just about to hit him but ms. kafrey(the new teacher)
was right there
CaliBabe1811: whoa.. hes changed... he used to be like not that kind of guy..
CaliBabe1811: do you know his girl friend Maddie?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea he's all calling all the girls bitches and ho's i think he might be on drugs or something
XXFlirt O RamaXX: weed maybe
CaliBabe1811: that dosnt sould like Q..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: he's changed alot
XXFlirt O RamaXX: i think his parents got devorced
CaliBabe1811: i dont think so..
CaliBabe1811: i know there parents really well
XXFlirt O RamaXX: o then its not that
XXFlirt O RamaXX: i heard something about that from this girl but shes always lying so idk
CaliBabe1811: is he a jerk?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea a huge 1 now i herd he used to be really nice but i cant c that
XXFlirt O RamaXX: im new at the school
CaliBabe1811: ya so is he..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: how how is your new school?
CaliBabe1811: its ok i guess its small..
CaliBabe1811: kinda sucks
CaliBabe1811: i wanted to transfer to slo but i couldnt
XXFlirt O RamaXX: o man that sucks
CaliBabe1811: yea it does..
CaliBabe1811: but i might be able to next year
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yay maybe ill c u there
XXFlirt O RamaXX: Q is hanging out w/ the bad crowd tho
CaliBabe1811: oh really
XXFlirt O RamaXX: u know who they are i dont want to give them the pleasure of remembering thier names
CaliBabe1811: actually i really dont know.. but i dont care..
CaliBabe1811: i hope hes okay..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea the weed crowd
CaliBabe1811: really
CaliBabe1811: hes a jock though
XXFlirt O RamaXX: idk he's been skipping alot and he look drugged up all the time
CaliBabe1811: like hes really good @ sports
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yea that's waht i said
XXFlirt O RamaXX: he's got a good future he's fuckin it up w/ drugs
CaliBabe1811: man.. thats not good.. q used to be like a preppy jock and he used to be totaly sweet..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: not the Q i know
CaliBabe1811: quniten cate?
CaliBabe1811: what does he look like?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: he's kinda hot
XXFlirt O RamaXX: dark hair
CaliBabe1811: nope not him..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: u sure?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: he got it dyed
CaliBabe1811: he has blonde hair hes like 6'1 and he has big blue eyes
XXFlirt O RamaXX: hmmmm i think he got it dyed
CaliBabe1811: really?
CaliBabe1811: I swear i just saw him and his hair was blonde..
XXFlirt O RamaXX: yesterday?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: his mom did it
CaliBabe1811: do you know his mom?
XXFlirt O RamaXX: no he just told me that his mom did it
XXFlirt O RamaXX: i herd she was really nice
CaliBabe1811: she is
CaliBabe1811: hey ive gotta
CaliBabe1811: go
XXFlirt O RamaXX: ok peace out say hi to Q for me
CaliBabe1811: k
CaliBabe1811: c yuh later
CaliBabe1811: bye

VICT0Rrock: my dog broke her leg
SusieKakes: AWWWWWW
SusieKakes: how?????
VICT0Rrock: i hit it with a baseball bat
SusieKakes: omg
SusieKakes: r u serious
VICT0Rrock: that bitch needs to learn how to sit
VICT0Rrock: yea
SusieKakes: ur as bad as danny
SusieKakes: omg
SusieKakes: victor!
VICT0Rrock: its not my fuckin fault the dog need to learn some respect
SusieKakes: awwww
SusieKakes: thats so mean omg
VICT0Rrock: i bet the dog learned it's leson
SusieKakes: : (
SusieKakes: that is waayy harsh
VICT0Rrock: dont tell me you wouldn't do the samething
SusieKakes: i would not
SusieKakes: now i can see why u and danny are friends tho
VICT0Rrock: dont lie
SusieKakes: i would never do that