Before Dawn

    In the early New York morning the City still drowsed. A few cars were starting to travel on their pre-dawn commutes. In Central Park, the Werewolves were still celebrating the victories they had achieved over the Wyrm. In one building nearby, two individuals that had much to do with that victory were finally resting.

    Soft lighting in the room shone on the sheen of sweat on the two lying together in bed. They had made love like two long denied the pleasures of the flesh. Tommie's mind wandered aimlessly in the haze of post intercourse relaxation. He listened with super-natural clarity to his new wife's steady breath. He could intensely feel her every move, an ability born of his Vampiric Discipline. No mortal could notice all that he drank in. It had been years since they had lain together, not since she had run away, taking his three sons. She had feared for their safety, staying on the run until just last year when she had finally been caught. Tommie's sons had found him, only to tell him that she was dead and they were hunted.

    Briefly he thought of the Giovanni Necromancers that thought that they could control him with the spirit of his dead Lover. They would never understand that they had sealed their doom with that mistake. He instead raised a force of Werewolves and Vampires, lifelong foes that both owed him aid, to utterly destroy the Necromancer Clan in the City. He had been part of the force that killed the leader. Somehow in the battle, the release of so much Magic had allowed his Lover to possess a body that had just died when an explosion destroyed the building. She had returned to him.

     Hours earlier, they had gone to see the Werewolf Elders honor their son and his companions for destroying the leader of the Wyrm's forces. She had surprised him by arranging them to be married by the Leader of her Tribe. His knew that it wasn't legal, no certificate and it would be impossible for him to get a blood test, but it felt good. She seemed more ready to settle down now. He wondered if that was the result of years on the run, or having a second chance to live.

    Tommie thought of how long it had been since he had lain on a bed, not since she left, 10 years ago. He felt relaxed, there was no Armored vest around his chest, now his wife pressed against his heart instead of a heavy pistol. It was very near dawn now, it was tempting to stay here, in bed. No light could penetrate the shuttered windows, no foe threatened. As he thought, the human form of his wife slipped away to her true form, meaning that she had drifted off to sleep. She was born a wolf, and in sleep returned to that form. Suddenly he realized that he too would return to his true form, in truth he was dead. He had gained Magical abilities in his travels to overcome every aspect of his undead nature, except he would lie as dead when the sun was in the sky. No Magic could stop that. The thought of lying as dead next to her was suddenly repulsive. Slowly, he got out of the bed, not that he thought he wouldn't wake her, but it was a bad idea to startle a sleeping Werewolf. She shifted, drew in a deep breath and let it out in a huff. The wolf equivalent of a sigh, perhaps.

    He looked down at his clothes, discarded in a hurry, he should at least put on his vest and take his pistol... He realized that dawn was very close now, he was slowing down as the sun drew closer to the horizon. Still naked he padded to his vault. He had it built supposedly for his large gun collection, but in the center was a lazyboy recliner. He wasn't that big of a fan of bad Vampire movies to have a coffin. He pulled the door shut and threw the bolts. As he settled into the chair, he realized that for the first time since his embrace, he was spending the day without wearing his vest. The leather chair was cool against his bare skin, comforting, around him was enough weapons to arm a Company, perhaps he should rest unarmored more often. As the Sun crept up on the horizon, he thought of his Grandpa in Kentucky. Grandpa would have liked to see them married. It was almost Thanksgiving, perhaps he should get everyone together for the Holiday. That would be a good surprise, soon the boys would be going off to lead their own lives. This might be a good time to reunite the family. Already Bruce was talking of the girl he had saved, the lovebug was striking early... The last of his thoughts were lost, cut off by the ascension of the Sun on a new day.


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