It's later than you think...
This details my twisted romp in the world of insufficient luminescence, better known as the chronicle of New York.   The main characters are described here.

Tommie and Boudiccea - who are they?

Tor Steelskin - who is he?

Sappho and Boudiccea - sisterly love indeed...

(As the story opens, it is September in Montana.  The setting is a run-down trailer park in the hills about 15 miles from the nearest town.  The players are a half-crazy drunk,  her three boys, their friends, and about twenty five survivalists.
Sounds like a typical day in the lives of Boudiccea and her brood.
The boys are beginning to tire of the insane life their mother has led them into, and starting to question whether mother actually knows best...)

Opening Move
Moving Pieces
Pawn Takes Queen
Cross Country
Good Morning Sappho
Welcome to Chicago
Don't Blink

And so the boys head off to find their father and Sappho begins her search for her lost honor. More stories to come here.
And we pick up the action a year later, when the boys have safely made it to NYC.

Tommie's Dream

(This begins the cycle that introduces Aunt Sappho.  The meeting will be detailed in a forthcoming story.)

One Long Dark Night Under the City
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
(Past 4)
(Part 5)
True Confessions

(More to come as Sappho gets drunker and more talkative.)

Going Home

(More to be filled in here,  as written.  The 'weres engineer a spectacular victory against the forces of the Wyrm.)

Before Dawn (by special guest writer Tyr)

(And a brief glimpse into the life and times of Tor Steelskin, Modi of Mjolnir's Thunder, Get of Fenris, and general all around party animal in every sense of the word.

Night Moves (by special guest writer Tyr)

(And about a month later,  our heroine discovers she has a bun in the oven.  The next stories take place five months after that.)

Light A Single Candle

(No, this isn't the end... just the place where my fingers started bleeding.  More added on a semi-frequent basis.)